3 Marketing Automation Strategies You Can Implement Today

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From the website to the newsletter to social media, digital marketing is already so today comprehensivethat even the right know-how alone is no longer enough. Even if you know what you are doing, you first have to find the time to actually put it into practice.

And the more channels you are active on, the more effort is required. However, the fact that marketing also works better and you don't have to accompany every lead nurturing process individually is what the Marketing Automation. This means that with the right Software and a Basic understanding of the goals of your company much Save time and effort can and in the end even better results achieve.

In our overview we present three marketing automation strategies that you can implement in your workflow today.

 Pull instead of push - better understanding for your marketing automation

Classic marketing campaigns such as television advertising are Push Marketing. You identify your target group, actively (and possibly unwanted) draw their attention to your offer and find new customers in this target group or entice your existing customers to convert again.

But with the right marketing automation strategy, it's a little different, because this is more about Pull marketing. Precisely because you are automated and work with large data sets, you can offer the right solution to each user.

You don't send him messages without asking (push), but show him exactly the content he asks for and wants to learn more about (pull).

Automation allows you to address each customer as if you were working only for him/her. As a result, your products and services will be displayed only to matching profiles, the customer is thus always at the center.

But what does that mean in concrete terms for your strategic planning? You need to know every part of your target audience and plan with each product and service for a specific and very clearly planned target audience. The Marketing Automation software takes care of the repetitive tasks for you, evaluates the user activities and sends the appropriate information. At the beginning, you only need to set up which user activities (triggers) trigger which Automation with which content triggers.

 From technology to content - automation and content marketing

Of course, in digital, in growing and in emerging companies, you need a Content Automation, but Automation is just one tool. Automated capture of complex data sets, tracking across multiple platforms, and a finely defined persona are essential. But without the right Content strategy you will stand mute in front of this flood of data and will not be able to react.

The right software alone will not give you the decisive advantage in marketing and will not carry your message to your target group. Because the suitable contents are what really make your message personal. The good thing about automation is that you can create all the content from text to images and videos as if you were targeting a specific customer. Automation turns that one customer and their persona into a large spread of different prospects that may become leads or perhaps buyers.

So the goal of automation is not to work via quantity. Quality is offered in large numbers. This can only work if you know your customer personas and their needs precisely and can respond to their wants and needs.

So a comprehensive marketing automation strategy needs content that is at least as good.

Intelligently link email marketing and user tracking

Even if the classic E-mail may no longer have the unique position in digital marketing that it once held. A good mailing list remains one of the most important assets in the Lead Nurturing.


With the help of a marketing automation platform, you can easily target the right users with the content that's right for them, depending on which point of the Customer Journey your customers are located. To do this, combine email marketing with user tracking.

If you implement marketing automation with your website, you have the option of Activity of your users track on the website. It is important that you inform the user that you use cookies for tracking. He or she must have the option to agree or decline. However, once you set up tracking, you have a variety of options open to you.

This allows you to send your emails and newsletters to the exact contacts for whom the content is relevant.

If users frequently visit the "Shoes" category in your online store, for example, send them your newsletter on new shoe trends. Regular shoppers who haven't made a purchase in a while can be sent matching products to previous purchases and a discount code. Through User tracking and the storage of visited pages and purchases in the contact profile, this is possible.

This marketing automation strategy is a Win-win situation for you and your customers. After all, with your mails you want to no spam for your customers, but align marketing and sales in a meaningful way. Work for your target group(s), generate added value through suitable content and thus support your Sales.

Every process in the marketing automation strategy counts to get your message across

Automation in marketing is your opportunity, Reach customers personally and offer real solutions to problems. This opens up opportunities for you that you would never have with classic advertising placement.

Automation, then, is the tool to quickly grant you tremendous reach and allow you to work better. However, it is important that you first think about your Goals and contents become clear. This will enable you to have a successful marketing automation strategy.

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