Turn employees into ambassadors with employee advocacy

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In our connected world, the way companies interact with their customers is constantly changing. Even "traditional digital" marketing methods are often no longer sufficient to achieve the desired reach and credibility. Here comes Employee Social Advocacy an innovative and proven strategy that turns employees into ambassadors and influencers for their companies. This blog post explains what employee social advocacy is and why it is a win-win situation for both companies and their employees. 


What is Employee Social Advocacy? 

Employee social advocacy refers to the process by which employees active share their company's messages and content through their own social networks. Instead of merely acting as employees, they become brand ambassadors who use their personal networks to Support the company and expand its reach.

Support and benefit together - with Employee Social Advocacy.
Support and benefit together - with employee social advocacy. (Image: everyonesocial.com)

This could be sharing company news, products, success stories or industry information. 

Why is employee social advocacy important for companies? 

  1. Credibility and trust: Customers are more likely to trust Recommendations and information from people they know. By having employees actively talk about their company and share content, employee social advocacy increases the Persuasiveness of the messages for potential customers and clients. This can have a positive impact on brand image and customer loyalty. 
  1. Increased reach and visibility: By engaging employees as brand ambassadors, companies can improve their Range expand significantly - by at least 70 times the Company Page. Every post shared by the workforce has the potential to reach a broader audience that might not otherwise have been exposed to the brand. This leads to a improved presence of the company and a larger number of potential customers. 
  1. Demonstrate subject matter expertise: Employees often bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the table. By sharing content that highlights their knowledge and expertise, they can help position the company as an industry leader. This can build the trust of potential customers and clients in the company and enhance its reputation. Increase reputation in the industry. 
  1. Employee engagement and motivation: Through employee social advocacy programs, employees are supported in becoming Actively participate in corporate communications and also contribute their own ideas for relevant topics. The appreciation of this commitment can have a positive effect on the bond with the company and the productivity of the employees. 

Why is employee social advocacy beneficial to employees? 

  1. Strengthening the personal brand: By participating in the Employee Social Advocacy Program, employees can share their Build and strengthen personal brand. By sharing high-quality content to showcase their expertise, they position themselves as a trusted source in their industry. This can lead to a Increased visibility and a larger network, possibly also leading to new career opportunities. 
  1. Increasing the chances of success: Employee Social Advocacy enables employees to have a further positive impact on their company's position in the market in addition to their actual job. The content communicated via the program also regularly informs them about their company's brand strategy and successes. Such insights support the better understanding of operational and market-specific contexts and can help with this, more motivated and successful in your own job to be  
Reap the benefits of the Employee Social Advocacy Program.
Reap the benefits of the Employee Social Advocacy Program. (Image: sociabble.com)
  1. Digital skills development: Employee social advocacy activities provide knowledge and skills in social media communication in a simple way. Employees who have been less social media savvy until now have the opportunity, effective social media communication learn to create content and shape their online presence. These skills are in demand today and can drive professional development. 
  1. Fun and teamwork: Employee social advocacy programs create a community of employees who are committed to A common goal engage. The exchange of ideas, collaboration on content creation, mutual support, and the often-used "Gamification" - not only in the form of a ranking - promote a positive working environment. 


Employee social advocacy offers companies the opportunity to expand their reach, build customer trust, and improve their visibility in the digital world. At the same time, employees benefit from a strengthened personal brand, a closer bond with the company, and the opportunity to expand their horizons and skills. It's a win-win situation that has the potential to drive both the success of the company and the growth and satisfaction of its employees. 

Do you want to learn more? Our experts will be happy to help you. 

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