What is Social CRM?

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As a company you have always Customer Relationship Management operated. For some years now, the market has seen effective Social CRM asked. Experts advise a new way of looking at Social media and interactions with your target audience.

But where are the opportunities and possibilities of Social CRM? This is what the strategy means for you and your customers today!

What do you know about your customers? Without ever having met them, not much. Classically, companies have always captured and evaluated their target group via analyses of typical purchases, stores with the highest turnover or various advertising strategies. These times are now a thing of the past.

Social media gives you almost unlimited masses of data at your fingertips to Social CRM to operate. But what does the buzzword mean?

Use social CRM for online interactions

Social CRM is defined as the multiplication factor of the ordinary Customer Relationship Management to understand. While classic customer management is about establishing trust, increasing satisfaction, and building customers for the long term, fetching Social CRM them where they move.
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According to a Study of the ARD / ZDF 62 million people in Germany used the Internet in 2017, for an average of 149 minutes a day. So the only people you won't reach online are especially young children under 10 and older people, although the latter are also tapping into this resource for themselves. The rest of your target group can be found on the web, however positioned.

However, Internet 2.0 and 3.0 largely relies on apps. In mobile use, messengers and social networks dominate the market. For many people, Facebook, Twitter and Google are "the Internet. And this is where Social CRM an. You no longer just get to know your customers' buying habits, but thanks to cookies, statistics and interaction, your target group itself, up close and personal.

CRM from support chat to Facebook likes

In practice Social CRM into any online service you use as a business. Whether it's a Facebook business page or a support center on your own website. Wherever you interact with your customers, you move to a level of the CRM.

This opens up opportunities, but also offers risks in the long run. One of the biggest problems is that your customers often use the Internet more routinely than you do. But first you should know which data you can use additionally through online interaction in a very concrete way.

There are on the one hand the Traffic Numbers. Traffic means the amount of views and interactions on your platforms. Particularly on your website, you want to increase traffic to Conversions to achieve.

In online marketing, we speak of a conversion when a click is turned into a sale. The longer the customer stays on the website, the more your chances increase that they will consider you a competent and ideal provider and decide to sign a contract.

Also interesting for you is the Number of clicks and impressions on social media. For example, how many people view your post and how many of them click on the link, share or bookmark the tweet. You also want to know how often customers who have been to the site before come back or buy your products outside of the tracking ad.

Last but not least, you can advertise directly, receive criticism and praise, and simply generate attention via sweepstakes and coupons. Of course, you can also evaluate these campaigns and reactions.

Why all this? Benefits of Social CRM

That doesn't just sound like a lot of effort. Social Media Marketing is no longer done by two employees just before closing time, but is taken over by agencies and professional support centers.
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Your Social media appearances must be monitored and maintained around the clock. In times of social bots, political "trolls" and other abusive behavior, you also need to be legally prepared.

For example, what happens when your business receives a series of bad reviews for no reason? How do you respond to unpleasant insinuations via tweet?

Social CRM is nevertheless a useful and necessary factor of your Customer Relationship Management. Anyone who does not fully exploit the Internet as a marketing tool in 2018 will lose relevance.

While the competition is currently having their own service-friendly apps developed, mid-sized companies still far too often decide against a well-maintained web presence.

Opportunities such as the positive representation of one's own industry per YouTube Channel or useful content in your own blog are simply given away.

Of course Social CRM not a miracle cure, but it offers far more than just the chance to observe the unadulterated behavior of customers and draw conclusions for corporate strategy.

At Web monitoring for example, is about finding out what customers, competitors, magazines and review columns think about you and your products. You used to get this unfiltered view only through expensive market analyses and surveys.

The mature customer in social CRM

As noted at the outset, one of the major risk factors of the Social CRM the customer who "lives" on the web. He uses the Web every day and has become accustomed to the strategies of smaller companies. You will no longer reach him with a Xing invitation to your regional group.

Social CRM

But simple incentives such as small loyalty bonuses, exclusive points programs or advance information strengthen your brand and create a climate in which the customer enjoys contact.The social component, which companies can exploit by using Facebook, Twitter and Co professionally, creates a new level of communication at eye level.

Well put on Social CRM expands your Customer Relationship Management thus around a marketing factor, which paves the way for a modern brand image in the long term and helps to define your goals more precisely regionally, supra-regionally or internationally.



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