The 7 best tips for successful Microsoft Ads

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The boom in online retailing continues unabated, with no end in sight. However, the result is not only rising demand, but also tougher competition. Professional marketing is therefore of central importance in order to to establish itself permanently on the market. Microsoft Ads can make a valuable contribution here and bring various added values.

Through the targeted use of appropriate ads, you can increase the Increase traffic effectively and hold your own against the competition. But what needs to be considered during implementation and which features of Microsoft Ads are really useful? Below you will find answers to these crucial questions and useful tips for practice.

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The specific objective as the key to success

At the beginning of all considerations should be the strategic orientation. In this context, define the Target group of the ads and plan your individual campaigns. Depending on the respective industry and your personal ideas can be Microsoft Ads can be used variably. For example, you can set priorities such as the general strengthening of the brand and increase awareness step by step.

Alternatively, Microsoft Ads can also be used to advertise individual products or services. The associated objective serves as a compass for the subsequent implementation of the ads.

The import of existing campaigns

You have already worked for Google Ads and would like to use these campaigns in Microsoft Ads? A practical and uncomplicated import tool is available for this purpose. The corresponding ads can be transferred and used in Microsoft Ads without spending a lot of time.

Before you activate the campaigns, however, you need to make a few important adjustments. The most important aspects include the keywords and target groups. Revise campaigns for your Microsoft Search Network strategy to optimize results.

Taking these differences into account plays an important role in the ideal adaptation of the displays.

Microsoft Ads Keywordplanner
Keywords and the target groups are important factors in order to place successful Microsoft Ads.

Use the site extension for local SEO

With a few additional details, you can use the Microsoft Ads location extension. For this purpose, you provide data such as your store's address and a phone number. As a result, users will see, for example, directions that will allow them to easily navigate to your store.

By expanding your location, you improve your rankings in local search queries and reach targeted customers from the immediate vicinity.

Overall strengthen you through this feature your Market position on site, which is of great importance for many companies.

With a location extension, customers can find you easier and more targeted.
With a location extension, customers can find you easier and more targeted. (Image:

Benefit from automated bidding

The longer your keyword list is, the more time-consuming manual bidding becomes. Microsoft Ads therefore includes several tools for automated bidding. You can set a specific budget and adjust a wide range of parameters. In addition, the bids are based on comprehensive data sets, which goes hand in hand with maximum cost efficiency.

Automated bidding simplifies the entire process and lets you focus on your core business.

Microsoft Shopping campaigns for professional marketing

You want to advertise certain products and optimize the conversion? Then it is recommended to use the Microsoft Shopping Campaigns. Thanks to this feature, product photos can be perfectly integrated into the ad, which is very important for the purchase interest.

In combination with appropriate price information and ratings, you can complement your ads in a meaningful way. In direct comparison to pure text ads, you can stand out from the crowd with Microsoft Shopping campaigns and make your Perfectly showcase products or services.

Seize the opportunities for B2B marketing

The share of companies is particularly high in Microsoft's search network. As a result, Microsoft Ads are also ideal for B2B marketing. Optimally, you develop individual campaigns that are specifically tailored to business customers. This approach allows you to forge new collaborations and benefit from business synergies.

Regular analyses and continuous optimization

Online marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Also in the use of Microsoft Ads are regular analyses therefore indispensable. Which ads have particularly high click rates and which campaigns are less successful? The corresponding monitoring helps to use the financial resources in the best possible way and to design new Microsoft Ads optimally.

Microsoft Ads Reporting
Continuously analyze and optimize your Microsoft Ads.

Final conclusion about Microsoft Ads

All in all, Microsoft's search network offers enormous potential for companies. With targeted ads, you can occupy the desired rankings and make your products and services better known. From strategic alignment to monitoring, all important aspects must be taken into account.

In our newsletter you will receive further tricks and tips on search engine marketing. If you are unclear or have questions about SEO and SEA, we will be happy to assist you with our know-how.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


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