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Content Marketing

Irle & Heuel GmbH

The customer

IHH equips skilled personnel with high-quality work equipment as well as personal protective equipment and offers effective products for safety measures in everyday work. The national technical dealer passes on its knowledge to customers through training and further education. An overview of the product variety is available in the online store and in the store.

Irle & Heuel GmbH
Content Marketing
iHH Blog
Irle & Heuel GmbH


Marketing, generating leads and winning customers for a new product offering. One challenge is that the offering is complex and not yet sufficiently known by the target group.

Content Marketing


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Upselling to existing customers
  • Appealing, target group-oriented postings in the social media


  1. Strategic collection of topics related to the defined goals and target groups
  2. Quarterly editorial planning to pick up current content
  3. Keyword research to optimize the articles for search engines
  4. Creation of target group specific blog articles and social media posts
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of KPIs

The result

  • Blog supports organic traffic growth of 12.92% year-over-year
  • LinkedIn followers quadruple within one year
  • Increase Facebook Page Reach by 130%
iHH Blog

iHH Blog

Irle & Heuel GmbH

The success factors

Keywords & SEO

Keyword research and SEO-optimized text creation

Content & Social Media

Regular publication of blog posts & social media posts


Clear blog layout