Videos in marketing: 7 tips for successful use

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Advertising for all senses! The more you can realize this, the more efficient an advertising campaign will be as well. This is especially true for Videos. View and listen is program in this advertising opportunity anyway. If the commercials are then also well made, the consumer can guess how new vegan lemonade tastes, like the sea air at a destination smells and how the hoodie made of soft cotton on the bare skin cuddles.

In the era of multimedia and mobility, videos are in vogue. This is not only true for the desktop PC, but also for the Smartphonewhere videos, responsively integrated, can score points in optimal displayability. The best compliment a marketing video can receive: It is viral - that means, for example, with YouTube with first class range clicked. If you succeed, you have done everything right.

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Videos in marketing: better from the pros!

Videos today are generally accessible on the Internet to all users who are interested in them and ideally become your customers. The sharing rates that the worldwide web offers, especially via the Social media lead to the fact that such an advertising campaign should be carried out with the best possible professionalism.

The Internet forgets nothing - not even bad videos about your company, its products or services. In our compact overview, we have compiled seven tips that will help you in marketing Use videos successfully can.

1. create real added value

When you shoot a video that has to do with presenting your products, it is important to present things that are really new to the viewer. New in this context can also mean unique mean. Consumers don't need anyone to explain the world to them. But they are interested in Inspirations, ideas and innovations - in other words, everything that is new and therefore requires explanation.

Such marketing videos come in different forms, for example as:

  • Product video
  • Guide video
  • Installation video
  • Usage video

In coordination with your Marketing goals and your digital Marketing strategy you can find the best option for you.

2. use on Landing pages

A Landing page is an optimized page created specifically for a particular goal (purchase, inquiry, download whitepaper, etc.). It is precisely tailored to the target group and Leads to target completion without distraction. Either the user lands on the landing page via ads or it is carefully search engine optimized so that it can convince your target group with reliable reach.

To make their landing page inviting and alive to design and in particular Products/services requiring explanation easy to present, you can specifically integrate videos here. Studies impressively prove that videos that are integrated into a landing page are more effective for up to 80% more conversions can provide. A success story that should not be missed.

Videos in marketing increase the conversion rate
Landing page videos can increase your conversion rate by up to 80% (Image:

3. use for the Newsletter

The Newsletter is a great way to realize regular communication for real prospects conveniently and inexpensively. With videos you can Efficiency of your newslettersbut also significantly improve those of other e-Mail with advertising content.

Here, too, there is impressive proof that moving images do particularly well: In a Study by Marketing Sherpa and Dell a short video was included as a gif in the email to present a new convertible notebook. Compared to previous campaigns, this allowed Dell to increase click-through rate by 42% and conversion rate by 103%.

Use of videos in newsletter marketing
Newsletter from Dell with gif (Image:

4. pack the Pack in the entertainment factor

When we tell you that advertising is also always the emotional level we are not telling you anything new. But it is important to mention that Video messages in this context quite work particularly well can.

If you appreciate the comparison: Television advertising is expensive. Nevertheless, it is used effectively, because it is so Advertising effectiveness surpasses the print sector. The same goes for marketing video: It can easily top print advertising - if it was made by a real professional.

5. sympathy is the and O

Here, too, television is an object lesson. The ProtagonistsThe people who flicker across the screen in a TV commercial are competent or cuddly, cute or nerdy, cute or serious, funky or expert - depending on the advertising message to be conveyed. But they all have one thing in common. They are sympathetic. Either they offer Identification potential or they are personalities to whom the Expertise for explanations decreases.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

This should also be the case for the protagonists in your marketing videos. And even if you have the specialist for product XY and its development in your company -. entrust the important advertising messages to someone who can convey them not only factually, but also sympathetically.

6. product and advertising video as one

What do they actually advertise?"Sometimes there is a lack of understanding on the part of viewers after a television commercial. Then usually a lot of visions, values, lifestyle or other elements are packed into the spots, so that the actual, what the advertising is about, no longer occurs.

It is therefore important to integrate the product behind the advertising message professionally and precisely. It doesn't matter whether it runs through the video like the famous red thread or only appears at the end of the spot: What is important is that a close connection to the product arisesif the marketing is to be successful. Similar to the screenplay, this requires a Dramaturgy important, which can captivate and inspire the viewer.

7. interaction

Nowadays, between companies and their customers or prospects there are No barriers more. The Internet and, above all, social media have led to a close exchange between customers and companies. When companies are rated, this also plays an important role.

Interactions on Facebook for videos
The interaction rate can be increased with videos (Image:

Therefore, videos that have been created for marketing should be the Offer the possibility of interaction. There are different variants for this, which can be used as required:

  • Comment function among the videos, for example on YouTube
  • Create Division options, such as on the Facebook page of a company
  • Links of the video in forums or blogs
  • Notes from Contacts among the videos
  • Newsletter subscription with more videos


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