More reach through native advertising

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Find a faster, better and more efficient way, More reach for your content to generate? Then you should definitely take a look at the intricacies of native advertising. Whether it's in feeds, sponsored searches, with widgets, or specially designed content units, native advertising doesn't offer you new ways to reach users.

According to a study by Sharethrough 25 percent of all users are more likely to view native ads than standard banners. The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how Native advertising is also ahead in terms of purchase intent, with around 18 percent of all customers more likely to buy after seeing native ads. ready to buy than after banner advertising.

But how do you manage to keep your Efficiently promote content with native advertising and increase your reach? In this guide, we give you an overview and show you success stories and best practices.

Why Native advertising pays off

Basically, it is difficult to precisely define natively embedded ad campaigns because they not only look different from campaign to campaign, but also from website to website.

On editorially compiled blogs or on news sites, it is natively promoted content often displayed below the recommended articles. Anyone who reads Wall Street news on the Spiegel website, for example, might also be interested in other financial news. Ad and article are displayed here on an equal footing, but the ad is of course still identified as such.

Native advertising posts adapt to their environment
A native ad is embedded between editorial blog posts, so it's barely noticeable as an advertisement. (Image:

Similarly function the Promoted Listing on Amazon and Co, where customers sponsored products suggested in online stores be. This not only makes sense for manufacturers of physical products, but is also a lucrative advertising model for eBooks.

At Social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, the ads show up as In-feed ad a subset of native ads. Native advertising can be displayed here times rather quickly and without obligation. For example, in Instagram Stories or the LinkedIn feed.

Native advertising, meanwhile, continues to evolve and each platform offers new ways to promote your content. This can also be done via new forms of Brand Awareness for example, with Instagram filters such as those already used by companies like IKEA or Goldmann Verlag.

With native advertising, you benefit from the reach of the respective platform, but this is far from a no-brainer for your content.

Only if you really hit the nerve of the users you want to address, you can grow through this form of advertising.

Find customers who are already looking for you (without knowing it)

The original idea of the advertising industry that you have to interrupt the audience's activity of watching TV or reading the newspaper to present them with an ad is completely outdated. Banner advertising may still work that way to some extent. But native advertising makes it easy, Present your content to customersthat they really want to see.

Native placed ads Not only do they seamlessly integrate into the customer experience with a page or a social media platform, they also reach exactly the right customers. This means that via targeted Targeting can count on more engagement. With your ads, you can place yourself as a problem solver or expert.

Successful examples can be found in collaborations such as that between U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps and sporting goods manufacturer Under Armour. On the news site Complex Under Amour launched a lengthy story on Phelps' journey to the Olympics. Products were not explicitly advertised, but bypassing any ad blockers, the Brits found a receptive audience interested in sports.

Example of Native Advertising from Netflix
Native advertising by Netflix in the New York Times (Image:

There were similar collaborations with the New York Times and their articles around female prison inmates. A genuine article with real numbers and background, but sponsored by the Netflix hit show "Orange is the New Black."

Native Advertising for SMEs

However, all of these are not only highly specialized, but also extreme examples. Only very few SMEs can afford to collaborate directly with magazines on editorials. For smaller blogs, however, it's a very different story: Here, the highly specialized audience pays off, because you know who you're reaching and your content appears not as advertising but as organic content.

The reach of a landing page is also particularly relevant because you can reach particularly relevant target groups by promoting your content natively. This means more impact for your advertising, but also more expressiveness for your placement. They benefit from the fact that the media landscape is becoming increasingly divided between smaller content creators and blogs, so that everyone can find their exact niche.

But there are also traps lurking for native advertisers: many dubious sites also use the tactic, especially in recommendation widgets clickbait and salacious articles can be found in abundance. So make sure you pay attention to the quality of your placement in order to be presented in the right environment.

Native advertising ads via portals like Outbrain (Image:

The easiest way for SMEs to use native advertising is therefore via professional platforms such as LinkedIn or Outbrain implement. This allows you to easily maintain control over quality while benefiting from ease of implementation.

Reach your customers organically

It's not just the supplemented reach that Native Advertising brings to your business, but also the fundamentally different way of interpreting what advertising can and should actually do. The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-howNative placed ads are an opportunity for companies to really provide creative content for customers, users and interested parties. This should not only superficially address the audience, but in the best case also content.

As sophisticated as an editorial, as informative as a blog or as entertaining as a video - with these forms of native advertising, you position your company not only as a problem solver, but also as an expert. And this trust is what counts. The fact that native advertising campaigns are also clearly Higher click-through rates than traditional advertising banners is just another advantage.


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