Successful video content made easy? We show you what to look out for 

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What can be informative, inspiring and entertaining all at once? Videos! Nowadays, "videos" are associated with animations, screen recordings, short clips, live action and much more. The way we deal with this in our society is Always more natural become. Almost everyone has a basic knowledge of video shooting, knows how to make a video and edit it afterwards. The reason is that we are bombarded almost non-stop with video content via smartphone. This can be on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.  

Looking" has become the standard way of acquiring knowledge. That's why companies are also jumping on this bandwagon and creating more and more more video content. Easier said than done: Because successful video content requires more than just picking up your phone and filming away. The following article shows you how you can instead use your Using creativity effectively to create successful video content for your business.  

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Where to start?  

Video content had a huge boom in 2021. Especially encouraged by the corona pandemic, the trend of creating your own video content developed. Due to the Video varietyproduced as a result, the video format has become increasingly popular and widespread. Nevertheless, many companies feel an uncertainty about the topic and do not give video content an important role in their digital marketing strategy.  

The biggest argument listed against video content is effective resource planning, because time is a scarce commodity in a company. But there is also the fear of not having enough knowledge and expertise to make truly successful content. This goes hand in hand with the unwillingness to outsource the creation and possibly pay disproportionate amounts of money. After all, the misconception that video content does not increase marketing ROI still persists among some doubters.  

Businesses use video content in a variety of formats and types.
Businesses use video content in a variety of formats and types. (Image:

But this is not true. Because with the boom in video creation has come the industry rapidly modernized and technologically improved. Various tools and simple methods are nowadays accessible for every "amateur filmmaker". With the help of these, it is possible to shoot and edit a beautiful, inspiring and functional video and use it for promotional purposes without much prior knowledge.   

For these reasons, video content brings you profit 

Not only the improved and faster technology, which simplifies the in-house production of videos, is an argument for the creation of video content. Other important points should also be mentioned here. 

Corporate Identity

The quintessence of a successful company is a own, strong appearance. This can be used to build a personal bond between the brand and the clientele. Content in the form of videos can be the right way here. Compared to other formats, videos transmit emotions best. This effect can be used to give the viewers the opportunity to Closeness and transparency to convey.  

Make sure your video content matches your corporate identity.
Make sure your video content matches your corporate identity. (Image:

People like to make a visual impression of a company in order to intuitively feel whether it suits them. If you want to start right here, you can authentic videos make a crucial difference. Basically, it doesn't matter what form of video content you use here. It can be interviews with your staff or how-to guides. You're opening a little door into your company's inner workings and making viewers feel welcome and appreciated. All of this results in more conversions, customer inquiries, job applications, and increased brand awareness.  


ROI is a generally important KPI. Return on investment literally means the return on investment. This metric provides information on whether an investment has paid off. 5 percent of companies that are not yet creating video content are unsure if they can get a good ROI from video content (Source: ). For this it can be said that a video the first touchpoint with the potential clientele and the brand can be. However, compared to a sales rep, a video represents your company 24/7, so you can use video content to generate additional attention, interaction, and ultimately more sales.  


Google has always kept a particularly sharp eye on quality content. By embedding your own videos on your website or blog, you not only achieve this, but also convince the algorithm with your variety. By having something for every type of user, you will be ranked higher, the dwell time on the website increases and the CTR is getting better.  


Of course, through your video content, you're trying to get your Target group to address, but social media allows you to extend your reach beyond them. Video clips on the social media platforms allow to be forwarded, reposted or commented by a creative, imaginative and informative character. The boundaries of the Internet are endless here, giving you the opportunity to expand your Increase brand awareness and eventually go viral. 

Does SEO also play a role in video content? 

Everywhere where content is involved, the SEO also plays a role. Even with successful video content. Because your content can be as perfect as it wants to be, if it can't be found, it's all for naught. What is often overlooked is the fact that YouTube and the social media channels are also search engines in their own way and use an algorithm to rank content.

SEO is also a top priority for video content.
SEO is also a top priority for video content. (Image:

Other factors play a role here, as with Google, but you should still always keep an eye on it. At Video SEO is, for example, to pay attention to an exciting, appropriate title, a good video description, the correct assignment of categories and a good hashtag assignment. With these considerations, the first step towards the successful creation of video content is mastered.  

Tips for successful video creation 

  1. Basis  

As already alluded to above, the Preliminary work important for the success rate of the video. Make yourself aware in advance, What goal you follow with the video and Which target group you are addressing want. This allows you to come up with metrics that you can use to measure success and tailor the video to best suit the target audience. Perhaps you want to achieve cross-target success with the video? Do other wants or needs play a role because of this? Are there trends you want to take into account?

In addition, also think about which touchpoint the Customer Journey you want to appeal to your clientele with the video. Pre-plan your videos as much as possible. While there should always be room for spontaneous creativity, a proper planning has a gentler effect on resources.   

  1. Implementation  

What makes video content successful? Most people would probably guess shooting. This part is definitely important, but it doesn't have to be that onerous.   

The equipment you need for an in-house production is manageable. In the beginning, a smartphone or a camera, a tripod or a stable base and a microphone are enough. By paying attention to the basics during the shoot, the video will already have a professional touch. Things to avoid are a shaky image, loud background noise, blurry image resolution and poor sound. Technology gives you many tools to shoot a super video with just a few devices. And what didn't work during the shoot can always be perfected afterwards with a video editing tool. 

  1. Support  

To make the implementation even a little easier, the right tools can be a support. If there is only the desire for more knowledge in the matter, learning videos or small trainings can be a good way. Either you plunge into the depths of the Internet with a research and browse YouTube and Google or you get qualified lessons. Suitable platforms for this are for example Squarespace or Rhetoric Heroes.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Of course, video editing can improve the material afterwards, which is why a suitable tool for this is advantageous. Good free variants here would be, for example, quite simply iMovie or VideoPad. Both are suitable for beginners and offer the basic video editing features.  

  1. Analysis 

Shut up, monkey dead? Not quite yet, because after the video is before the video. In order to create successful, effective video content, an Analysis decisive. Monitor the KPIs you selected during the design phase. This will give you an overview of which formats or content supported your goals and which channel worked best for you. This allows you to focus on the most effective strategies and save resources.  

Video content made easy 

Actually, it's not that hard, time-consuming and expensive to create successful video content, is it? If you focus less on the technical creation and more on the content, it works like any other marketing strategy. So become a part of this tech world in a relaxed but successful way and achieve your goals even better. If you have any questions regarding content that works or how to create videos, feel free to contact us. We at Thorit will be happy to help you.   


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