Outbound marketing, which forms are still worthwhile?

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Outbound marketing is regarded by the advertising scene as an outdated and currently no longer effective form of marketing. However, the advertising and marketing measures directed by the company to the customer are still very effective despite the increasing relevance of SEO and social media.

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The enormous reach that can be achieved with outbound marketing is almost impossible to achieve with inbound measures. Although this often involves a lot of unintentional scattering of the sometimes cost-intensive methods, marketers develop advertising strategies that use both outbound and inbound measures.

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So, it's best to use an advertising strategy that takes into account the Advantages of both methods combines. Huge reach of TV commercials, ads in high-circulation print products such as magazines and newspapers can be used for the first contact with potential customers. For the final conversion, lead generation or the conclusion of the purchase, the detailed information of the inbound measures such as newsletters, social media, e-books, online tutorials or similar provide.

In this article, we'll show you what else you should know about outbound marketing and why it's worth including some of the measures in your marketing strategy.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is generally considered to be the classical marketing which, with its advertising measures and promotions, has actively acquire customers would like.

Typical outbound measures include TV commercials, mass e-mails, flyer advertising, or cold calling over the phone.

What is meant by outbound?

Outbound is used to describe the direction of the advertising messages. Whereas with Inbound Marketing waiting for the Target group and customers become aware of the company and its products by themselves, this is the case with the Outbound marketing the other way around. The first contact is made by the advertising company. However, some methods are now considered somewhat outdated. Especially when it comes to telephone calls, many customers become skeptical and tend to hang up.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Compared to outbound marketing, the Inbound marketing new leads and customers via content marketing and a lot of work in the field of Social media. Websites are optimized for search engines with SEO. Advertising banners are displayed online targeted only for potential customers.

Very popular and promising measures of the inbound method are, for example, blogging, free guides, e-books or even explainer videos, podcasts and social media marketing.

What are the differences between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a modern strategy that has become popular with the rapid advance of digitalization. Many customers nowadays romp around on one of the social media platforms and generally prefer to find out about new products themselves first. This is exactly where the marketing strategies of inbound marketing come in, because they primarily use online resources.

Outbound marketing follows a completely different principle. As the name suggests, the advertising measures are directed outward. The company is looking for new customers.

Outbound marketing
The differences between inbound and outbound marketing are often not immediately apparent at the outset (source: saxoprint.com)

Direction of the advertising message

  • Outbound: Company makes contact with the customer
  • Inbound: Customers contact the company

Typical form of promotions

  • Outbound: traditional forms of marketing such as advertising on TV, print, e-mail advertising, telephone acquisition
  • Inbound: modern forms of marketing such as SEO, e-books, blogging, landing pages, tutorial, podcasts

Advantages of Outbound Marketing:

  • Long range
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Clear advertising intention recognizable

Advantages of Inbound Marketing:

  • low cost
  • Target groups can be better defined and addressed
  • SEO and content marketing generates permanently good positions on the search engine results pages

Disadvantages of Outbound Marketing:

  • high scattering loss
  • costly forms of advertising
  • Measurement of success difficult

Disadvantages of Inbound Marketing:

  • Good content takes time
  • Manpower necessary
  • Success is not immediately visible
  • Good strategy necessary

How useful are marketing measures in outbound marketing still?

Many advertisers and companies consider outbound measures to be outdated and see them in connection with high marketing budgets. Here it is necessary to probe and find the right strategy for the respective company.

Although the Outbound marketing is inferior to inbound marketing in terms of costs, it can be enormous range score points. Think TV commercials, radio or flyer advertising. These outbound methods reach a very wide audience. With However, high scattering losses are to be expected here, since, for example, TV commercials for women or children are also seen by men who are less interested in the product in question.

But especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, which operate on a local basis, some of the outbound measures are worthwhile quite. The local electrician can advertise on the local radio station, sponsor the local soccer club or distribute flyers in his catchment area. Contact is direct and interested parties get the information delivered straight to their homes.

Large companies use selected outbound marketing campaigns to draw potential customers' attention to their own company. This can be seen as an entry point for inbound marketing. Advertisements or articles in the newspaper can arouse interest and lead to the target group later looking for more information on the company's website and new customers subscribing to newsletters and blogs.

What is an outbound manager?

The tasks of an outbound manager lie in the organization and dissemination of the respective outbound marketing measures. Outbound managers create meaningful strategies according to the company's requirements. Analyze the customer group, create buyer personas and choose the best marketing measures to reach as many prospects as possible.

What is Outbound B2B?

Outbound marketing is currently particularly effective in the B2B sector. This is because quite a lot of information can be gathered about potential companies that might be interested in the products before a cold call is made. With extensive research, potential customers can be circled and the risk of rejection minimized.

If a company responds to your outbound marketing efforts, then the inbound marketing can start. With e-books, whitepapers, newsletters or other relevant forms of content marketing, the deal can be closed.

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