Using progressive profiling for successful lead generation

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Lead generation is central to increasing your company's reach for current and future marketing efforts and maximizing sales. To generate successful conversions, it's important that leads go through a development cycle that transforms them into Sales Qualified Leads transferred. Progressive profiling is an elegant way to get prospects and potential buyers to move through the Filling coherent and consecutive forms step by step to reveal additional information about themselves. A great advantage of this type of Lead generation Is building trust on the part of the lead.


Avoid high bounce rates due to long forms

When it comes to lead generation, patience is not a strength to be acquired by pressured marketers in the fast-paced Internet. Ask yourself why you shouldn't collect user data in a single form, and all it takes is a look at the Bounce rate. Depending on it should make you rethink strategic routines.

Long Forms have a deterrent effect. The more extensive and personal the data users are asked to enter in the form fields, the higher the probability that they will get cold feet and bail out. Give prospects and potential customers the opportunity to enter their Communicate data step by step, build a solid basis of trust which have a positive impact on the overall Customer Journey effects.

User acceptance through customer-first strategy

The goal of your online marketing activities is to compete with or outperform your competitors, as well as to get the most out of your ROI (return on investment). A flexible customer first strategy in lead generation allows you to practice empathy and put yourself in the mindset of your existing and potential customers. Customers' expectation of communication with companies has changed permanently.

Customers know the scope of user acceptance.

With successful and strategically thought-out customer communication, you can reach and retain customers.
With successful and strategically thought-out customer communication, you can reach and retain customers. (Image:

Best possible service for interested parties

Depending on the awareness and image of your brand, as well as the way in which a prospect became aware of you, you will enjoy a confidence boost for lead generation. Through Progressive Profiling, you give every user - regardless of the channel they visited before - the feeling that they have been given the provide the best possible service and him with Consideration and respect to treat.

From Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead

Progressive Profiling makes use of psychological insights and pursues the goal of increasing the rate of lead generation as well as the Quality of the leads successively. The goal is the smooth transit from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead that can be taken over by the sales department. The unobtrusiveness of the data collection process helps you gather all the important information you need to create a customized offer as well as to conduct a successful sales call.

Progressive Profiling helps you identify customer data incrementally for targeted lead generation.
Progressive Profiling helps you identify customer data incrementally for targeted lead generation. (Image:

Accurate segmentation through progressive profiling

In order for the progressive profiling approach in lead generation to have the desired positive impact on the number of conversions, it is crucial to choose the content of the form fields carefully. The focus is on information relevant to segmentation. As data collection progresses, leads are further qualified.

Marketing Qualified Leads enable companies to target-group-oriented customer approach and the Assignment to a specific buyer persona.

The goal of the Progressive Profiling method in combination with other marketing measures is to successfully convert high-quality leads - along their individual customer journey - into customers.

Lead generation and qualification through quid pro quo principle

Lead generation and continuous qualification are based on the quid pro quo principle. Users enter their data in form fields and receive valuable expertise in return. For example, in the form of a newsletter and whitepapers, free products or access to events, etc. Progressive profiling for B2B can look like this in practice:

  • An initial newsletter sign-up form keeps the barrier to entry low, asking for salutation, title, first name, last name, and email address.
  • A webinar is announced in the newsletter, which the subscriber can attend free of charge. The prerequisite for registration is information about the current employer and the position held.
  • To secure a free summary of the webinar as well as a free e-book, the next step is to ask him about future acquisition plans and the associated time horizons.
  • Providing precise specialized information on the products and services intended for purchase is associated with the completion of a form requesting the amount of the budget and the current status of planning, or even more.

Successive lead generation through progressive profiling for B2C sales can be much easier. Here, details such as gender, last name, first name, e-mail address, postal address, mobile number, and personal interests of the user play a role, among others.

In the quid pro quo principle, a person gives something away and receives an appropriate consideration in return.
In the quid pro quo principle, a person gives something away and receives an appropriate consideration in return.

Advantages of the Progressive Profiling Approach

The Progressive Profiling approach brings several benefits to your organization:

  • Clearer websites through shorter forms
  • Low inhibition threshold when filling out forms
  • Building a stable basis of trust
  • No collecting superfluous information
  • Possibility of dynamic design of forms
  • Continuous further qualification of leads to Sales Qualified Leads
  • Lower costs for bringing about customer acceptance
  • Higher marketing return on investment by increasing the conversion rate

Strengthen your branding through progressive profiling

Another advantage that has a long-term effect is the positive influence of the Progressive Profiling Method on the Branding. Through continuous interaction with customers, it is possible to convey core messages and convince prospects and potential customers of the trustworthiness of your brand. You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors step by step. You can generate leads touchpoints tailored to the target group as well as provide the content that potential customers need in the current situation and with their current level of knowledge.


Conclusion: Success of Progressive Profiling through Cross-Channel Concepts

Lead generation through progressive profiling pays off for companies in practice. It is crucial to take a holistic approach and to integrate the forms in target group-oriented cross-channel concepts integrate. Companies that consciously rely on marketing automation and inbound marketing benefit in a special way from the progressive profiling approach. Obtaining consistent and accurate data is an important prerequisite for successful conversions and the continuous expansion of the customer base.


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