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Web design


The customer

For more than seven decades, the family-owned company Hermann Trollius GmbH has been processing lime and dolomite into high-quality products for the steel, glass, sugar and animal feed industries as well as for all versatile applications in modern agriculture. For the construction industry and road building they supply crushed stone and chippings.

Hermann Trollius GmbH
Industry, mining
Web design, content marketing
Trollius website screenshot
Hermann Trollius GmbH


The goal of the lime company was to strengthen its awareness in the market and to present the uniqueness of the family business in terms of sustainability and commitment. For this purpose, a new, contemporary website was to be designed. In order for the target group to find it, a corresponding inbound marketing strategy was to be developed.

Web design


  • Creation of a modern and appealing website appearance
  • Implementation of an easy-to-manage CMS system
  • Production and distribution of relevant content
  • Generation of brand awareness and interest among the target group


  1. Creation of the UX and UI design for the new website
  2. Setup of the back- and frontend
  3. Creation of target group specific landing pages to address the interested parties
  4. Keyword and SEO analysis
  5. Conducting a social media audit and creating a social media strategy
  6. Editorial planning to define and schedule relevant content
  7. Creation of topic-specific blog posts
  8. Social media posting of the created content

The result

  • Increase in access rates via social media by 300%
  • Increase average time on page by 15% through modern web design and engaging content.
  • Bounce rate reduction by 6%
Trollius website screenshot

Trollius website

Trollius Blog

Trollius Blog

Trollius Social Media Profile

Trollius Social Media Profile

Hermann Trollius GmbH

The success factors


Web design in phases with focus on the design

Content & Social Media

Creation of a content and social media strategy


SEO optimized blog posts on the website