Remarketing - Why it is so important for the marketing strategy

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Marketing executives face the daily challenge of increasing conversion and retention rates. Remarketing and retargeting are essential components in the online marketing mix to ensure that previous advertising spend achieves the maximum economic benefit. The goal is to attract customers who have Customer Journey The aim is to use e-mail campaigns and paid online advertising to direct visitors who have only partially passed through the site back to the company's own website. When they visit again, the probability of a successful conversion increases enormously.

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Remarketing vs. retargeting - a definition of terms

In everyday marketing, the terms remarketing and Retargeting often used as synonyms. If the terms are closely delineated, the former refers to on the target group approach through e-mail campaigns and latter on paid online advertising. Which strategy is more promising depends on the structure of the target group and a company's preferred marketing channels. To maximize ROI, a combination of both marketing activities can prove optimal. The benchmark for success in both cases is the conversion rate.

With remarketing and retargeting, potential customers are approached in different ways.
Here's how to approach prospects again in a variety of ways. (Image:

Advantages of remarketing for companies

Companies benefit from remarketing and retargeting in many ways. Interested parties and potential customers tend to look at products and services within a short period and then visit the website or the Online store to leave. The statistical bounce rate is 98 percent on average.

There are many reasons for this: for example, there is no current reason to make a purchase or conclude a contract, there is no opportunity to make a spontaneous purchase, the product requires explanation, or there are external disruptive factors - such as the arrival of new chat messages. A functioning remarketing and retargeting enable a user to ernew with the attractive product or the desired service to come into contact. Serious prospects have the option to click again to land on the landing page.

Companies benefit from an increase in the click-through rate (CTR) to a digital ad. The CTR describes the ratio of clicks to the total number of views. Another benefit relates to strategic brand development. Companies that Active remarketing and retargeting operate, increase the Recognition value of their brands and steer the Attention of their relevant target groups on their products and services.

Used in a well thought-out way, remarketing is an effective tool for target-group-oriented and sustainable Branding.

Opportunities for remarketing

Marketers have a variety of options for putting remarketing and retargeting into practice. The most common methods include:

Display ads: With the help of Cookies allows you to control the placement of display ads with product images. You have the choice between Google Ads and the Google Display Network. "Invisible" tracking pixels that collect information about the duration of a landing page visit enable the playout of display ads on social media platforms.

: Existing leads are contacted by email and through Call-to-Actions as well as individual offers to continue the customer journey or the purchase.

Search AdsIf a user enters predefined search terms after visiting your website, ads associated with the keywords are displayed.

Attract the attention of your customers with search ad remarketing.
Grab your customers' attention with search ads. (Image:

Videos: Moving images is a great way to attract the attention of your target groups to your products and services and to present unique selling points in a compelling way. In remarketing, YouTube takes an important place to interact with members of your target groups.

To ensure a positive impact on branding, it is important to end display ads etc. after a successful conversion. If users are annoyed by remarketing ads, they may turn to competitors, there is a threat of bad reviews and the likelihood for positive Recommendations sinks.

High success rates - through e-mail remarketing

Marketers use email to drive successful conversions. With success rates of up to 40 percent, remarketing via email has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. If a lead actively consents to receive emails, their willingness to use offers and promotions for a conversion is extremely high.

It is important to use promotional activities and personalized offers to dose at the right rate and high quality to design. From personal advantage offers such as loyalty discounts and one-off special offers to individual letters from employees and managers with call-to-actions, there are many ways to design remarketing e-mails with high-quality content.

As a rule of thumb, the more high-priced the product or service you want to sell, the more important a personalized email with individual content. By addressing them individually, you give the potential customer the feeling that they are of great importance to your company and that the conclusion of the sale is of great significance to you.

Importance of remarketing for the marketing strategy

Remarketing plays a central role in marketing strategy. The future lies in smart cross-channel marketing. Companies that rely on isolated solutions and - consciously or unconsciously - do not exploit the full potential by combining different channels are not making optimal use of the marketing budget available to them.

To maximize ROI, it is important to leverage synergies and take advantage of contacts already made with your own company.

The high convenience of remarketing offers and personalized call-to-actions move prospects and potential customers to successful conversions. In many cases, a purchase decision was made unconsciously on the first visit, and a small prompt is enough to successfully generate sales.

Increasing click numbers through concrete prospective buyers are an important prerequisite for constant company growth.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Conclusion - Increase effectiveness and ROI through remarketing

Successful remarketing and retargeting increase brand awareness and support strategic brand development. The goal is to reactivate hesitant and almost lost customers through emails and advertisements - such as banners, display ads and video ads. Whether the call is made directly by displaying the product or indirectly by playing an ad for a brand or company depends on individual circumstances. To increase the effectiveness and ROI of online marketing measures, remarketing takes a central place in the marketing strategy of companies.


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