The online marketing trends for 2023

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The past year was marked by turbulence and difficulties. We look back at the Corona crisis; the war in Ukraine whose economic consequences continue to affect us. These major events also have an impact on the marketing world and present us with challenges.  

What does this mean for online marketing? What are the new online marketing trends and which ones offer support in the coming year?  

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In 2023, much will be made of the online Customer Experience to improve even further. Of course, this is not a new trend, but it plays an even more important role this year. Because due to the uncertainties and crises in the world, it is the task of marketing, to be close to the clienteleto support them and Provide security.  

How to achieve this and how to give your company the right kick in the coming year, we summarize here  together.  

Spatial Loyalty Marketing  

More attention will be paid to this marketing strategy in 2023. The aim of this strategy is to Long-term customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. After all, in times of a declining growth rate, maintaining existing relationships and existing customers must be assigned a high priority.  

As the word "spatial" in Spatial-Loyalty Marketing implies, there is a particular emphasis here on conveys a spatial connection with the target group becomes. Because it is in the Online marketing not only important that customers and clients reach the right marketing strategy, but also experience it in a familiar environment.  

In times of crisis such as we are currently experiencing, we long for a secure location. That's why one of the Online Marketing Trends 2023 is a local SEO, so that the clientele has a Builds attachment to your company and you stand out from the competition. Your CRM system serves you with information about where the users come from. This way, you can connect your customers through regional themes and embody the local role of your product. The customer experience can be made more valuable with premium offers and discounts, for example. Also, ensure that a professional and helpful service is always available to the clientele.  

Spatial loyalty marketing is one of the Online Marketing Trends 2023.
Spatial loyalty marketing is among the online marketing trends of 2023. (Image:

So it's important to take good care of your community and create a bond with the brand, product or service.  

Stand out as a strong brand 

Among the online marketing trends for 2023 is definitely the investment in Brand Marketing. Especially the skillful use of SEO is important here. Because there will be a few changes in this field in 2023. Google Universal Analytics will be replaced in July 2023 by Google Analytics 4 (GA4); its beta version has been running alongside for half a year now and will be finally introduced this year.

If you have not run GA4 in parallel until now and it has already acquired data, this means a complete loss of all your data. Act quickly, so that the competition does not continue to rank on good or high places.  

SEO thrives on finding distinctive key elements with which you can Get and keep the attention of the clientele. That's why it's important to have a plan to stay in the long-term memory of your clientele. This is exactly what happens through brand marketing. This way, you can generate original demand independently of Google and Co. and ensure a positive customer experience.

Make sure you have engaging brand communication and keep it current.
Make sure your brand communication is engaging and keep it current. (Image:

The key here is to accurately describe your brand essence and optimize your brand communication. This year, it will be even more important to stand out and prove stability.  

Video Content Marketing 

A human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than writing, so visual supports will become increasingly important in 2023. Videos or clips make it possible to make a complex topic digestible and understandable and thus provide for a active involvement of the audience. Two other important sub-issues in this topic are: 

  • Short Clips: Here you give the viewers a small "snack" with information and content (up to 60 seconds) 
  • Influencer Marketing: Peer-to-peer (P2P) can well support marketing goals in 2023. By targeting micro influencers with a follower count of 1000 to 10,000, you develop a much more personal and trusting relationship. 

Hybrid marketing solutions  

In 2023, we are reaching for all means. That's why the linking of analog and digital strategies will lead the way. For example, there will be various online and offline communication channels used to get in touch with the clientele. Because of the high stimulus overload uständigen Werbenachrichten people are overwhelmed and blind. Therefore, stand out by sending your readership a digital postcard instead of the normal email marketing.  

It is important to have a clear understanding of new media this year and to consciously use different, possibly parallel, communication and marketing channels.  

You can also host hybrid events to meet prospects in a specific technological way. Especially the following methods will become more and more prominent in 2023: 

  • Augmented reality: This extends your environment by adding digital elements to the live view. This allows you to give customers an impression of how your product works, for example.  
  • Virtual Reality: This is a fully immersive experience that replaces a real environment with a simulated environment.  
  • 3D product visualization: 360-degree views bring products to life from all perspectives. 

By using these new technologies, you can reach people all over the world and save resources.  

Social Commerce 

Social networks remain an important topic this year. The focus is particularly on Social Commerce and Discovery Commerce. Social commerce describes the purchasing process that takes place directly via a social network platform. Customers can place their order via this direct purchase option without having to leave the corresponding app or complete a complicated ordering process. 

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Discovery commerce also has a place among the Online Marketing Trends 2023. Search engine sites process user data and sporadically place product information in the user's feed. This is how products find the right clientele. This gives you the Customer Journey simplified, because users no longer have to actively search for your product or service. Ultimately, you have optimized the customer experience again.  


In 2023, most marketing trends are aimed at improving the customer experience and engaging with the target audience. In doing so, it is important to position yourself authentically and clearly. The online marketing trends are aimed at a close relationship with the clientele and the use of modern technologies. We wish you a successful year 2023! 



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