Marketing Automation 2022 - Status Quo and Best Practices

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The introduction of marketing automation enables effective and efficient customer acquisition and retention. In the Sstudy "Status of Marketing Automation 2022: Deployment and Usage in German Companies" by Huttelmaier, H., Hesselbach, N., & Heigl, J. (2022) highlights the status quo of marketing automation in German companies. In addition, helpful best practices for the deployment, introduction and use of marketing automation are given. In the following, we summarize the most important results for you.

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Best Practices for Marketing Automation 2022

Marketing Automation is a solution to manage your processes in a centralized and automated way. In essence, automation can help to improve your Streamline marketing efforts and your Make department more efficient.

Advantages of Marketing Automation:

  • more efficiency
  • Better alignment of marketing and sales
  • Higher conversion rate
  • detailed reporting
  • personalized marketing strategy
  • Lead scoring
  • Data Management
  • scalable processes
  • Optimized lead maintenance

How can marketing automation improve efficiency?

Marketing automation thus allows you to make your entire processes more efficient. Your teams can work on more important strategic projects instead of time-consuming repetitive tasks. Instead of manually publishing a social media post every day, marketing automation software can make this Process become independent. This means your team can do more creative work, such as planning and brainstorming for upcoming campaigns and projects.

Another advantage of a marketing automation solution is that many measures can be controlled and evaluated centrally. According to the study by Huttelmaier, Hesselbach and Heigl, the most frequently used functions include email dispatch, website creation, social media posting, reporting and ad management. Centralization can save your marketing team time in creating and evaluating campaigns.

The benefits of marketing automation can be spread across several areas.
Marketing Automation 2022 survey - functions used (Image: )

Marketing Automation 2022 - Better Alignment of Marketing and Sales

When you combine your sales and marketing automation efforts by using the same software, you can Align company goals and efforts. Through automations, you can thus extend the process from the Marketing Lead to the sales-qualified lead much easier and more effectively.

In fact, marketing automation can become a Increase in sales productivity and to a Reduction of marketing costs lead. It can also help you generate more leads and increase sales. Your marketing team will spend more time developing strategies to increase conversion rates, while your sales team will increase productivity.

Increase the conversion rate

Speaking of increasing conversion rates: Marketing automation can help you increase your Increase conversion rates and youre Convert leads into customers more efficiently. Your automation software tracks users' website activity, allowing you to provide personalized and specific offers.

Marketing automation gives you the power to analyze and optimize your marketing strategy through meaningful data and targeted automations.

With marketing automation to more qualified leads.
Using marketing automation to generate more qualified leads. (Image:

Detailed reporting

Since all relevant contact activities flow together in Marketing Automation, you can see which measures are successful and where there is potential for optimization. Are leads bouncing during your lead nurturing or email campaign? Or are there stumbling blocks in the sales process? In any case, a detailed analysis in recognizing these points and remedying them in good time.

Personalized marketing strategy

As your team spends more time creating creative content instead of manual, repetitive tasks, marketing automation allows them to spend more personalized content to use. By segmenting the contacts, you can send them to the appropriate contacts at the right time.

With marketing automation, you can Customer Journey accompany them on multiple channels. For example, you can target your persona on social media, with search ads, or via email campaigns.

Lead scoring

Marketing automation enables an automated Lead scoring. This assesses contacts based on their activities and interests and notifies the sales team when the lead is ready for sales contact. This enables better alignment between marketing and sales teams and effectively automates the lead process.

Work processes can be automated with marketing automation.
The lead process can be automated in Marketing Automation. (Image

Now it's your turn. Are you ready to tackle Marketing Automation 2022? We are your partner and provide you with comprehensive advice and support from the implementation to the realization of lead nurturing measures. Get in touch with us now!

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