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Year after year, there are countless marketing events, each with a different focus. In Germany, there are many great events where experts and decision-makers in the marketing industry meet and exchange ideas. In this article you will find an overview of the Top Marketing Eventswhich will take place in Germany in 2023. 

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What are the benefits of attending marketing events? 

Marketing events take the form of trade shows, seminars or conferences. Attendance is rewarding for marketing employees: They learn about the latest developments regarding Marketing strategies, tactics and technologies, find agencies or solution providers for future collaboration, or Maintain and expand their personal network in the industry. 

When does it make sense to attend marketing events? 

Attending marketing events makes sense right now, after a long period of virtual communication, to regain make spontaneous contacts and to be unexpectedly inspired by ideas. New business relationships can be initiated and existing ones expanded. In the discussion with "peers" - employees of other companies in similar positions - can Experiences exchanged and thus provide new impetus for the company's own strategies and Campaigns be set. Agencies like Thorit often have their own informative program that brings the "community" together and shows new ways and methods of marketing.  

What marketing events will there be in Germany in 2023? 

This year, there is a plethora of marketing events that cover the entire breadth of marketing fields. They take place across the Federal Republic and throughout the year. Virtual participation is also possible at some events. 

OMR Festival on 09.05. and 10.05.2023 

The OMR Festival is one of the largest marketing events in Germany. On May 09 and 10, around 70,000 visitors will take part in the various events in the Hamburg exhibition halls. In addition to an expo and conference, various side events, master classes and parties are also planned. 

OMR Festival is one of the most famous and well-attended marketing events.
The OMR Festival is one of the most well-known and well-attended marketing events. (Image:

As every year numerous international stars on site such as tennis player and investor Serena Williams, fitness influencer Pamela Reif or the founder of KITH, Ronbie Fieg. The OMR Festival concentrates expert knowledge from Economics, Foundership or Global Social Media. 

Growth Marketing Summit on 22.06.2023 

Europe's largest conference for digital growth will take place in Frankfurt am Main in June. The central theme at this event is a data-driven, customer-centric and agile approach that enables sustainable growth. Speakers include Colin McFarland from Netflix, Morgan Brown from Instagram, Simone Neeling from Vodafone, Ton Wesseling and Kenda MacDonald. At the Growth Marketing Summit the lectures take place one after the other, so there is no agony of choice. 

TactixX on 18.07.2023 

At the TactixX in Munich is all about performance and Affiliate marketing. The conference is the largest of its kind in Germany. Participants are offered plenty of input through varied lectures, exciting discussion rounds and instructive workshops. 

E-Commerce BBQ on 01.09.2023 

The E-commerce BBQ of B+S GmbH in Bielefeld combines networking and conference. The topic of the event is the latest trends in e-commerce in the areas of social media, online marketing, multi-channel concepts, marketplace strategies or mass customization and the digitalization of value chains.

At the marketing event E-Commerce BBQ, enjoyment is combined with knowledge.
At the marketing event E-Commerce BBQ, enjoyment is combined with knowledge. (Image:

Logistics and sustainable packaging management are also discussed here. While the participants exchange views on this, they enjoy barbecue specialties and refreshing drinks. 

Big Data AI Summit on 20.09. and 21.09.2023 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the leitmotif of 2023, occupying minds in a wide variety of fields. In line with this, the Big Data AI Summit takes place. Interested parties can learn here how to work with artificial intelligence can perform their tasks more efficiently. You will gain valuable insights into the possibilities and limitations of AI in marketing. 

Black Forest Space on 10.10. and 11.10.2023 

The Black Forest Space takes place in Offenburg. 50 speakers will talk about all online marketing topics at the conference. Participants have many opportunities to network and can enjoy the after-show party together. Experts will exchange ideas on topics such as online marketing, content marketing, social media, e-commerce, SEO and Google Ads. 

Digital Marketing Days on 12.10. and 13.10.2023 

The next event, which will take place in Hamburg, will continue seamlessly in October. At the Digital Marketing Days is all about digital and moving image marketing. Attendees and participants benefit from networking and get-togethers.

image 198
When it comes to digital and moving image marketing, you're in good hands at Digital Marketing Days. (Image:

If you can't be there, you can stream the event. The industry's top speakers will reveal how to successfully implement communication on various channels. 

OMKB on 02.11.2023 

Anyone who is interested in digital business, marketing and innovation will find a lot of information at the OMKB in Osnabrück will provide new impetus. More than 40 experts from a wide range of fields will speak at the conference. Around the event, participants will have the opportunity to make interesting contacts with their colleagues. 

This is Marketing on 04.11. and 05.11.2023 

Everything revolves around online marketing strategies and digital marketing at the This is Marketing in Frankfurt am Main. International online marketers provide exciting insights into their best practices. 

Rethink! B2B Marketing & Technology from 22.11. to 24.11.2023 

Digitalization in B2B sales is the central theme of the Rethink! in Berlin. How can the strategic and technological challenges in B2B e-commerce be overcome? Many companies are not yet exploiting their full potential here. The event will give them valuable impetus on how to change that in the future. 

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

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Numerous marketing events take place in Germany every year. In order to benefit maximally from the events, it is advisable to select those that are best fit the company goals and the personal current situation. The events are ideal for making new contacts or for exchanging ideas with a specific target group. The best way is to organize a Participation planned early and carefully prepared.  



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