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In any case, anyone who wants to improve their own marketing in 2021 should start by looking at the Retrospective consider. After all, good marketing builds on past experience whenever possible and uses these elements to improve itself. Especially in the Content Marketing it is important that the content is not only appropriate, but also builds on each other where possible. But what methods can companies use to improve their marketing for 2021? We take a look at the possibilities.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Analyze successes and failures of the past year

To optimally align your marketing in 2021, it is important to Build on the successes and failures of the past year. For such an analysis, however, not only must the necessary data be available, but it must also be evaluated. Among other things, factors such as the Return of Investment usually play a very important role. However, in the current time there are some points that also need to be considered.

2020 as a special year - don't put every effect on the gold scale

With the Corona pandemic still ongoing, a lot has changed for many businesses. Not only the difficult turnover conditions, but also the way marketing works has noticeably changed over the course of the year. Who actually has a mobile and active Target group addressed, often had to rethink massively. In such a situation, it is understandable if the marketing of 2020 did not work as one was used to in earlier years.

Review marketing challenges and successes from the previous year
Marketing strategies had to be adapted to the challenges of 2020

For companies, this means that you should not be too strict with yourself when it comes to the Marketing of the last year to evaluate. We had all never been in such a situation before and could hardly assess the actions and reactions of the target group in a meaningful way.

The year 2020 is not a blueprint for your Online marketing 2021

However, this also applies vice versa. Because Marketing StrategiesThe same things that worked well in 2020 will not necessarily work in other years. Whereby one may well expect that at least the first half of next year will run similarly to 2020. You should definitely keep this in mind when you are planning your Improve marketing for 2021 would like to

Because next year, the pandemic, the associated lockdowns and also the economic difficulties will still play a big role in the lives of most consumers. So think carefully about which elements from last year's online marketing you can continue or expand in 2021 and which elements are out of the question due to social changes.

Examine marketing strategies for 2021
Check whether marketing strategies for 2021 can be adopted or need to be adapted

Identify industry changes and communicate them through content marketing

The global pandemic has changed a lot in our lives and especially in our everyday work. If you want to improve your marketing for 2021, the first thing you should do is communicate these changes.

Companies, which for the most part have their employees in the Home Office can make this an issue, for example, in order not only to distinguish themselves as an employer brand, but also to focus on health protection. Such Positionings are very clearly perceived by customers and very often associated with competence. In addition, this content should also be reflected in the Content Marketing reflect. Here, too, it is important which industry you want to advertise. In some industries, you should definitely address the current crisis in order to position yourself effectively; in other industries, this makes less sense.

What content is important for new and existing customers in the coming year?

To avoid the Marketing 2021 it is of course just as important to optimize to look into the future. Because marketing always means a little reading from the crystal ball. So the question is which topics and which developments will particularly excite customers or interested parties in the coming year.

Which new offers, new products or services can you offer with your company? How can you communicate these options and how can you make your Prepare marketing content accordingly?

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Plan the budget wisely - Create and manage sufficient buffers

As last year showed very well, some elements in our lives cannot be planned well. Among other things, this also applies to marketing. Many companies have their marketing Budget have to adapt to the changes and the new circumstances. For this reason, companies should learn from these circumstances and only fully plan a part of the budget in advance.

An effective buffer can help you improve your marketing for 2021 by react more flexibly can. This allows you to adapt your marketing measures as needed and thus react to current situations. After all, stubbornly sticking to concepts once they have been decided on can quickly become problematic.

Conclusion: Full speed ahead for your marketing 2021

In any case, for your marketing 2021 you should be Set concrete goals and plan appropriate measures. By optimizing the advertising media along the Customer Journey you can use the ROI optimize and thus make advertising much more efficient.


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