7 tips to optimize SEA for voice search

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The Share of voice search queries on the rise. Both digital assistants like Siri or Alexaand the solutions installed in the various smartphones are making voice search increasingly attractive. It is currently assumed that around 20 percent of search queries via the voice. As the acceptance of assistance systems increases, this proportion will grow even further. In order for you as a company to benefit from this as much as possible, it is important for SEA measures to include the following new requirements to be taken into account. Here are seven tips on what to look for in any case when planning and designing your offer.

Voice Search Deployment
Use of Voice Search (Image: leightoninteractive.com)

Paid Voice Search - here you profit the most

There are some Industrieswhere voice search is used particularly frequently. Because here, as a rule spontaneous and immediate needs of customers satisfied, who quickly start a search with their smartphone or digital assistant. The industries and areas of use are:

  • Consumer Goodswhich satisfy spontaneous cravings
  • Services with a clear local reference for the user
  • Restaurants, clubs, bars and restaurants of all kinds
  • News and news content
  • Travel supplier, flight providers and hotels
  • E-commerce provider with a clear focus on the mobile use
  • Regular and recurring purchase goods such as food, drugstore articles or even cosmetics and pet supplies.
Industries that particularly benefit from voice search
Offers that are frequently searched for via voice search (Image: manbiz.com)

Of course, there is also the possibility to be found by means of voice search beyond these industries, but in these areas you will clearly benefit from comprehensive SEA measures, since here currently the Greatest potential slumbers.

Market analysis for SEA and Voice Search enormously important

First of all, analyze with which Search terms and via which origin the different visitors of your offer have found your pages. This is the only way to create a good data basis for optimally aligning your SEA campaigns. Already existing SEA or SEO measures should also be taken into account in any case, as you can already enter the most important search terms here.

Voice Search uses the everyday language

One problem with voice search is that users have a different search behavior to the day. So when you plan your SEA measures, you should consider this concretely in any case. Just compare a search for a rental car. On a home computer or smartphone, for example, the user would enter the phrase "Rental car Cologne" and then view the results.



However, in the case of the language search, the natural language in the foreground. Here, the user uses voice search to search for "I am looking for a rental car in Cologne for the next weekend". So there is much more information in the voice search, which you have to take into account in the SEA measures. If the measures are not optimized, the desired result will not be displayed.

Concretization of Keywords and long term keywords

So, in order for the various SEA campaigns to correctly take voice search input into account, you need to be aware of the most likely search queries in natural language inform. One of the ways you can do this very well is by asking your customers and your employees. You need to clearly define the word sequences and frequently used phrases that can be searched for your offers using natural language. This is not only time-consuming, but can also differ significantly depending on the target group and their natural language use.

Voice search queries make use of natural, spoken language
Example of a voice search query (Image: onlinemarketing-practice.com)

The Preparations are accordingly significantly more elaborate if you are planning such an SEA campaign for voice search. However, you will also benefit from the perfect placement if your chosen Long-term keywords optimally map the customers' search queries. Because then you are often several steps ahead of your competitors and thus benefit from an greater number of leads and thus also to Conversions.

Through analyses and tests Identify blind spots

Test procedure play an important role for SEA measures in voice search. For this purpose, your collected data in Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads play an important role. This allows you to analyze search terms that have already led users to your site. You can also filter specifically for long term keywords.

Another way is the Analysis of your competition via SEO tools. This allows you to determine under which search terms your competition is ranking and also specifically search for voice search keywords here.

Once you have identified a list of possible keywords, the next step is to test them by including them in your SEA campaigns. Depending on the subject area, it is advisable to new ad groups and to evaluate the performance of these for a to observe specifically for a fixed period of time. The best way to do this is to set up the keywords as largely matching, in order to find even more matching voice search terms. Just keep in mind, CPC bids not too high to avoid spending too much budget on your tests.

Thus, you gradually cover an ever broader language profile and can significantly and sustainably optimize your own SEA campaign in the context of voice search.

Different speech patterns and different capabilities of digital assistance

Also important is the use of certain terms in the direct environment. Especially if you, as a company, are primarily local and regional act, you should take into account the linguistic peculiarities of the region. If people use mainly everyday language for voice search, this applies not only to syntax and sentence structure, but also to normal everyday terms. The local language peculiarities, the Dialect or also special terms can play a significant role here.

This becomes more difficult the broader your offer is structured and the larger the catchment area of your customers is. Just imagine that a customer uses voice search to find a Pastry piece would like to buy. What do you want to optimize your SEA campaign for if you want to sell the pastry all over Germany? Roll? Roll? Roll? Roll? As you can see, it can quickly get complicated if you want to take all the linguistic peculiarities into account.

So the larger the catchment area of your customers, the more you should optimize the search optimization of the SEA campaigns on the High German align. The more local and regional you are as a company, the more likely you are to be able to take into account linguistic peculiarities of the region.

SEA - Monitor and optimize the campaigns

A Continuous monitoring of the individual campaigns is of particular importance in all SEA measures. After all, you don't want to spend money on campaigns that don't fulfill their purpose or don't cover the users' search queries. This also applies to SEA measures that you optimize for voice search. However, here you definitely have to spend a little more Patience The proportion of people using voice search is currently still growing, so the potential has not yet been fully developed.

Monitor Voice Search Keywords 1024x482 1
Monitoring voice search keywords is essential (Image: searchenginewatch.com)

So it can be worthwhile to let the campaign run a little longer and to use it especially Optimize during operation. By comparing with similar searches and by the results of your tests, you already have a good overview of the different possibilities and options. It may well be worthwhile also with test more aberrant combinations and thus constantly improve and refine the current campaign. Fine-grained changes and careful optimizations can contribute significantly to the success of the campaigns.

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So, as you can see, these seven tips offer you a first taste of which Potential in Voice Search and the associated SEA campaigns. However, this area is still in the Children's shoes and must be processed experimentally accordingly. Nevertheless, you can get a considerable lead over the competition when your customers find you in first place in voice search. In the long run, of course, this is also clearly reflected in the figures.

Because a good optimization of SEA campaigns to voice search queries can offer you a significant increase in customers. Especially since the competition in this area is still very small and often weak.


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