Social media mistakes companies should avoid

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Your company's social media marketing is a key factor for your success and also for the Search engine optimization crucial. So there are many good reasons to give your best on social media. But to do this successfully in practice, you need to learn how to avoid the most common social media mistakes. Find out which mistakes still happen to companies and what you can do better here. 



The most common social media mistakes

If companies want to take something away from the basic idea of social media for their own management, then it should be be the idea of many voices. "E Pluribus Unum" is not only written on the American dollar, but is also something like the unofficial motto of social networks -. from many becomes one. This way, the different voices and interests of the fans can create something great together.

But companies are urged to be more disciplined on these points. No one is private on the Internet, especially on the social networks and if employees behave to the detriment of a brand, this will always reflect on the company.

This is what happened recently in the case of author Blake Neff, who wrote for the already controversial Tucker Carlson on the equally controversial Fox News Network. Neff was fired for racist and sexist remarks on the network, which of course also reflects on his employer, whose reputation is now suffering even more damage. That's why it's important for companies to issue a very clear guideline and remind all employees of this.

Presence on social media reflects positively and negatively on employees and employers. 

Social media mistakes lead users to unfollow companies
Behavior of companies on social media that users perceive as annoying (Image:

Apart from such obviously reputation-damaging mishaps, however, there are still all kinds of Soft Skillsthat companies need to master and learn. One fatal mistake is to generalize about social media. Even though it may be an enormous labor-saving measure to set up and manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, it's still not enough. Marketing strategy If you want to spend money with a broad brush, this is not very effective, on the contrary: Use the social networks on the basis of their individual strengths and specific target groups. The medium is the message. 

Work specifically for Instagram and TikTok with young brand ambassadors and influencers together, rely on story marketing on Instagram, and plan your store on Facebook. Of course, this all demands more resources, but you can't just take a tailored strategy for Instagram to Facebook and Twitter and hope for results there. 

Success on social networks is not a one-way street

Companies with a lot of experience in traditional marketing in particular believe they can simply transfer their existing strategies. After all, advertising on Facebook and the like is no different than putting up posters at a bus stop. However, companies should bear in mind that social media users are not only Expect interaction and dialogue. So this is exactly what you need to learn to fulfill, not only to get a better Customer service to be able to offer.

Social media platforms that Germans use most frequently
Find out which social networks their target audience hangs out on (Image:

Like many other social media mistakes, ensures lack of communication for devaluation in the algorithm. Interaction in the comments, a clear Call-to-action and a community that likes to interact with you will keep getting your content seen by more users. This works based on a very simple premise:

If people engage with your content, the algorithm evaluates it as positive. Engagement is essential for your success. 

This is even more true when dealing with negative feedback, because that's where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Even amateurs can like positive comments or comment on them with emojis. But how can a shitstorm be smothered at its core and how can dissatisfied customers be dealt with charmingly (and publicly)?

Distinguish between legitimate criticism and malicious trolls, talk to customers and take their concerns seriously. The faster you answer and react, the sooner you can sort out even uncomfortable problems. And don't be afraid to contact people via Messenger or private message. Preventive action is everything in such cases. 
Only in any case beware of simply deleting all negative comments. This is not the stamp of an open and friendly company, but that of a dictator. And you will be treated accordingly in such cases. 

Quantity over quality - a social media mistake that not only companies make

The fact that you focus too much on the bare numbers in the statistics for social media is not only human, but to a certain extent also intentional. After all, the sheer numbers are a tool for social networks to generate more interest in their own market value. 

But you should learn to look behind these numbers and make a Balance between quantity and quality to find. Posting regularly and community management are important, yet you should never resort to overwhelming your followers with Content without added value bombard. In the same breath, don't forget that your marketing is not only meant to improve your company's reputation in the long run, but also to help you in the short run more conversions want

So not every follower necessarily has to make a purchase, but if the Conversion Rate stagnates permanently, you need to readjust your marketing. Therefore, you should definitely learn to use the available to read out the available data correctly and draw the appropriate conclusions from it. Don't be afraid to leverage the means that different platforms offer you. With store features and a direct redirect to your site, opening hours or bookings, you can achieve purchase transactions without a user having to leave the ecosystem of a site/app. Such tools allow you to Customer Journey easier and more efficient - this is not only in your own interest, but also in that of the customers. 

Why users follow companies on social media
Reasons why users follow companies on social media (Image:

Especially when working with influencers, the qualitative focus is not only a success factor, but also a tangible Cost savings. Look for brand ambassadors who share a large intersection with your company, not just those with the largest number of followers. It's important that your message resonates with the interests and needs of your followers. Even if Kim Kardashian with your product in her hand is of course a real highlight of the company history for every company, a gardening company should rather enter into cooperations with social media gardeners. 

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Relevant content and approachable companies vs. common social media mistakes

So how can you meet high expectations, optimize your reach, and project a positive brand image into the social ether at the same time? It's detail-oriented work above all that leads to success here. Don't generalize about the different networks, Use the depth of the analyzed data and remain communicative. Social media has its strengths and its weaknesses, you must learn to use that if you are looking for lasting success.



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