Post for Christmas - Newsletter Tips for Business

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Christmas is not only a time for reflection, but also the busiest time of the year for many companies. This is when it is particularly important to to be present with customers again makeThe most important offers can be presented or bargains can be tempted. In 2019 alone, the German retail sector saw sales of around 100 billion euros, so it's a lucrative time if you're looking to sell your Marketing customize a little. In our overview, we give you the best newsletter tips for the Christmas holidays and show you how the digital Christmas card makes an impact.

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Christmas - Newsletter tips for the festive season

Special newsletters for Christmas should of course not only be sent directly at the holidays and do not plan too short term. Whether you want to empty your warehouses once again with significant discounts before the holidays, offer sweepstakes, gamification and Advent calendars, or have collected the best deals for the holidays -. Your company should be in the memory of every customer.

The right timing

A Christmas campaign should have a fixed start and for most companies this lies just before the beginning of Advent. In Germany, the transitions are fluid; the Christmas season traditionally begins for customers on Advent or December 1.

To be able to implement the newsletter tips at Christmas, you should start early to suggest potential gifts and offers to your customers in the newsletter.

Christmas time is gift time - plan your newsletters accordingly
Plan your newsletter well in advance and pay attention to customer buying behavior (Image:

Discounts before Christmas

FOMO is one of the classic mechanisms of Black Friday. Fear of missing out on expiring timers is an important factor with which you can gently Putting pressure on purchasing decisions especially at Christmas time. Because customers can not only save money for themselves here, but also grab the perfect gift at the same time.

Also, make sure that your newsletter informed not only about percentages, but also about expiring delivery deadlines. This way, your customers always know exactly when to order so that they can still place the perfect gift under the Christmas tree.

The Advent calendar

It's not just your customers who should be able to give the perfect gift at Christmas. It is also the ideal opportunity for your company, Giving something back to customers.
An Advent calendar is made for this, because so Entice customers with profits and can send an individual reminder every day. If customers then want to take part in the advent calendar, they are immediately on your website. How convenient that the latest offers are waiting there next to the advent calendar.

You can implement a corresponding campaign in your mailing software in advance, and with discount codes and coupons you also create an additional incentive to buy.

The right approach

Whether at Christmas or throughout the year, a good newsletter reaches your customers not only in their inboxes, but also emotionally. Especially at the holidays, of course, you have a few opportunities to appeal to the Appeal to the emotions of your clientele and evoke associations with Christmas greetings, the perfect gift, Secret Santa or Santa Claus.
Work thereby As personal as possible, but make absolutely sure that your Newsletter still serious is perceived.

General newsletter tips apply here: Excessive use of capital letters, exclamation marks and keywords such as "sweepstakes", "free", etc. often ensure that the suspicion of spam strikes even before your customer can look at the newsletter.

Set incentives

Quite a few customers get the desire to browse for themselves once again. So rely fully on Retargeting and look closely, where the digital gaze gets stuck.
Also with bundles you create important incentives for Christmas shopping and many products have accessories that in combination makes the perfect gift. And show your customers that especially with a functional bundle, they are not just making a simple gift, but the thought is in the foreground.

You can offer your customers even more with Discount codes or free delivery to accommodate customers over a certain amount of merchandise. After all, your store offers the best shopping experience anyway, so your customers should find several gifts if possible. Your newsletter should also highlight this.

Guaranteed under the tree

According to a Study 83 percent of all eCommerce customers are happy about guaranteed delivery dates, especially during the holidays. If you want to benefit properly from the newsletter tips at Christmas, you should Be sure to highlight delivery dates. An actual countdown can be an important trigger here.

As long as your Newsletter communicatesIf you know when the goods are guaranteed to reach the customer on time and which gifts will arrive even at the last minute, you are doing everything right.

Use the Christmas season for coordinated newsletters
Christmas newsletter ideas (Image:

The customer loyalty

Festive newsletter tips, of course, include not only festive promotion, but also the emotion of the holiday season. Show your gratitude to your customers, provide insights into your year and outlooks for the year ahead. What can loyal customers expect, what's next and what is your company's team doing at Christmas time?

At the holidays, you are also allowed to get a little more emotional and strengthen the bond with your customers even further in the newsletter.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

For Christmas newsletter tips implement correctly

For digital retailers in particular, Christmas business is booming this year, because according to E-Commerce Magazine the majority of Germans plan to spend similar amounts of money this year as in previous years. Coupled with a stronger inclination towards online shopping, this is a good chance for eShops to close 2020 successfully.
A newsletter is just one part of a festive digital campaign, wrap your site in a temporary rebranding in Christmas colors and get festive on social media.
With the right mix of charm and contemplation, your newsletter will be a hit this Christmas. With this in mind: Happy holidays!



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