Only teenagers are on TikTok! Or are they not?

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Almost with reproach in the voice this statement about the TikTok social media channel is being made. The myth is that only the younger generation can be reached with advertising via this channel and that the remaining age groups are not represented. This often results in a Uncertainty for B2B or B2C companies, which does not have the youth TikTok target group whether this channel can also bring them success. In order to remove any doubt right away, it can be said that TikTok ads the ultimate next step for businesses of any kind and definitely bring success.

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For a timely, successful Social Media Marketing it is no longer possible to imagine life without this platform. So that you are also convinced, the following article explains which target groups are represented on TikTok and how to can make use of this app.

Are there really only teenagers on TikTok? We take a look at the facts.

TikTok is nowadays one of the most popular social media platformsthat exist. The short video service inspires more than one billion active users worldwide. And this is far from the end. The TikTok community continues to grow every day.  

The European market is expected to grow steadily from 228 million users today to more than 281 million by 2027 (source:

And why? Because more and more people are looking for entertainment in the form of creative, funny and entertaining videos long for. And that doesn't just apply to the younger generation, even though this impression can quickly arise if you look at the figures circulating on the Internet. Here you come across figures such as: 69 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 24. However, this quickly overlooks the fact that in a lot has changed in recent times. Because, true to the motto "an old lady is not a D-train", even the older generations slowly but surely found a way to the app. The Corona Pandemic and its impact on society's digital literacy were a supporting factor here. Everyone was looking for ways to stay connected and see something new, experience something new. This is where TikTok was the perfect app.

The over-25 community now accounts for 47 percent of TikTok users (source: The social media platform has therefore established itself across the entire age range.

TikTok marketing? Yes or No?

The above figures should encourage you, Include TikTok in your marketing plan, as each target group appears among the users. However, it is important that you bring right energy for marketing with this app. Every TikTok audience wants to be entertained on this platform and is not interested in dry, impersonal content. That's why it's helpful, Showing face, authentic to be and more than just a bit of creativity to the day zu lay.

If you can do this, TikTok can give you a strong Brand identity build. Nowadays, it is important for customers to have an individual connection to the brand and to be able to to be in personal contact with her. This can be evidenced by the fact that 49% of the TikTok users and users Products or services of a brand üPurchased via the app have (source: For example, use authentic content from your Employees and staff, stories from everyday work or application examples of your clientele to be transparent and attractive for your TikTok target group.

With interesting content, the right colors and style, you can reach your TikTok audience without any problems.
With interesting content, the right colors and style, you'll reach your TikTok audience with ease. (Image:

Through videos with such content you also reach more Engagement. The TikTok community likes to share, like and comment. For that to happen, it's fundamentally important on TikTok that your ads aren't too obvious and intrusive. The platform appreciates en creative, relaxed approach to the topics.

Another reason to say "yes" to TikTok marketing even as a B2B or B2C companies is the increased use of the app as a learning tool. Short videos with interesting facts and info are well received here. Share your detailed Knowledge about your industry and the benefitsThe TikTok user experience is a great way to share your products or services with the general public. All in all, by using TikTok you can show potential customers and your TikTok target audience that you are going with the spirit of the times.

We have a TikTok account as a company! And now what?

  • Create a proper targeting

Just like on other social media platforms, you can also use auf TikTok Targeting operate. The TikTok target group can be defined by location, language and even by age. This way you can Target your content to the appropriate age group and not just play it out to the youth TikTok users. You can also do it by accurately describing the interests of your TikTok target audience, Extend your reach and reach potential customers.

  • Activate the Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience describes a new target group, but one that is has similar characteristics to your existing TikTok target group. When you enable this ad targeting feature on TikTok, the attributes of your users are analyzed according to the different characteristics and possible Matching users with your ads. This results in effective targeting with little scattering loss and a above average conversion rate.

  • Do Re-Marketing with Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are also an option for the Ad targeting, with which you can find people who can use your Already know or have dealt with the company. Here you can either Customer lists upload and thus retarget users who were already engaged before - for example, play out ads based on website activity. This allows you to reach your target group in the best possible way.

  • Use hashtags

It is important that you Your in feed videos with the right hashtags define well. So your videos are easy to find and will more often suggested. In general, a hashtag challenge is always a good idea.

A hashtag challenge can be the right way to engage your TikTok audience.
A hashtag challenge can be the right way to engage your TikTok audience.

Consider a memorable hashtagthat is associated with your company. A successful example is the hashtag "MachdichzumOtto" from the online store OTTO.

Get the young people on board too

This article has already shown that it is perfectly possible to reach other age groups on TikTok. But don't leave out the young people on TikTok because of that. Because these younger generation is growing up and will eventually become potential customers for you.. TikTok allows you to share with interesting, entertaining and modern content those User to pick up right now. Take advantage of the enormous number of young people on TikTok like this.

So not just young people after all?

Nowadays, TikTok should be used by every company in the Online Marketing used, regardless of the TikTok audience they are trying to reach.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Because it has been shown that this platform is not only used by young people, but the younger generation has only found a faster access to this app with your unreserved nature. Because TikTok is not for young people, but for young at heart.


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