Marketing in times of crisis - tips for effective measures in difficult times

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The world is currently in very turbulent times. We are currently recovering from the Corona pandemic, dealing with the aftermath of the war in Ukraine and rising inflation. During such periods, companies want to take cost-cutting measures due to higher costs and lower revenues. Why cutting the marketing budget is usually not a good idea and Which strategy ensures long-term successwe show in the following.  

The art is to make the marketing efforts targeted and dosed to use. This is how your marketing can be successful in times of crisis. Because the competition weakens and gives you the opportunity to present yourself more strongly. Thus show Studiesthat companies that invested in their marketing during the Corona crisis have come out of this difficult period with a profit. 

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Choose the appropriate marketing measures 

First, you should check your Analyze previous marketing activities. Pay particular attention to whether the measures serve your goal achievement, for example, in terms of lead generation. Ask yourself whether the Advertising content still current and in the crisis relevant for your target group is. Through such analysis, you can see which advertising channels and campaigns work best for your company and reach the target audience. Because in difficult economic times it is of great importance to prioritize and not invest money in weak campaigns. 

A good Internet presence remains in the memory of customers and reduces the bounce rate.

It's no longer a secret that web presence is the key to success. Therefore, make sure that your Landing page clear is and your website or Online store user friendly built are. It also conveys a professional and stable impressionwhich is particularly important for customers in times of crisis. 

Search engine marketing 

When Search engine marketing is already part of your online marketing mix, it makes sense to check your campaigns for content relevance. The crisis may result in new search queries that match your product or service. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find these search terms and integrate them into your campaigns.  

Use Google Keyword Planner to use appropriate and up-to-date keywords.
Use Google Keyword Planner to use appropriate and up-to-date keywords. (Image:

Especially if you use automated bidding strategies and dynamic campaigns as well as ads, a Regular review recommended. This is because the algorithm does not cope so well with the rapid changes and performance fluctuations in times of crisis. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media has a great significance for marketing in times of crisis. Via social networks, you can engage in direct exchange with your target group and promote Proximity to your clientele ensure. Posts with relevant content that convey added value to your prospects are suitable for this.  

The big advantage of social media in times of crisis is that you can create campaigns to Customer acquisition or lead generation can be realized without large budgets. In the B2B segment, you can achieve through Employee Advocacy Programs organically achieve reach with your posts and bring your company's expertise to the fore. In the B2C sector, too, community actions and User Generated Content cost-efficient measures. 

Content Marketing  

Your content becomes even more important in difficult times. In times of crisis, it is particularly beneficial to think out of the box. Content marketing is aimed at long-term success, which can be achieve sustainable through SEO measures lets. Secure a place in the customer's mind by creatively emphasizing your unique selling point (USP). Also, draw a connection between your company and the current situation. By doing so, you provide your readers with a relevant added value and support for their current challenges. 

With content marketing in times of crisis, you can offer your target group significant added value.
With content marketing in times of crisis, you can offer your target group significant added value.

With good content marketing in times of crisis, you can make the consumer community aware of a problem, Arouse needs or create an awareness of the problem for the first time. And so set an anchorThe viewer remembers this in the buying process and decides in favor of your product or company.  

Invest in existing clientele  

In unstable times, you don't want to lose what you've already gained. That's why it's important that in times of crisis your marketing on the Aims to retain existing customers. To achieve this, trusting and personalized communication with your customers is crucial. Convey that you are there for them and understand their problems and concerns.  

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Through the use of a CRM system and Marketing Automation you lay the decisive foundation. This gives you a 360° view of your contacts and allows you to make suitable offers based on their interests and activities. For example, inform them about new updates or events matching the products/services they have already purchased. 


Marketing in times of crisis is an important basis for remaining present and successful in the market. Important here is the Understanding the current situation and what problems and changes they bring for your target group. Accordingly, you can adapt your marketing strategy to address the Optimize customer loyalty in the long term and Attract new customers and clients



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