The TikTok algorithm: 7 tips for better placement

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The TikTok algorithm captures over 1 billion active users worldwide. In Europe, approximately 100 million people TikTok at least once a month - and the trend is rising.
These figures show the Long range that the portal has. Take the chance for your company and talk about TikTok both new customers and regular customers. In order to actively contribute to branding and reach as many people as possible, the a good ranking on TikTok crucial. We have summarized a TikTok algorithm for you that will help you improve your ranking on TikTok.


Tip 7: Network on TikTok - be active on TikTok

Networking is important on TikTok to get accepted into the community. Don't just post your own videos, but watch other users' videos as well. Like videos that you like, and in particular Appeal to your target group could. It makes perfect sense to also watch your competitors' videos to create a network. Ideally, your competitors will watch your videos in return.

The number of TikTok users has increased over the years. Analyze the TikTok algorithm to take advantage of it for yourself.
The number of TikTok users has increased over the years. Analyze the TikTok algorithm to take advantage of it for yourself. (Image:

Tip 6: Start a live stream

On TikTok, functions are available for you to use with your Interact with followers. Use this option to set the direct contact with users and to exchange ideas.

Tip 5: Use filters and effects

For TikTok, there are various filters and sound effects to choose from. Use these options to spice up the videos. Mostly young users are familiar with these effects, they use them themselves to create their own videos.

Often, less is better than a lot.

Do not use all filters and effects at the same time, the result must be convince and to your Brand fit.

Tip 4: Conduct target group analysis

Knowing the company's target audience is important to customize the content to the users. First, convert the account into a TikTok Pro account. In your account, you will get helpful data about your target audience. You will learn how old the users are who watched the videos. You can see the playing time of the videos and the time.

Identify your target audience to address them appropriately and specifically.
Identify your target audience to address them appropriately and specifically. (Image:

If the target group is known, then the companies create Content suitable for the target group. You can see which groups of people have been addressed by the published videos. If this group represents the target group of your company, then benefits have been generated by the videos.

Tip 3: Insert hashtags

Hashtags, just like on Instagram, are also very popular among TikTok users. Work with relevant hashtags and use them especially in the description of your videos. The hashtags you choose must match the content of the video - avoid empty promises and deliver meaningful and useful contentthat users expect.

Tip 2: Short videos have advantages

The TikTok algorithm works best with short videos. A 15-second video is often the right choice. Most users prefer fast content. They want the short, so-called "snackable", Entertainment. Long videos are often abandoned by users, which has a bad effect on the ranking. Therefore, it is better to create a short video that users will finish watching.

Short and compact video, are well received by TikTok users.
Short and compact video, go down well with TikTok users. (Image:

In order to reduce the dropout rate the most interesting information at the beginning The user's interest must be aroused and maintained. The users must remain curious and want to watch the video until the end.

Tip 1: Follow trends

The videos published on TikTok should be aimed at current trends orient. It's not purposeful to create highly professional-looking videos like the ones that work on other platforms. Instead, you should publish organic videos. You find out about current trends on TikTok and produce the corresponding videos. TikTok itself states that classic and professionally created videos would not work on the platform.

It is important that the videos authentic appear: The speakers and the actors in the videos must not appear like actors, they must be "themselves", so to speak - starting with the clothes, the language and the action. Trends are usually short-lived; therefore, videos should be regularly renewed should be. Furthermore, keep in mind that they should not be copies of existing videos. One possibility is to participate in a challenge: Publish a video in which your employees (or the management) participate in a challenge. It is also possible to publish your own challenge on TikTok and thereby set your own trends.


TikTok algorithm helps you improve your placement on the social portal. Reach more people, address your target group directly. You'll see that engagement pays off - no longer just with the young target group, but now across almost all age groups.

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