New lead generation feature at TikTok for business accounts

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TikTok for lead generation is an optimal and effective support for your marketing. The popular platform now counts over one billion active users per month and is the third most downloaded app. TikTok enjoys great popularity, especially among Generation-Z. It's clear to see: The app has potential. Nevertheless, marketers find it difficult to use TikTok for lead generation or even for marketing purposes. However, companies such as Zalando and Mercedes-Benz, which were early adopters and have built up impressive TikTok communities, prove that it is possible.

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Now, TikTok can be used for lead generation as new features have been integrated to make it easier for businesses and brands to generate leads on the platform. With the "Lead generation ads", companies have the opportunity to easily get in touch with their customers and thereby increase their Drive conversions. In this article, we will show what strategies companies can follow to successfully use TikTok for lead generation.

Addressing the buyer persona correctly

First, consider whether your target audience is on TikTok and what they are doing there. Then think about how you need to design your company's presence so that this Appeals to your buyer persona. Pay attention to:

  • Profile photo, or video: Your profile picture or video should represent your company appropriately. The image can be the company logo or another image or video. Make your profile picture stand out from the competition!
  • Name: Make your company name your username.
  • Bio: You have 80 characters available for the bio on TikTok. How can you make your pitch crisp and to the point in this amount of time so that your target audience feels addressed by it?
Short and compact. Put all the important and relevant information in your bio.
Short and compact. Get all the important and relevant information into your bio. (Image:
  • Links: This point is central to lead generation. By clicking on the links in your bio, the target audience gets to your website and can interact with your offer. Add a link that leads into lead generation (e.g. newsletter opt-in form). Also consider the option of linking, especially if you are currently running a specific campaign.
  • Profile verification: As a verified brand account, you enjoy more reach and credibility.

Where should the journey go?

What applies in other marketing areas also applies when TikTok is used for lead generation: Only those who know where they are going will arrive at the desired destination. Define the goals you are pursuing with your TikTok marketing accordingly and precisely. Then the implementation will also work and you will know which measures are needed.

Use the SMART method when using TikTok for lead generation.
Use the SMART method when using TikTok for lead generation. (Image:

It's best to define your goals using the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-defined). Some ideas:

  • What follower count are you aiming for?
  • How many video views do you want?
  • What conversion rate are you satisfied with?
  • Specifically, how many leads do you want to generate?

Score with content

Consider what content is interesting, relevant, and entertaining to your buyer persona on TikTok. Live video is a particularly great way to generate reach. Creative and authentic content are appreciated by the TikTok audience. It doesn't require costly video production. If you know what your target audience likes, you will manage to apply TikTok for lead generation with an ease. Some tips:

Adapt content strategy to the TikTok algorithm:

In your strategy, consider both the interests of your target group as well as the requirements from TikTok. Keep in mind that the video format on TikTok is vertical, and videos have a higher chance of virality if they are accompanied by popular music - of which you'll find a wide selection on TikTok. With the video editor, you'll find plenty of features to play with. Experiment with them and find out what suits your business best.

Note lead status in your sales funnel:

On TikTok, leads can visit your channel for entertainment or education, or they can discover your brand in general. When creating content, consider where in your Sales Funnel where the leads for whom you are creating the respective content are located. Are they just discovering your brand or can they already be targeted with discrete sales content?

Gated Content:

Gated content helps with lead generation. Through a giveaway, e-book, blog post, webinar, etc., you can direct leads to a specific landing page to convert.

Successfully direct and follow up a lead to a landing page of yours.
Successfully direct and follow a lead to a landing page of yours. (Image:

Do not forget CTA:

Build your video in three parts. First, secure the viewers' attention. Then follows the main story - the tip or dance. End your video with a relevant quote.

Use hashtags and hashtag challenges:

With hashtags, you can reach your target audience on TikTok and attract more users to your Content draw attention. Unlike Instagram, you can also use more general hashtags here to expand your visibility. TikTok hashtag challenges are very popular. Be creative and participate in such a challenge as a company. Better yet, create your own that relates to your brand.

Collaborations with influencers:

Leverage the reach and credibility of Influencersthat are a good fit for your brand. Work with them to develop content that gives you bring new interested parties. There are macro-influencers with a larger audience and micro-influencers with a niche audience. Macro-influencers make your brand big, while micro-influencers give you a more engaged and relevant audience.

Place TikTok ads:

Use the TikTok Ads for lead generation. To do this, create a branded video with a CTA. The CTA leads to a form that TikTok fills in with elementary information about the viewers. Once completed, they can be redirected to a specific landing page. With TikTok AdManager, you obtain the collected data.

Different TikTok Ads can attract and draw the attention of the target audience in various ways.
Different TikTok Ads can engage and attract the attention of the target audience in various ways. (Image:

Track and analyze results:

Analyze what content generates the most interactions and create more of it or promote those videos. Again, take into account the different lead statuses in your sales funnel so that you target all prospects with different content.

TikTok for lead generation pays off

TikTok is a social media platform that is primarily frequented by your Generation-Z customers. With the right strategy, you can significantly increase your brand awareness here and generate new leads with ease. As with other social media platforms, a thoughtful approach will help. Consistently creating new relevant content pays off. In summary, TikTok can be used optimally for lead generation.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

You would like to generate more leads for your company with TikTok, but don't really have the capacities free for it? We would be happy to support you - contact us now!


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