Increase average shopping cart value through marketing automation

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The Increase shopping cart value is always advantageous for companies. To effectively enforce and enable this increase, you can rely on the various functions of the Marketing Automation fall back on. We will show you in which areas and with which methods you can use particularly great successes can record.

Marketing Automation - More than just pure customer acquisition and retention

Marketing automation is primarily associated with the Acquisition of new customers and the Creation of buying impulses associated. At the same time, the various measures can also increase the shopping cart value if sufficient data about the various customers is available. Therefore, companies should use the existing marketing automation much more broadly in order to benefit from its possibilities.

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Increase the shopping cart value - Different measures are possible

There is no one solution that can specifically increase shopping cart value. However, through marketing automation there is a whole range of optionswhich you can use together to Actively convince customers to buy and at the same time also increase the value of the purchases. Because often we humans act according to easy to grasp schemes and are therefore good and easy to influence.

Personalized Messages with buying impulses

Based on a wide variety of data, it is possible to Buyers addressed with suitable products become. The advantage of marketing automation lies primarily in the fact that it can be used to manage the various Records with each other and can bring them into relation.

Thus, the user can be addressed personally not only through e-mails, WebPush or SMS. It can also be the Products will be presented, which will best chance to sell promise to this customer. In this way, the presentation of suitable products can be used to target the Increase shopping cart value and a Trigger buying impulse.

Product recommendations 1024x561 1
Personalized product recommendations can increase shopping cart value (Image:

Thanks to Big Data and the increasingly better trackability of customers on the various websites and channels, the Recommendations and offers increasingly personalized and individualized.

Effective reminder of abandoned shopping carts

It is commonplace for users to look at different Assemble shopping baskets, but then leave the page and use the Do not complete purchase. However, if the user is known, for example through cookies or because he is logged in on the site, this data can be used. In this way, you can automatically notify customers after a certain period of time. remember the abandoned shopping cartn.

Zalando shopping cart abandonment
Reminder email from Zalando after shopping cart abandonment with time amplifier to matching product recommendations (Image:

For example, in these reminders, use other effects to set buying impulses, such as a Shortage or limited time offers, many users access the old shopping cart and complete the purchase.

Such a shortage can even increase the shopping cart value if other suitable products are recommended.

Coupon systems by means of Marketing automation can increase the shopping cart value

Coupons are a popular means of Encourage customers to buy. Especially when the Amount of the coupon depends on the value of purchases made so far is. If this is actively communicated to the customer, for example, that he is only 30 euros away from the next threshold, this communication can increase the shopping cart value because the customer wants to exceed this threshold.

Saturn Coupons 1024x264 1
Saturn advertises with coupons depending on the purchase value (Image:

Especially with Regular customers and regular buyers can thus be used to cleverly increase the value of the shopping cart in a targeted manner. The incentives are provided by the automatically generated messages of the Marketing Automation generated. This regularly communicates the respective threshold values and thus creates targeted incentives.

The mixture of different solutions ensures optimal value gains

Each and every one of the above options can help to improve the Amount of purchases of a customer and also its Shopping frequency to change and improve. It is important that you use the different tools at the same time and well coordinated Use to increase shopping cart value and build customer loyalty.

The Marketing Automation is an enormous help in this respect, as it is able to identify the various Link data sets together quickly and, above all, efficiently and connect them. While the Marketing employees develop the strategies and content necessary for this, they lack the time and the direct evaluation capability of the data sets.

Therefore, marketing automation makes it particularly easy and efficient to increase the value of the shopping cart.

First implementation costly - afterwards high efficiency

Before the Marketing Automation their full Efficiency can prove, you must, however, the respective automations and contents set up and also optimize. Connect the system can be largely work self-sufficiently and thus take over many repetitive tasks safely and without further monitoring.

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That costs time at first. However, once the system is set up, it can be used for both new and existing customers, for example, to increase their shopping cart value. Then you can sit back as a marketer and focus on other cases.



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