Marketing Automation in eCommerce: Optimize your Retargeting

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Marketing automation in eCommerce is becoming increasingly important, because sales should be continuously increased. This works best with time-saving, automated processes. In the following, we will look at the strategies online stores can use to implement marketing automation in practice.

Off-the-shelf standard solutions, such as a generic Newsletter for all, no longer work in eCommerce today. Customers and clients need a individual support and individual offersso that they stay and buy in the long term.

However, the larger an online store is, the more difficult it becomes to provide individual support to all customers.

Here creates the Marketing Automation remedy, because it enables a customized customer treatmentAs customers move through the store, the system offers them suitable products and services.

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Staying in touch after the lead magnet

The lead magnet was successful and a person has deposited their e-mail address - now the task is to communicate with them in such a way that they derive added value from it. At the same time, the communication should lead to a purchase. In order to create effective marketing automation in e-commerce, it is necessary to empathize well with his buyer persona. What might interest them next? It is worth putting a lot of energy into the Funnel and create a communication for the next weeks or even months.

This retargeting can take place on different channels - classically by mail, but also by SMS or Facebook messages. The Customer Journey adapts to the reactions of the clientele and gradually leads them to a purchase. Even after that, communication should remain and, ideally, a lifelong relationship should be established.

Marketing automation in eCommerce and optimal and appropriate customer care go hand in hand.
Marketing automation in eCommerce and optimal and appropriate customer care go hand in hand. (Image:

Depending on the stage, other things are important for a person. At the beginning, for example, they are still interested in the product details and functionality, later they want to know about user experiences and receive arguments for this product and against the competitor's product. With marketing automation in eCommerce, it is possible to respond to each person individually, and at the time that suits him.

Increased sales through shopping cart abandonment emails and process automation

A large part of the online customer Breaks down their buying process at a certain point on the way to the checkout. To get these people to complete their purchase after all, marketing automation can be used specifically in eCommerce. People who leave something in the shopping basket receive an automated mail, a "shopping cart abandonment mail", reminding them of the forgotten purchase.

In the first mail, a discount code could provide a good incentive to buy. This also helps to convert newcomers into customers. With the help of marketing automation in eCommerce, appropriate mails can be set up in a short time, which will be sent automatically by the system in the future. Such shopping cart abandonment mails are opened significantly more often than ordinary eCommerce mails. The chances that a purchase will now be completed increase considerably.

Automatic cross-selling and upselling

The best business can be done with existing customers, because satisfied customers return. With marketing automation in eCommerce, you can Cross- and upselling processes automated that customers go through before making a purchase.

Automatic cross-selling and upselling can be used appropriately and purposefully with marketing automation
Automatic cross-selling and upselling can be used appropriately and purposefully with marketing automation. (Image:

As they move through the online store, people are recommended suitable products that might interest them. This can proceed as follows:

  • Automatic recommendations in the shopping cart à la "Customers who bought the same as you also bought the following products".
  • Automatic generation of product bundles, such as "is often bought together".
  • Upselling options during check-out
  • Mails with suitable product recommendations some time after the purchase.

In this case, marketing automation in eCommerce ensures that the customer is Products are proposed that also meet their interests. Once someone has bought a shampoo, he or she is recommended the matching conditioner and hair mask of the line.

Long-term customer retention through lead nurturing and email marketing

Marketing automation in eCommerce is great for retaining new leads and new customers and clients. New Leads want to know more about the company and the product. The new clientele would like to receive all the details and advice they need to make the most of the recently purchased product. By linking the CRM with the e-mail marketing system, it is possible to Create customized campaigns with all relevant information.

The benefits of marketing automation in eCommerce in the area of lead nurturing and customer retention are:

  • High click-through rate and conversion rate in email marketing
  • Optimization of the marketing emails in relation to the contact lists
  • Determination of mail interactions
  • Email marketing and sales pipeline automation
  • Implement email nurturing campaigns that convert.

Thanks to email marketing automation, the progress of contacts can be tracked. This allows these sent the required information at the right moment which shortens the sales process. Thereby mails should personalized and used with caution be. Mails should be tailored to the interests of the recipients. In certain areas, a phone call or an online product demonstration can convert better than an email.

The following emails strengthen customer loyalty:

  • A welcome series with valuable information on how to use the product
  • Regular emails to maintain contact, especially after sales calls or reaching a certain status in the sales pipeline
  • Regular offers to encourage visits to the website
  • Feedback mails to see what works and what doesn't in the mail series
  • Mails with high-quality content that offer added value to the clientele
  • New product announcement
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Cross-selling and upselling mails.
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A well-considered marketing automation in eCommerce Saves time and money and ensures that the Sales of online stores increased will. Customers want to be advised individually so that they remain loyal to a store in the long term. Especially when an online store is growing, this can no longer be managed without automation. Marketing automation in eCommerce therefore gives customers exactly the attention and advice they need. This increases the Customer satisfaction and sales.



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