Salesforce Account Engagement - Marketing Automation with the Salesforce Pardot Successor

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Marketing Automation with Salesforce Account Engagement enables marketing and sales teams to collaborate efficiently and productively. The goal is to generate and Optimal maintenance of high-quality leads and, building on this, the maximization of the ROI (Return on Investment) by increasing the number of successful conversions. The automation platform provides all the necessary tools to successfully create and manage multi-stage online marketing campaigns. The Salesforce Pardot successor is primarily aimed at companies from the B2B sector.

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What is Salesforce Account Engagement?

Salesforce Account Engagement is a complex marketing automation tool that requires a certain learning curve from users and integrates perfectly with Salesforce CRM. Marketing and sales employees use the tool to efficiently manage and manage Lead Nurturing for customer data migrated from Salesforce. Synchronization with the Salesforce CRM, customizable analyses for campaigns, and comprehensive lead scoring create the prerequisites for assessing leads with a high degree of accuracy in terms of their maturity. Automated reports tell marketing and sales when a lead is ready to make decisions.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Account Engagement?

A major benefit of Salesforce Account Engagement is the precise Alignment of marketing and sales resources on specific target groups within a market. In addition to lead capture, lead nurturing, lead management and lead scoring, a major focus is on the automation of website and business processes as well as the important B2B Email Marketing. End-to-end lead management reduces complexity in day-to-day marketing and sales, including automated lead transfer.

Continuous observation of user behavior enables precise conclusions to be drawn about customer journeys and the targeting of future campaigns.

If the behavior of potential customers changes, prompt reactions are possible.

Generation of leads via website automation

With Salesforce Account Engagement landing pages, you can offer users content that is perfectly targeted to their interests - including downloads - and get them to enter their email address and other relevant data into a form.

With Salesforce Account Engagement, you can respond appropriately to your users' interests.
Salesforce Account Engagement lets you appropriately address your users' interests. (Image:

The customer journey begins - supported by lead capturing and lead nurturing campaigns.

Smart Lead Qualification with Salesforce Account Engagement

Scoring and grading of generated leads play an important role in Salesforce Account Engagement. They are the Basis for a successful lead qualification. The analyses take into account which actions a lead takes and who the prospect is. Combining the grading and scoring results makes it possible to assess the current status of each individual lead - especially with regard to their readiness to buy. This is supported by machine learning-based tools, among others:

  • Einstein Behavior Scoring: Evaluate activity patterns regarding website and email campaigns and identify customers who are sending buying signals and are most likely to convert.
  • Einstein Campaign Insights: Detailed analytics to find the factors that influence campaign performance and drive engagement.

Effectively tailor campaigns to target groups

The insights gained from the analysis results will enable marketing specialists to tailor their campaigns even more effectively to target groups or potential customers in the future.

Salesforce Account Engagement offers several tools.
Salesforce Account Engagement offers several tools. (Image:

To ensure that there is sufficient time for campaign conception and placement, Salesforce provides Account Engagement Numerous tools availableto automate the targeting of leads and perform assessments. These include Engagement Studio, prospect lists, segmentation and automation rules, and close actions.

Integrated reports to analyze relationships and sales

The great strength of Salesforce Account Engagement is its holistic view of marketing and sales activities. Companies looking to optimize their marketing budget and maximize ROI use the built-in reports to assess how leads interact with marketing assets and applications. With the help of B2B Marketing Analytics Plus it is possible to analyze the interaction of different sales and marketing tactics and the results of successful conversions. Dashboards with clear diagrams and tables help with this. For clarity and to obtain optimal insights, a selection of data sets and filters is possible

B2B email campaigns for sales success

Salesforce Account Engagement emails are used to target leads - especially decision makers. Excellent delivery rates and a high response rate create the best conditions for stringent lead qualification. Of great importance in this context is the ability to edit the email reputation.

Conclusion: Bundle marketing and sales activities skilfully

Linking Salesforce CRM and Account Engagement enables ideal bundling of marketing and sales activities on one platform. Smart tools enable optimal use of data and assets for website automation, lead qualification, B2B email marketing campaign execution, and analytics and reporting.

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Automated marketing processes make it possible to Managing complexity in everyday marketing and sales - even under difficult market conditions and in the case of highly heterogeneous target groups. Are you interested? Our team of Salesforce experts will be happy to advise you!



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