Tutorial: Move WordPress. This is the easiest way!

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Many often ask: What is the easiest way to move my WordPress site to a new server? We show you in our tutorial how you can easily and safely move WordPress!

Those who have problems with their current provider are often faced with the need to move their blog to a move to a new provider. But the move of a WordPress site to a new host seems to be a stressful matter for many blog owners and is often unnecessarily delayed for fear of making a mistake. But if you spend just a little time preparing, you need not worry about the migration. no worries to make. You can make a move either with the help of a Migration Tools or perform it manually. This is how the manual Server move with WordPress.


Step 1: Backup all files of your website

The first step is to back up all the files on your website. You should do this regularly anyway, especially if you make big changes. There are a lot of tools on the Internet that can completely backup a website. For example, you can use a FTP program like FileZilla use for this purpose and All files of the website to a directory on the local computer. This also includes the .htaccess file. Depending on the size of the website, this process may take some time.

wp move 1

Step 2: Export the WordPress database

Exporting the database is relatively simple and requires only a few steps. To do this start phpMyAdmin and select the database to be exported. By default the export is done in the SQL format. Once the transfer is complete, perform the next step.

wp move 2


Step 3: Create the WordPress database on the new server

Before you start the migration, create a database on the new host into which the SQL data can be imported. To do this, you open the MySQL database and create a new blank database. Then add a new user with all permissions.


Step 4: Edit the wp-config.php file

On the local computer, navigate to the directory where you downloaded your website files. There you will also find the wp-config.php file that controls access to the database. Make a copy and save it in another directory on your computer. This is important for recovery in case something goes wrong. Open the file with a text editor and make the following changes:

Search the line: Define ('DB_NAME', 'db_name');
The db_name part contains the database name of the old host. The name of the newly created database must be entered here.

Search the line: Define ('DB_USER', 'db_user');
Under db_user, enter the name of the new user you just created.

Search the line: Define ('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_pass');
Under db_pass the password for the new user is entered.

wp move 4

Step 5: Import database

User phpMyAdmin, and navigate to the "Import" tab. Click on "Import"and select the database you created in step two. Depending on the size, this may take some time, in case of success you will receive a message.

Step 6: Upload all WordPress files to the new host

After you have edited the wp-config.php file, you will be presented with a Upload the files to the new host. It is best to use the FTP program. This process will also take some time. If everything went well, the files can be deleted from the local computer.

Step 7: Change URL and new domain names

Naturally, the articles and pictures on your website are Links linked to each other. In many cases, these links are no longer correct because the domain name has changed. To change them, look for the old names in the HTML file and replace them with the new names.

Step 8: Have entries on the DNS server changed

Before you can use the website, the addresses of your new domain must be changed on the DNS server. Provide your domain registrant with all the necessary information. To do this, change the A-Record of your domain. Just enter the new IP address of the server. A DNS change can take up to 48 hours.

That's it! You have made it 

Problems? Questions? Feel free to write it in the comments and we'll get back to you.

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