Optimize SEA Campaign - Turning Screws for Sustainable Success

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At Search Engine Marketing the question always arises as to how an SEA campaign can be optimized. Quickly, the first campaign is created with a tool like Google Ads. The Continuous support and improvement however, represent a permanent Challenge the future. The optimization options range from keyword selection to the wording of the ad texts.

SEA campaigns at a glance: Basics and how it works

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) pursues the goal, Attract customers via ads in search engines. The basis of ad placement is bidding on specific keywords. You determine on the basis of which keywords or keyword groups the ad is played out. Optimizing an SEA campaign therefore also means optimizing keywords.

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As an advertiser, you typically incur expenses during the Click on an ad Cost. This model is called cost-per-click (CPC). Prospective customers click on the ad to reach your target page, for example, a Online Shop or a landing page.

The Cost per click depend on several factors. The most important of these are:

  • Competition for a specific keyword or groups of keywords
  • Display position
  • Quality factor

The Competition around a keyword increases the click prices. The search engine leads constant comparisons for each search query of an advertiser's keyword with the competition. Your competitors also want to optimize their SEA campaign. For each ad there is a Multiplication with the maximum CPC and the quality factor in an auction. As a result, the ad with the highest result is placed in the first position of the search results. This is followed by the ads with the second and third highest results.

This has the consequence that not necessarily the highest bidder takes the top position.

Quality factor and ad position

Since a multiplication of the CPC with the quality factor takes place, the Display quality is of great importance. Accordingly, you can also With low budget achieve a better position with good quality.

As far as Google Ads is concerned, factors that play a role in this include the following Quality classification:

  • Keyword click-through rate
  • Ad click-through rate
  • Relevance of the target page for searchers
  • Keyword relevance for ads and users
  • Ad success in the target region

The Keyword click-through rate indicates how often certain keywords resulted in a click on an ad. The click rate of the ad indicates how often someone clicked through the Click on an ad has reached the target page. What the Quality of the target page In addition to relevance, the overview also plays a role. Searchers must find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. To optimize an SEA campaign, the results must therefore be suitable for the searchers.

Importance and relevance of Google Ads

Anyone who thinks of using a SEA campaign to optimize, thinks first of Google Ads. As the most important provider in the field of search engine marketing, it has become Google Ads has prevailed. Anyone who engages in online marketing usually also has an Ads account. Here it is possible to place ads in different areas. These include the Search Engine itself, the Display Network as well as the Partner search network from Google.

Depending on this, different Advertising forms distinguish. They all offer potential to optimize the SEA campaign. The best known form is the ad placement in the Search results. They appear together with the organic search results, but can be distinguished from them. They are marked as ads and visually delimited.

In the case of advertising in the display network, the Ad placement on a membership site. This belongs to the AdSense program, i.e. to the Google network. These ads can go beyond text-only ads and also enable Banner and Videos.

Another possibility is to switch in the Google Shopping Results. These ads appear similar to the text ads near the organic Search results. Furthermore, they can be used as separate category retrieve. A click on the results leads directly to the product. As the operator of an online store, you send data such as images and product names to Google so that the search engine can display them in the shopping results.

In addition to Google, the search engine operators of Yahoo and Bing also offer their own SEA tools. Bing and Yahoo use a new joint advertising platform. In Germany, this is based on the Yahoo Search Marketing Network. This has a similar mode of operation to Google Ads. The market share of ads placed via Bing and Yahoo is around 20 percent.

Optimization potential in SEA campaigns

Your Ads account is in different levels built. Depending on the Advertising targets various options can be found there to optimize an SEA campaign. The numerous settings in Google Ads must be coordinated with each other so that together they contribute to achieving the desired advertising goal.

Target setting

At the beginning of every attempt to optimize an SEA campaign is a precise formulation of the goals. Only with goals can the campaign be optimized precisely. Otherwise, even the best optimization will only be general. In online marketing, many different goals come into question for you. The most important of these are:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Generate conversions (for example, downloads, subscriptions, or sales)
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase in the number of hits on the website

Keyword optimization

Keywords are the central components in search engine marketing and are the focus when it comes to optimizing an SEA campaign. In any case, keywords are in your ad texts as well as on the landing pages in a clearly visible position. The following are suitable for this purpose Headings an.

Google Ads recognizes correlations between keywords and their use. The search engine rewards this with the certification of a higher quality factor.

However, keyword optimization is not static. At the level of keywords are always new settings and improvements to optimize the SEA campaign. These have a significant impact on the position and success of your ads.

For this reason, especially with ongoing campaigns, you should Check keyword performance regularly. Certain key performance indicators (KPIs) are particularly important here. These include the Click rate (CTR). It is recommended to aim for a CTR of at least 1 percent must be taken into account. From this value on, it can be assumed that the ads and keywords are sufficiently relevant. If the value is lower, there is a need for action.

Therefore, check whether the keyword appears in the text of the ad. The average position should be between 1 and 3. If this is not the case for certain keywords, a new ad with the corresponding keyword is recommended as a heading. If there is a large number of comparable terms, it may also be useful to use a own ad group to create.

Keyword research

Is it about the Selection of promising keywords, first think about your own offer. This decides the Main and secondary keywords. Keywords can be Combine with promotional terms. These include words like buy, rent or order. There are several tools that automatically create semantic links between keywords and matching terms.

Google continues to offer ex-factory keyword tools to help find new and promising keywords. This includes the Keyword Planner, which is available in every Ads account. The tool provides insight into the Search volume according to certain keywords.

Likewise it offers a Search Queries Report. If you use this regular study, you can track which search keywords have led to your page. This will give you important Clues for new keywords, which can be used to optimize current or future SEA campaigns.

It is recommended to organize the search query report according to the most important indicators: Clicks and Conversions. Keywords that have a Particularly high click-through rate (above 2 percent) should be added to your campaigns. Likewise, it can be useful to, new campaigns based on these keywords to start. In addition, at this point you should Exclude search queriesthat are not relevant for your company.

Optimize ad texts of the SEA campaign

Keywords can only develop their full effect if they are used in good ad texts are embedded. The ad text is the first thing that catches the eye of searchers. It should Arouse interest and Offer added valueso that visitors land on your landing page. Considering the high competition from other advertisers, the text must stand out effectively. Due to the brevity of the texts, it should contain the right components.

Among the most important Components of an ad text:

  • Keyword repetition in text
  • Addressing the target group
  • Answers to the most important questions at a glance
  • Highlighting the unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Call to action

Consequently, check your ads regularly for CTR and Conversion rate. Are the KPIs not satisfactory, pause the display and create a new one with different texts. As a rule of thumb: at least 3 ads per ad groupto be able to test the texts against each other.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


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