Prerequisites for Marketing Automation - Success Factors for Implementation [Checklist].

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The entry into the Marketing Automation is difficult for many companies. It is important that both the Company as well as the Software used the requirements for the Marketing Automation fulfill. We have for you a Checklist which gives you an overview of the requirements for marketing automation and helps you prepare.

Define the goals of the company

Probably the most important prerequisites for marketing automation must first be in place within the company itself. This means above all the Define goals of the company. Think about what goals you want to achieve through marketing automation and create appropriate thresholds and thresholds so that you can Success not only rate, but also analyze can. Without these prerequisites, marketing automation cannot function and, above all, cannot be evaluated by you.

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The software must meet these requirements for marketing automation

For good and comprehensive marketing automation is a suitable and powerful software necessary. This is because it must be able to fulfill the various functions of marketing automation. We have compiled a checklist of capabilities and possibilities that every software should offer in this area. Look for these features before choosing a solution. After all, such software should be able to fulfill most of the requirements for marketing automation in any case.

1. technical possibilities of the software

The basic technical requirements of marketing automation are of enormous importance. There are many functions that must be fulfilled by the software. These include, among others, the following functions:

  • Lead Management: Lead and customer management is one of the most important skills of the software.
  • Checking mails and shipments: You can use the Read-, Click- and Bounce rates of the shipped Mailings be checked by the software.
  • Landing page creation: The software offers the possibility to create simple and efficient landing pages for different campaigns.
  • Batch and trigger emails: The software can send batch and trigger emails and check recipients' reactions and respond appropriately.
  • Creation of forms: The software should offer the possibility to attach appropriate forms for feedback generation to the different pages and offers and to design them.
  • Templates: The software should allow you to work with templates and manage, create and save templates.
  • A/B/X testing: Various A/B/X tests in different segments should be possible via the software. This way you can sharpen the campaigns and their successes.
  • SEO functions: Basic and comprehensive SEO measures should also be possible to realize via the software.
  • Social media access: One of the important requirements of marketing automation is direct access to social media channels so that they can also be integrated into the various campaigns.
  • Interfaces to your systems: The marketing automation software should interface with your other systems such as CRM system and E-commerce system can be connected. This allows, for example, the data from your online store such as. Shopping cart and Purchase be used directly in the marketing automation solution for campaigns.

2. provision of campaigns

Among the most important functionalities of Marketing Automation is the Optimized content delivery. Only in this way can the marketing automation of the corresponding Target to optimal time the desired message transmit. For this purpose, you should find these functions in your portfolio in any case:

  • The segmentation of the database: Thus, you can easily and effectively track customers and customer data according to specific Keywords or after demographic values filter and segment.
  • Nurturing differentiations: By setting filters and conditions to meet specific metrics, e.g., interaction on previously served content, visiting specific subpages, you can target your exact customers in nurturing campaigns.
  • Real-time personalizations: Marketing automation software can personalize and customize the various media to suit the customer. Consequently, it allows a much more targeted approach for your campaigns.
  • Integration of advertising ads: The direct integration of ads (for example, Facebook, Google Ads) into different campaigns with seamless functionality.

3. voting possibilities of the different actions

It's important that you connect the various campaigns and work in Marketing Automation with your Team members and your individual teams can coordinate. This is also one of the important requirements of marketing automation, which a suitable software should provide in any case. This means that your marketing automation software should offer the following solutions and possibilities:

  • Lead Assessments: This gives you the opportunity to qualify leads more effectively via the various touchpoints and campaigns and make this knowledge available to all employees at the same time.
  • Data filtering: You can filter all relevant data of your customers and adapt it to the corresponding requirements. Thus, among other things, notifications can be installed based on lead impressions.
  • Database integration: These solutions enable the direct Real-time integration of marketing automation and CRM systems. This keeps all data at the same high level for your employees and teams.

4. analysis possibilities of the software

One of the important prerequisites for marketing automation is also the Ability to analyze. It is therefore important to put the campaigns in relation to the sales. Of course, the selected software should be able to support you in this. The software should have the following functions:

  • Multi-Touch Reporting: The ability to monitor the various touchpoints allows campaigns to be comprehensively structured and evaluated.
  • Program RoI: The Return of Investment can be checked and evaluated with regard to many different factors. The more flexible this can be set in the software, the better you can analyze the different ads and campaigns.

The right solution for your marketing automation requirements


All these requirements for your marketing automation can can be solved without problems by a software. Decide for the #1 All in one Marketing Automation. SALESmanago is Europe's largest marketing automation software and is already used extensively by many companies. Discover the many possibilities of marketing automation and create the perfect conditions with our software. You can now test SALESmanago free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.




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