What is content marketing?

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Content marketing: A new form of customer communication

At Content Marketing This is a still young or modern marketing technique, which has the goal of promoting specific Target groups both entertaining and appropriate to the content.
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In doing so, it is important to bring the respective group of people or customers closer to the range of services and, at the same time, to put the brand in the spotlight.

The objective

Content marketing distinguishes first and just as fundamentally between short- and long-term goals.

Generating a wider reach, for example, falls under a rather short endeavor here. Attracting new website visitors also falls into this category. By contrast, strengthening brand awareness and building a community are much more long-term goals. From this strategy, companies usually hope to gain customers and build their loyalty to the brand.

The implementation

The so-called push or pull marketing takes a high priority in the context of content marketing. Companies that opt for push marketing deliver certain content to their customers through payment measures. When advertising (sponsored post) is placed with another company, it also takes place a push marketing campaign. Pull marketing focuses on the presentation and distribution of products through its own channels on the Word Wide Web. In addition, the advertising measures can be offered free of charge on external websites for presentation.

Different channels offer plenty of room for creativity

The distinction of the two mentioned possibilities in the field of content marketing can be put and placed in different contexts. For example, if it is Owned, Earned or Paid Media, the experts speak of paid content, which is accepted and further distributed via third parties. The placement of news in social networks is considered a "sensible" SEO measure and plays an important role in the overall concept.

Content marketing and classic advertising in comparison

In the field of online media, content marketing has been considered an essential part of corporate communications for quite some time. The target groups analyzed in advance are to be reached by establishing a well-developed and cleanly thought-out Content marketing concept feel attracted to the respective company and get in touch with it as often as possible through inquiries, orders or bookings.
The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-howContent marketing is distinguished from advertising by the fact that it does not necessarily pursue the goal of presenting a product, a service or the brand itself in a positive light. Rather, useful content should contribute to offering the reader or potential customer added value and thus influence their decisions. This results in certain interactions, which should generate a profit for the respective company.


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