Successful Seasonal Pinterest Ads

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We all love Christmas, Halloween and New Year's Eve. And every year anew we look forward to the festivities and holidays and want to make them special. During these periods, Pinterest is increasingly used to find inspiration and ideas. It is an optimal Social media platform, to run seasonal Pinterest Ads.  

If you use occasions and seasons as your guide here to place suitable contentOn the one hand, your followers will be happy. On the other hand, your pins, which fit seasonally well, are played out accordingly often. This gives you the opportunity to create a Higher range on Pinterest. Below we will show you helpful recommendations on how to Optimally design and publish seasonal Pinterest Ads can. 


Why you should run seasonal Pinterest ads? 

The lifestyle app is the platform where ideas and inspiration are collected. Pinterest is also becoming more and more a tool where different products or services are compared to find a Purchase decision to make. Visitors to the social media platform say they are 1.4x more likely to love shopping and have a pleasant buying process than shoppers on other websites. Especially seasonal celebrations like Valentine's Day or Black Friday are very popular among Pinterest users and are highly searched. Especially popular are the branches that go in the direction of health, nutrition, event planning and DIY products.  

Various age groups and interested parties are represented on Pinterest.
A variety of ages and interests are represented on Pinterest. (Image:

Pinterest offers with the associated Pinterest Ads Manager also a support to more easily run its ads and perform analytics. Here, it doesn't matter if you are posting a shopping ad or simply providing suitable content to generate more clicks. To achieve this goal, there are a few important factors to consider when posting a Pinterest ad.  

How is a seasonal Pinterest ad effectively promoted? 


If you've ever visited the app yourself, you've noticed how many different categories and distinctions there are. That's why it's important that your Display marked with the correct keywords is. In Pinterest Ads Manager you can define the keywords yourself. A recommended number per ad is about 100 keywords. The keywords are arranged here without a comma below each other and can also be defined by broadmatch, phrase match and negative phrase match, similar to Google.  

Through the analysis function, the working keywords for a particular season or holiday can be determined and can thus be successfully incorporated into one's own campaign.

If you want to target a specific region, you can also specialize the keywords by region. Going further, Pinterest gives you the option to define your ads by interests - so that the ad appears in the right feeds. Make sure that your Keywords to fit the seasonso that your ad does not get lost. 

Product shots 

The online pinboard app works with creative content. Images or videos are used to get attention and generate impressions. Therefore, it is important to work with appropriate colors, patterns and props. These differ from season to season and are well received in different ways. Important is, suitable images and designs to choose the ones that better appeal to users depending on the season.   

Strong branding 

Visitors or a visitor on Pinterest get a mass of impressions. You need to stand out there! So always use eye-catching variations of your logos and emphasize your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Stand out from the crowd with your USP.
Stand out from the crowd with your USP. (Image:

For example, by using a catchy description of your company or product. This will ensure that your name stays in the mind of the potential customer when he or she actually decides to buy.  


In order for customers to execute their target intent (i.e., conversion) as often as possible, the following are required Videos perfect. They offer a great way to catch the eye when visitors scroll through the feed.

Care should be taken to use the correct format.

A 2:3 video with a pixel ratio of 1000*1500 is preferred. The design of the promotional videos, including the music, should also be adapted to the season. 


To achieve your desired conversion, CTAs can't be missing. Buttons like "Buy now" or "Go to store" make it easier for customers to get to the website. On Pinterest, CTAs result in a 2.4% higher click-through rate (CTR). This tip should always be followed and integrated into the ad, regardless of the season or festivity. 

All of these tips can help you run seasonal Pinterest ads that work. In any case, it is important that you place your ads early. Pinterest is not a fast platform, but achieves conversions over time. But which seasons are the most effective and what should be considered specifically for them? 

Commercial good days: Cyber Week and Black Friday  

October through November is the optimal time to maximize your shopping profits by checking out the Cyber Week take advantage of. Placing good shopping ads here and perhaps offering the odd deal or haul can give you a Increase in the number of purchases of 16%.

Traffic and sales increase many times over during Cyber Week
Traffic and sales increase many times over during Cyber Week. (Image:

At this time, traffic on Pinterest is driven to 71% by shoppers looking for a bargain. Keywords that should not be missing from your campaign are:  

  • Black Friday Shopping  
  • Cyber Monday Sale  
  • Black Friday Sales  
  • Black Friday Haul   


This time of year, seasonal Pinterest Ads are booming. Everyone is looking for the right decoration, gifts or recipes. In total, up to 140 million ideas are stored. It's no problem to start posting Christmas ads as early as around July. This gives prospective customers enough time to think about their gift purchase, Christmas menu or decorations. Therefore, well-functioning trends usually go in that direction:  

  • Christmas decorations  
  • Christmas trees ideas  
  • Christmas baking 


Pinterest is also frequently used for Halloween ideas. Halloween, which stands for the motto "There is no such thing as too much", can be optimally used for your ads. Here you can collect clicks with fresh inspirations. The period here is rather limited from the end of September to the end of October and common keywords are:  

  • Pumpkin carving ideas 
  • Halloween decorations 
  • Halloween costumes  

Other occasions  

The year offers an incredible number of different occasions, including theme days. Depending on your industry, you can take advantage of any time of year. But Valentine's Day, Father's Day, and Mother's Day are also popular occasions to run seasonal Pinterest ads.  


We want to make our lives beautiful and special at all times and are on a quest to achieve that. Pinterest Ads can be a great success for you with the application of the right tricks. If you use the different occasions, you will convince your followers with timeliness and creativity and you will always be ahead.  

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