Marketo Marketing Automation Tool [Review]

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Marketo Marketing Automation Tool at a glance

The term "Marketing Automation"Everyone is talking about it - and rightly so, because with the help of a well-designed Marketing Automation Tools recurring tasks can not only be analyzed, but also automated.

Even if there are numerous visitors to your website on a regular basis, this does not mean that the prospects are already ready to buy. However, to turn them into buyers, the so-called Lead Nurturing used.

Lead Nurturing means nothing more than providing potential customers with relevant content and thereby turning them into buyers.


Accordingly, the advantages of using Marketing Automation clear on the face of it:

  • it allows the immediate further processing of generated Leads
  • there is a reduction of the time span up to the purchase decision
  • Emergence of digital value creation
  • Increase of measurability and predictability of marketing
  • Automation of many or all processes
  • Creation of comprehensive reports possible
  • Transparency of marketing services
  • Processes are continuously optimized
  • Gain competitive advantage through high-quality, relevant content with added value
  • Lead Management is facilitated.

In order to take advantage of the aforementioned benefits, the use of a marketing automation software or a marketing automation tool is necessary.

One possible option in this regard is the Marketo Marketing Automation.


marketo 1
(C) Marketo - Screenshot of the website


Marketo - The Company

Founded in 2006, Marketo has worked from the beginning to develop software that meets the needs of modern marketers.

De facto, the marketing world has changed from the ground up over the past decade:

In addition to digital, mobile technologies and Social media modifies the interaction between companies and (potential) customers. The Marketing Manager of companies have since become managers of the Customer Lifecycles advanced.

Thanks to Marketo, marketers are able to communicate with their company's customers in a targeted way, no matter where they are in the world.

The digital marketing software solutions developed by Marketo are characterized by expertise as much as innovation, enabling marketers to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of digital marketing.

Marketo has developed adequate solutions for both marketing management and marketing automation. With the help of these tools, marketers are able to manage all relevant factors and dimensions of the digital marketing world - from planning to personalized real-time communication with (potential) customers.

It is therefore not surprising that the company, which has its headquarters in the Californian San Mateo and numerous other locations in the USA as well as in Australia, Europe and Japan has become a strategic marketing partner for numerous medium-sized companies and large corporations different industries has advanced.


Marketo Automation Tool - The Software


The Marketo Marketing Automation tool has been continuously developed since its introduction and has advanced to become an extremely powerful and very complex tool, which is based on the High-end market has established.

In doing so, the Marketo Automation Tool has excellent Email marketing-Functions including from Landing pages, Landing pages forms and a detailed Website tracking.

In addition, the Marketo Automation Tool has excellent Salesforce-integration and intelligent forms that can be used as SmartForms be designated.

These SmartForms recognize existing contactswithout the need to fill out another form and automatically offer relevant content for download.

The web interface of the Marketo Marketing Automation Software has numerous functions. Starting with Workflows via Templates up to Campaigns - all are easy to create, edit and clone.

On the other hand, you are somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous range of functions that the software offers. Accordingly, a training period that should not be underestimated is necessary. If you want to complete your marketing tasks quickly, you should regularly work with Marketo Marketing Automation and integrate it into your daily work routine.

The Marketo Marketing Automation software also has a special feature, namely the so-called predictive content. With the help of Analysis tools For example, predictions can be made about which components of a website are particularly interesting for which website visitors and appeal to them. In this regard, data is generated on the basis of which relevant content is automatically presented to the respective visitors.

However, the Marketo Automation Tool is only a suitable option if a sufficiently high budget for the marketing automation software is available. Companies that only have very limited financial resources will probably have to look for a cheaper alternative instead of the Marketo Automation Tool.


Marketo Atuomation Tool: The advantages & functions at a glance:

  • CRM integration (Sugar CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  • Native interfaces to Salesforce
  • Social media tools
  • Email marketing functions
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead care
  • intelligent forms
  • Landing pages
  • Lead scoring, segmentation and nurturing
  • A/B tests

Conclusion: Marketo Marketing Automation

Companies that opt for Marketo Marketing Automation enjoy numerous benefits.

Probably the most important aspect is that they build engagement marketing relationships with their customers.

With the help of the software, companies are able to monitor and analyze the behavior of their (potential) customers and understand them better, so that they can always provide relevant content.

In addition, marketing automation enables a streamlining of the Email process. In this way, (potential) customers receive personalized content - on the one hand to address the appropriate target group and on the other hand to boost sales and thereby optimize the company's profit.

With the help of the Marketo Marketing Automation Software (potential) customers can be better retained through targeted interaction and communication, leads can be evaluated in terms of their willingness to buy, differentiated variables can be tested and evaluated, and marketing ROI can be determined.

The only drawback:

The priceThis means that the software packages are designed in such a way that larger companies in particular, and of course some medium-sized companies as well, can and will make use of them.

On the positive side, a company that cannot find an adequate solution within the scope of the ready-made packages can also put together a customized package.



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