Sales Enablement - Marketing and Sales Perfectly Combined

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Sales enablement is an important process for your sales team to be able to, faster and better to respond to customer contacts and to support customers along the Customer Journey optimally. Sales enablement often makes it possible to achieve the desired sales figures much more effectively.

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Sales Enablement: A Definition

Sales enablement is a strategic process in which a company's sales team is provided with content, training and handouts. These support the employees, Address buyers effectively and efficiently. Marketing and sales work hand in hand in sales enablement. Both teams are provided with data-driven insights to improve the optimize your own business processes and thus increase sales. The advantages of Sales Enablement in marketing and sales are:

  • Important content for sales dialogs is prepared and delivered
  • Content can be presented to customers in several ways
  • Customer reactions can be made visible in real time
  • Analysis options for evaluating and optimizing sales strategies
  • Train salespeople and sales teams and evaluate and analyze training effectiveness
The marketing and sales team work together to effectively and efficiently target the customer.
The goal of sales enablement is to address the customer effectively and efficiently (Fig:

Why sales enablement is so important for companies?

A good, healthy and above all efficient sales process is optimally the heart of every company. Because as every salesperson knows, every contact with a customer must optimally be lead to a sales attempt. The better the processes are optimized, the easier it is to model such an attempt to success. However, there is a clear problem here. Thanks to ever-increasing competition, ever-decreasing customer loyalty, and also due to increasingly informed and educated customers, sales teams have to expend more and more effort to realize sales.

Sales enablement allows marketing and sales to benefit equally and align their options and processes

Thus, such an approach not only saves time, but also manpower, and at the same time ensures that sales processes become more profitable.

Sales and marketing benefit from sales enablement and can coordinate better.
Sales and marketing benefit from sales enablement and can coordinate better (Fig:

In today's world, companies have to deal with their customers differently than they did 15 or 20 years ago. Because buyers meet purchase decisions due to other triggers and are altogether more independent and critical have become. Among other things, this means that many of the traditional marketing and sales strategies no longer work, or at least have lost much of their effectiveness.

Wherever possible, customers want to buy from sellers who offer them added value and actively support them in their purchasing decision

This means that customers choose the salesperson who will optimally informed, them the Advantages of the product in the reality of one's own life and which is capable of Address customers effectively.

Sales enablement as an important competitive advantage

Meeting these high expectations is a challenge. Here, too, it becomes clear how important sales enablement is for companies that want to meet the Reach customers optimally want. Thanks to these processes, sales staff have the necessary information at all times. correct content and information, to appeal to buyers and bind to the company to be able

Due to the surplus of information, marketing and sales have to address the customer specifically in order to retain him.
The surplus of information means that marketing and sales have to target the customer (Fig:

Away from silo thinking: availability of information

Sales have also changed significantly in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that the various information on products and offers, even within a company, has often been shared on many different websites or made available via different media. This means that there are individual information silos exists and existed, which contain the important information in each case. But salespeople and sales teams don't want to go on a scavenger hunt for information, they want the Reach customers optimally.

As a result, many of the teams and salespeople have compiled their own databases and information sources, the accuracy and timeliness of which is far from convincing. Therefore, an important area of work for Sale Enablement is to ensure that these Processes centralized and the Information available in real time to the sellers. Marketing and sales now work much more closely together here, as this basic data is needed equally by both departments and can also be updated.

Clear communication - clear distribution of roles

Sales enablement is not a process that can simply be established alongside normal work. Companies have to take into account both Invest time as well as energy and define the corresponding persons responsible. For the various processes in this area to harmonize with each other, not only must the roles be clearly assigned, but also the Responsibility over the processes and their success control must be bundled. For this purpose, it usually makes sense to appoint a main person responsible for the entire area of sales enablement in the company.

In marketing and sales, further responsible persons must be found or appointed to take control in these areas. By building up clever chains, it is thus possible to reduce the entire process not only monitors, but also be further optimized little by little. It is important for the individual employees in the departments that the sales enablement information arrives, that this information can be used and, above all, that it is optimally prepared. After all, a sales team rarely has the time or the leisure to prepare raw data for the end customers.

The better the data is prepared, the more effective the training is, and the more smoothly action sequences are coordinated, the greater the benefits for both employees and customers.

Conclusion: Sales enablement for marketing and sales as an important driver

Companies that want to prevail over the competition in today's world and at the same time have a clear focus on their customers can no longer do without sales enablement in the long term.

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This is because marketing and sales must not only be closely intertwined for lasting success, but must also be have access to the same information, in order to be able to use the different Contact points of customers along the customer journey. Only in this way will many companies succeed in the long term in profiting from the advantages of better customer loyalty and in presenting themselves uniformly on the market.



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