Content instead of targeting?

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Why content is becoming increasingly important in social media ads. 

In fact, online content consumption has doubled since 2020. If we now consider that 3 billion people are on social media platforms every day, it becomes clear that good social mediaAds content is becoming increasingly important in online marketing. The following text explains how valuable content can help you in the future against the competition and attracts the clientele


"Content is king." Is content really the most important thing? 

Social media ads are not only in the E-commerce It is no longer possible to imagine life without them. Paid ads are placed on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and co. and are unavoidable if you want to remain competitive in today's world. The advantage of social ads on such channels is that they fit seamlessly into other feeds and viewers have to do almost nothing to be redirected to commercial websites.  

In the past, the main focus of social media ads was to precisely match the right target group to achieve and Generate advertising impressions without large scattering losses. This procedure is called targeting. For example, you "target" people with similar interests, age or gender. This allows you to focus your advertising on users who have the most potential to become customers.  

The social media ads content must tip the scales here to convince in this jungle of offers.  

But nowadays there are so a lot of competition on social mediathat pure targeting is by no means enough.

Convince with quality  

Since there are so many different offers these days and the decision is becoming increasingly difficult, are High quality content crucial. You mediate Seriousness and know-how. Thus, you can attract potential customers and clients with an interesting and educational content even without targeting.

Quality social media ads content helps you stand out.
Quality social media ads content helps you stand out.(Image:

Also attract attention with an appealing design of your social ads. Stand out with your corporate identity from the masses and show your uniqueness with colors, graphics or the font. If you put emphasis on this, you have a chance to stay in the memory of your clientele and create a recognition mark. 

Strengthen customer loyalty  

No matter how many times the users of the social media channels click on your ads, they will not visit for a long time if the content is not convincing. That's why recurring and good social media ads content the key to building trust of the readership. Targeting also plays a role here, because social media ads are particularly convincing with content that specifically builds on problems and interests of a certain target group. But still, the level of content is the essential and ensures a loyal clientele. 

Improve brand awareness  

Stories have always been the best approach to create a dialog with the target audience. People who are on social media are looking for exciting and new stories. Make sure you find and tell those - keyword: storytelling. It can help your brand stand out from the competition and make a name for itself.

Social media ads content with exciting stories connects your customers with your brand.
Social media ads Content with exciting stories connects your customers to your brand (Image:

Publish this content across platforms to reach potential prospects. In today's world, attention spans are very short, so you can you attract attention with appealing storytelling or brand storytelling. Combined with emotions, facts and insights, you can present your relevance and create a connection with the clientele.  

Use different formats 

Not only texts and blog posts count as social media ads content. It also includes videos or podcasts, for example. A varied breadth of social media ads content makes it possible to combine entertainment and the transmission of information. The entertainment factor plays an important role these days. Especially on the social media can be scored with exciting marketing. Maybe your target audience particularly jumps at a video or a TikTok. By using different content formats, you'll capture and maintain the attention of your clientele.  

Make sure that the content suitable and appropriate on the respective platform is displayed and the presentation is used accordingly. For example, the short and compact reels are viewed more often on Instagram and informative posts are published on LinkedIn. Analyze which social networks your target audience is on and address them there with individual and appealing content.  

Pay attention to topicality 

When creating your social media ads content, you should always make sure that your Marketing mix is current and based on the latest trends. We live in a very fast time and some trends may be out again in a shorter time. That is why it is important, produce content with foresightso that you always have the right content at hand. You can only generate new leads with your ads if the topics are also currently in demand and the target group is interested in them. That's why modern content is so important for social media ads. With Content Recycling you can bring already published posts or ads back up to date and draw attention to them. 

Focus on individuality  

Content today should pick up everyone individually. The art is to design social media ads content in such a way that customers and feel personally addressed in your problems and needs.

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Then the content will have a special value for the customers and the purchase decision for your product will be easier. With this, you manage to attract potential interested parties on an emotional level effectively to your advertising message.  


Is content king? Absolutely! Because even if they reach your right audience on social media channels through ads, it doesn't mean you'll have a new lead right away. All in all Targeting and content build on each other. But ultimately, you need to convince with your social media ads content. Because in the future, it will become increasingly difficult to remain competitive and individual. Be it because of ever increasing discussions about data protection or even increasing competition. Good social media ads content makes it possible to secure a place among the best. 



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