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Performance Marketing

Ricoh Germany

The customer

Ricoh offers information and transformation technology worldwide. The company supports customers with a diverse range of products and services to digitize their business processes - for more flexibility, productivity and profitability.

Ricoh Germany GmbH
Information technology, service
Marketing Automation, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing, Consulting, Web Design
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Ricoh Germany GmbH


Marketing, generating leads and winning customers for a new product offering. One challenge is that the offering is complex and not yet sufficiently known by the target group.

Performance Marketing


  • Omni-channel campaign development
  • Implementation of marketing automation measures
  • Attract target audience to the topic through relevant content - thought leadership
  • Product awareness via content marketing and performance marketing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Measuring the success of the campaign


1. customer persona & content strategy workshop
2. campaign development
3. creation of campaign landing pages
4. performance marketing via Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
5. editorial planning and publication of blog articles.
6. creation of an automated lead nurturing journey.
7. monitoring of KPIs and performance measurement

The result

Open rate for lead nurturing emails
Click Through Rate of LinkedIn InMails
Increase in conversions compared to the previous quarter
Traffic growth through content marketing
Ricoh landing page digitization screenshot 01

RICOH landing page digitization

RICOH Ads Banner

Ricoh Digitization Blog Screenshot

RICOH Digitization Blog

Ricoh Google Ads

RICOH Google Ads

Ricoh FB Ads

RICOH Facebook Ads

Ricoh Germany GmbH

The success factors

Landing pages

Target group-specific landing pages and addressing of interested parties

Product Awareness

Increase product awareness through SEO-relevant blog posts and ads

Remarketing & Prospecting

Use of remarketing and prospecting