The best translation plugins for WordPress

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The best WordPress plugins for translations

It is not uncommon for companies, as well as full-time bloggers, to have a need to transform the content they offer into several languages to be able to offer.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer a suitable solution here out of the box, and the solution approach of using a multisite also comes off rather poorly, as it is not a professional solution. Here offer Plugins an, which is a Word Press MultilanguageSkills bring

Create multilingual websites with WordPress

Generally it is Not particularly heavyIt is very easy to make a website multilingual with WordPress and yet many users do not dare to implement it. This is often due to the fact that there are several ways to do this and also different tools are available to make WordPress multilingual. multilingual can be made.

The 3 presented here Plugins make it possible, when creating and editing a web page, to Comfortable Provide content such as posts, media, and menus in multiple languages.

Our featured favorites:

  1. WordPress Multilingual Plugin (Paid) - Download
  2. Polylang (Freemium) - Download
  3. qTranslate X (Free of charge) - Download

1) WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) is still the top dog among plugins.

It comes with 40 languages, a simple configuration and you can easily translate a WooCommerce site with it. You can also add the language switcher manually or automatically and even widget texts can be easily translated with WPML. It is virtually a complete solution regarding multilingualism. However, WPML is not available for free.

Advantages of WPML:

  • Translation Management
  • Translations menu / Synchronization menu
  • Page title translation
  • Pagebuilder page translation
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Plugin and theme translations
  • Widget translation
  • URLs/Slugs per language
  • customer-oriented support
  • more than 400000 already use WPML


2) Polylang

Polylang also allows you to create a multilingual or bilingual website. The written content is defined per post, category, page etc.. For those who can do without Pro support, Polylang is certainly a good alternative to WPML for multilingualism. However, if Pro support is desired, Polylang must be upgraded to the relatively expensive Pro version.

Advantages of Polylang:

  • free basic version available
  • Simple operation
  • Media, pages, tags, widgets, menus and categories can be translated
  • Support of all post formats and RSS feeds
  • Language switcher customizable
  • WooCommerce Support
  • until now already more than 100000 installations


3) qTranslate X

With qTranslate X you can create different language versions of your WordPress content at the push of a button. The plugin is free of charge and with over 100000 installations so far, it is also quite widely used. The language can be selected manually by a language switcher and qTranslate X also allows you to choose the language - depending on the set browser language of the website visitor.

Advantages of qTranslate X:

  • automatic language selection possible through browser setting
  • with manual language switch
  • 100% Free
  • WooCommerce support ( through extra add-on )
  • In-Line Coding for Themefiles Language Versions


Multilingualism without plugin?

WordPress can also be Without plugin Create multilingual with the help of a sophisticated URL structure or from Multisites. However, there is no real reason for WordPress to be so enormously artificial just to be able to provide different languages when you can easily display multilingualism with the presented plugins.

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