The Emarsys marketing automation platform: functions of the e-commerce solution at a glance

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"The customer is king". For this reason, every single customer should be addressed individually and their personalized shopping experience be offered. To achieve this, there is the Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform Emarsys. This all-in-one marketing automation platform enables 1:1 personalization in real time across all channels. All the information of the customer is collected compactly and thus a individual offer created.

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E-commerce companies are particularly well served by the Emarsys marketing automation platform, because the functions of the Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform are perfectly aligned with the desires of e-commerce. One of the highlights of Emarsys is the ability to easily Manage in-house (in your own company) and no longer be dependent on external providers. The Marketing Automation platform, which has been part of SAP since 2022, offers many beneficial features, which we explain in this article step by step according to Emarsys' cross-channel campaign management. 

Step 1: Data acquisition

In marketing, it is a major challenge to create a personalized Customer Experience Collect and consolidate data. Bringing together all the data sources from the enterprise, e-commerce and analytics can be a costly and time-consuming task. But Emarsys' Integrated Data Layer makes it possible to break down all the data silos and consolidate the sources of the Data comes together uniformly in one platform. This gives the opportunity to get a holistic view of the clientele and not to miss any important data, information or activities of the customer.

With the Emarsys marketing automation platform, data collection is made easy.
Emarsys marketing automation platform makes data collection easy. (Image:

In addition, history and real-time data can be used to activate personalized experiences be unified. With the use of the Emarsys marketing automation platform, there is no need to ask the IT department for relevant information, as all the Data bundled here in an organized manner become. This omnichannel automation increases efficiency and provides a lean solution that does not require switching between multiple platforms.

Step 2: Acceleration

Now that all the data has been uniformly bundled in Emarsys, the task is to turn leads into active buyers and close a sale. Which tactic or strategy is best suited depends on the position of the potential customer in the Customer Lifecycle. But by standardizing data across channels (online, offline, or mobile), the right strategy can be selected to quickly lead this contact in particular to a purchase. This can be a reminder about a product that has already been viewed or, in the case of a new customer, take the form of a welcome message.

With the Emarsys marketing automation platform, you save time in planning because execution is immediate with pre-built automations and Automation workflows The aim is to provide customers with the relevant content via their preferred channels.

Step 3: Personalization

The intention here is to provide the customer, based on the data collection and analysis, the right message at the right time to the customer. Channel-specific editors (e-mail, SMS, web channel, web push) allow all campaigns to be personalized and flexibly adapted. In this step, customers are now provided with Personalized offers sent in the most appropriate way. Whether it's an email, push message or letter - all the information contained in the personalized message is optimally adapted to the needs of the clientele.

Personalize your content for clientele in the Emarsys editor.
Personalize your content for clientele in the Emarsys editor. (Image:

The Emarsys marketing automation platform combines empirical values, forecasts, and the lifecycle status of the clientele for optimal targeting. Loyalty marketing also plays an important role in personalization. It results in discounts and special offers for long-time customers and clients. The Customer Engagement Platform enables you to easily increase your sales with personalized product recommendations.

Step 4: Automation

With automation, the marketing channels are now linked together. This includes mails, ads or SMS messages and much more. The time when to interact with a particular lead can be decided by your company itself. Suitable moments are, for example, when a product is back in stock or when customers should be made aware that a product has become cheaper. These automations are of course also aligned with the lifecycle by Emarsys. Where is the customer in the buying process? Has nothing been purchased for a long time? Are they new customers or inactive ones? Accordingly, suitable automated actions are searched for in order to achieve a first or renewed purchase.

The advantage with the Emarsys marketing automation platform is that No IT department or external provider needed for automation are. New use cases can thus be implemented quickly and procedures for better performance can be changed at any time. 

Step 5: Evaluation

Data analysis and evaluation is almost the most important step of cross-channel campaigns. Here, once again, lifecycle marketing plays an important role, because the historical data of each customer and each customer is applied to the Purchasing behavior analyzed. In addition, analytics can be performed across customer groups to answer questions such as, "Why do people stop shopping at a certain time?" Another important form of analysis is the Predictive marketing. Here, based on past activities, a purchase probability and an approximate purchase amount is calculated that the respective customer will spend. This allows Emarsys give recommendations on how to prevent churn and help to optimize processes.

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Also through an AI-supported analysis, the most important key figures of each individual customer are brought together and calculated where an increase in sales is possible in the customer lifecycle. Based on these insights, a new or revised cross-channel campaign can now be implemented.

Conclusion to the marketing automation solution Emarsys

Emarsys is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that brings many benefits and features. Especially for B2C and e-commerce companies, it is worth evaluating it and comparing the costs to the benefits. This is because the Emarsys marketing automation platform creates a holistic, personalized buying experience.



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