Listen - Advantages of Podcasts in Content Marketing

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Since "This American Life," podcasts have become more than just an audible trend or adequate radio substitute. For a long time now, the Podcast format established as its own medium and presents Talk Radio on Demand. And where there is a new medium, there is of course also in the Content Marketing new opportunities, reach potential customers.

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What this means for you in concrete terms and whether you can Cooperations or should you rather use the microphone, we will tell you in this overview.

Podcasting as an eloquent Radio - the influence of podcasts

Whether it's on Spotify, through Apple's own podcast app, Deezer, or in a video version on YouTube, podcasts can be quite different forms accept. Sometimes they are spoken blogs, sometimes cleanly researched, journalistic contributions, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes entertaining. But podcasts always reach a target groupwho does not want to interrupt her media consumption even at inappropriate moments.

Trend medium podcast
Podcasts are in vogue (Image:

Here, the podcast proves to be an intermediate medium between audio books, music streaming and radio. It is the constant companions for so many people. While cooking, on the train, in the car, or playing sports, hundreds of thousands of podcasts are available on demand worldwide. A large selection with often very specifically outlined target groups.

And podcasts manage to be a very important factor in the Marketing to map: the Content Format. A podcast is always also a History, an audible story that goes back to a very archaic instinct in man and in human history. Whether it takes us back to the time of our childhood with the reading parents back in time, or we can look at ourselvesm bonfire imagine:

Storytelling is in our blood as humans.

And in marketing, you create something very special with it, namely audio content that doesn't just bluntly advertise. But rather content that History of your companyyour products or services, or the people behind them.

Professionalization on on the technical and content side

Anyone can get started in podcasting. As long as you like to talk (or find someone who does) and a Story have to tell, you can get started. Technical perfection (in rudiments) is, however, a basic requirement nowadays. Professional Speech microphones but are quite cheap and Software like Reaper or GarageBand even free of charge. Your website only needs to have a Host RSS Feed can. This is where the popular podcasting apps come in. In this way, however, you also retain full control over available followings and SEO relevant tags.

Reasons for podcasts
These topics interest podcast listeners (Image:

But of course you must have something to tell and produce podcasts on a regular basis. This doesn't have to be daily - usually only newspapers can do that - but weekly, monthly, or for major product releases and updates, your subscribers should hear from you. You should see podcasts as an additional asset and as a kind of spoken blog. It goes here less about advertising and more around Storytellinginterviews and features make this particularly audible.

By the way, there are also very appropriate to the topic of content marketing. podcasts worth listening to from experts like Börn Tantau or Online Marketing Rockstars Founder Philipp Westermeyer.

Targeted audience Ads in podcasts

However, you have another option than Content Marketer to profit from the podcast medium. And that in the form of ads placed. The professionalization of podcasting as digital radio means not only technical refinement, but has also opened up the opportunity for many podcasters, live from your content or at least to earn a little extra money. In addition to voluntary donations via platforms such as Patreon, podcasts are also distributed via Ad placements funded. As an insert, there are basically two different forms of marketing in the podcast, the upstream ad and the read-in.

Advertising acceptance podcasts
Advertising acceptance in podcasts (Image:

The upstream display is recorded like radio advertising and - depending on the listener's app - relevant to the listener or tuned to the content, played before the podcast. However, the alternative closer to the medium is the read aloud display, in which you can set the Podcasters themselves provide some text or some key points or let them freely test your product.

This is so exciting because new things can arise quite spontaneouslyn. And because you are using the same mechanisms as with the visual Influencer Marketing set. About the respective podcast you have a Accurate analysis of the desired target group and reach your potential customers. At the same time, you know that listeners to a podcast are the people trust, which they let in their ears week after week. They benefit from this special form of Intimacy and create Brand Awareness.

Give podcasts your own discount codes at the same time you even facilitate the Success tracking of your campaign.

Establish content through podcasts in everyday life

Podcasts have the Distance between content creators and listeners once again reduces, they are the perfect medium for in between and for so many people an integral part of everyday life have become.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

That's precisely why your digital marketing shouldn't neglect the spoken word. Your stories deserve to be displayed not just in 15-second snippets on Instagram, but in moving, amusing and interesting anecdotes to be told.


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