[Guide] Recover shopping cart abandonment through marketing automation

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Shopping cart abandonments are annoying for operators of online stores: Customers have selected products but do not make a purchase. The remedy is the Marketing Automation. It offers tools to win back customers.

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Why shopping cart abandonments are highly relevant

Statistics show that 60 percent of shopping carts come to a halt - no order is placed. There are many reasons for shopping cart abandonment. What all cases have in common is the lack of sales. The website visitors have already added products to the shopping cart and thereby Purchase process activated. However, the purchase process is not completed and no sales are generated. In such a situation, the question arises as to how the unused potential can be harnessed. How can you avoid shopping cart abandonment and generate sales? We will show you how you can Marketing Automation can use.

Website visitors cause shopping cart abandonment because, among other things.

  • the payment options offered do not meet expectations.
  • the shipping options offered and the shipping time do not meet the requirements.
  • the customers were distracted and subsequently forgot about the shopping cart.
  • the customers have only added products to the shopping cart out of curiosity and buy the products elsewhere.
  • Problems have occurred during the ordering process.
Find the source of why you are experiencing shopping cart abandonment.
Find the source of why you're experiencing shopping cart abandonment. (Image: trading power.com)

As you can see, there are many reasons for shopping cart abandonment. To prevent them, it is beneficial to know why this situation arises. As soon as you get in touch with customers, you'll learn why abandonment is common. Offer website visitors the opportunity to make a Feedback to give. In this way, you will learn what the underlying causes are.

Recover shopping cart abandonment with marketing automation

If you have a Marketing Automation system, then this offers you the opportunity, Win back customers, which have left baskets of goods. Remember you remind the customers to the shopping cart. In this way, you address all customers who simply forgot to complete the purchase. If users have filled the shopping cart while on the move - on the bus or train, for example - but then haven't had time to complete the purchase, they will be grateful if they are reminded of the shopping cart at a later time.

Win back shopping cart abandoners with marketing automation.
(Image: uptain.com)

Care must be taken not to be too intrusive with all promotions. The customer must have the opportunity to remind himself of the shopping cart. It is therefore crucial to remind the right time to use for sending e-mails. Equally important is the Design of the content of the e-mails. The customer must be encouraged to buy, but must not feel pressured. He must perceive the e-mails as a positive service.

Show interest in the customer through marketing automation

If it turns out that no purchase is made even after the shopping cart has been reminded, then there seem to be as yet unresolved reasons for the shopping cart abandonment. You need to find out why the customer is not making a purchase, even though they are interested in products from your range. Send an e-mail in which you find out the reasons for the lack of purchase.

Many customers appreciate it when the companies Show interest in their opinion. Customers get the chance to share why they interrupted the buying process. In this way, you learn more about the background. You recognize existing problems in the Online Shop and make appropriate adjustments as needed.

Find out the cause of shopping cart abandonment or reactivate customer interest.
Find out the cause of shopping cart abandonment or reactivate customer interest. (Image: uptain.com)

If, for example, you discover that there are technical problems with the purchasing process, then you must act directly, otherwise sales will be lost unnoticed. If many customers are reluctant to make a purchase because they miss certain payment options, you need to consider the following: Do you deliberately not offer the corresponding payment options or does it make sense to offer additional payment options?



Marketing automation gives you the chance to generate revenue from shopping cart abandonment. Customers return and complete the purchase - ideally. The crucial thing is to Realize marketing automation professionally. The customer is first reminded of the shopping cart. If this does not bring success, then you should find out the reasons for the cancellation in order to get them out of the way in the long term.


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