[Guide] Automate and Optimize Marketing Workflows

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Digital marketing and the technical opportunities that automation enables can be the most significant technology asset in your arsenal. That's because automation alone can help you manage workflows or marketing workflows across different marketing and sales channels. From managing ads to newsletters to increasing engagement on social media, automation helps your business work comprehensively and keep spending lean.

Not only does more automation improve the experience for your business, it can also streamline the customer experience. The result is happier customers and a more tailored sales funnel.

But to achieve this result, workflows must first be automated and then optimized. In this guide, we will tell you how you can achieve this in practice.

Understanding and analyzing successful marketing workflows - practical examples of marketing automation

The term Marketing Automation has become one of the buzzwords of digital marketing, because behind the technology-based automation, a scalable solution is waiting for your company. With this solution, you personalize and simplify many processes from marketing and sales and can achieve more sales and deeper bonds with your customers.

Marketing workflows - the core of marketing automation

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To illustrate how many starting points you have, here are some practical examples that you can implement immediately.

Welcome - There is only one chance for a first impression, and this also applies to subscribers to your newsletter. A welcome email should be worded accordingly, clearly and openly. Back up your company's USP and offer new subscribers a bonus on their next purchase, if applicable. An automated mail that responds to each subscription can be set up in a flash.

Gated Content - This form of content marketing is used to generate qualified leads. Here, you ask for data from your website visitors and offer more information in return. In exchange for webinars or eBooks, you can get email addresses. This also lets you know what information potential customers would like to read. Gated content is perfect for offering leads the right content at the right time.

Personalized cards - You can create lead nurturing and customer engagement in a variety of ways. Birthday or holiday greetings are a particularly simple and charming method. Personalized offers for anniversaries or birthdays show how personalized automation can be and demonstrate to customers that you care about them personally. For example, you can ask for birthdays when you create an account in your online store.

How do you optimize marketing workflows in practice?

To understand how you can improve an automation workflow, you should first consider the different workflows in isolation.

Welcome workflow

Let's start with a fairly simple optimization. Customers have subscribed to your newsletter or created an account in your online store/app. So you have all the necessary contact data for optimization.

Your welcome email is set up to welcome customers five minutes after they enter. Already use the data you have available here. Greet your customers personally and with the correct address and include relevant products and offers that might be interesting.

Define retargeting

One of the classic marketing workflows is the Retargeting. Customers fill their shopping cart but bounce before buying. With Retargeting and reminders, you can retrieve customers, but you should work on a case-by-case basis.

Not every bounced purchase is the same. Analyze data like scroll depth, click-through rate, or click behavior. This will help you understand where your website's problems lie and fix them. Meanwhile, you'll get a detailed picture of your customers' behavior and can target them with specific retargeting campaigns.

Goods in shopping cart

Coming back to a very specific case, let's take another look at the abandoned cart scenario. This is particularly striking on mobile platforms, according to Forbes the pre-purchase bounce rate on the smartphone is over 85 (!) percent, on the desktop it is "only" 73 percent.

This makes it all the more important that you reach your customers with specific reminders. Has the product in the shopping cart dropped in price or will soon no longer be available? Do you have content that better explains the product and its added value? Are you having a sale or bonus promotion right now? The more precise and personalized you are here, the better your chances of driving customers back into the sales funnel.

Generate segments from lead magnets

Lead magnets are a proven method for generating leads. But you should never make the mistake of lumping all leads together. With relevant, high-quality content at every point in the sales funnel, you can increase your leads. Increase conversion rate by up to 40 percent.

Without optimized marketing automation, you're stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach. Skillfully set up automation segments your audience and delivers not just a newsletter for your business, but a newsletter for every subscriber.

Why marketing workflow automation is worthwhile for any size of company

The goal of user-centric automation in marketing is to look anything but automated. Scalable automation frees up your staff to focus on the strategic direction of your campaigns and the creation of high-quality content.

Distribution is personalized and automated for users, so you always send the right content and offers at the right time. The result is a personalized service that does not require human resources. As your competent contact for all questions regarding marketing automation, we are of course also available to you personally. Ask about our services without obligation and let us advise you individually.

We also discuss automation and other exciting marketing topics in detail in our free downloadable whitepaper, bringing you up to speed.

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