Mobile CRM - profitable for your sales

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How your team of Distribution, Marketing and Customer service can deal with your customers, that is a decisive factor for your Customer loyalty. Good customer relationship management is accordingly high on the list of priorities for many customers. But you can no longer think of CRM in stationary terms alone.

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Mobile CRM allows you to manage Customer data in real time always and everywhere. This means that your sales staff, for example, can access the latest data records while still on their way to customer appointments. This is good if your employees in the future not only flexible, but also better customer relationsn should work out. But even better, if you get the most out of the relevant datathat you already own.

What does Mobile CRM mean?

Expectations of your business have changed in recent years. That you flexible, globalized and digital work, has become a matter of course for your company. But of course, this also applies to your employees in the field. Neither should, nor can they, work out the flexible, changing floods of data in the office and then take it to the appointment. Especially when have changed records between the last productive time on the records and arrival at the appointmentwhich is the rule rather than the exception in many industries.

Mobile CRM statistics
Advantages of CRM solutions and mobile CRM (Image:

Mobile CRM bridges this time and allows you and your employees to Access to the data from the mobile device off. On the one hand, this increases productive time, because classic downtime, waiting times and routes can be used for preparation and follow-up, data is then transmitted directly and matched in real time. Especially when time is of the essence, your employees will have more time thanks to a mobile CRM solution all important information on smartphone and tablet at any time.

Advantages of mobile Customer Relationship Management

This is an absolute essential, especially in smaller teams, because the Additional work from the office is omitted. And at present, even many of the classic CRM solutions that function well in themselves are dependent on precisely this. This poses challenges, especially for field service employees who have to keep their appointments at unusual working hours, and is also with best preparation hardly solvable.

Mobile CRM devices
All important data can be accessed from mobile devices (Image:

Of course, mobile CRM primarily benefits customers on site. Because for them Advantages in comfort and speed. Service staff can call up directly whether spare parts are available and already know on arrival which devices are installed at the customer. If the customer signs, the data can be processed directly for billing. This form networked convenience customers and B2B partners can expect today. And with a mobile CRM solution your company can also offer this.

The technical side of mobile CRM solutions

That sales representatives Smartphones and tablets have with you is already enough to give you access to Mobile CRM Apps. Because the programs work via iOS and Android, even an integration as a Web App for seamless data traffic between stationary PC and mobile device is often standard.

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A well-designed CRM app must not only offer depth, but above all Comprehensibility of the created data records captivate. This is the only way that field staff, your sales team or your service technicians can find data not only on a technical level, but also through keyword and context searches.

Also the Data exchange in real time is one of the focus points of Mobile CRM. Access to relevant data for on-site employees is such a gain that they can quickly and easily work in a customer-oriented manner can.

In a nutshell, this can be summed up as follows: Mobile CRM really brings customer relationship management to the customer.

Mobile CRM for customers - Thinking ahead from the enterprise

But unlike purely enterprise CRM systems, mobile CRM can also be used by Customer page from the perspective of the customer. What exactly does that mean in concrete terms? Customers could use dedicated apps to Access to special offers and events at their location have

Mobile CRM Tasks
Tasks and meetings can be conveniently retrieved from the smartphone (Image:

This not only keeps customers responsive at all times. Your sales team also knows when the best time for a Contact and which offers for customers are really relevant are.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management as a direct real-time communication channel

With Mobile CRM Modernize communication between office, field service and customers, they allow convenient and easy access to all relevant data and reduce the workload required to high-quality customer relationship management to be able to offer.

Away from the flexibility and speed offered, mobile CRM solutions are also truly customer-focused, meeting the demands that customers have of you and you have of yourself.


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