Live chat tool in HubSpot - how to use it properly

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No one who needs information likes to wait longer than necessary for an answer. HubSpot therefore offers a live chat tool as part of the Marketing Hub that establishes the connection between customers and employees without detours and long waits. HubSpot does not require any downloads and no installation - the live chat can be controlled on the web. The tool is immediately available to visitors on their own website, enabling real-time communication. Your customers have questions, you have the answers, and HubSpot handles everything in between.

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Why you should use a live chat tool?

HubSpot offers you an easy way to get started in direct contact with customers to step up, provide answers, and impart knowledge. But why have a live chat when there are social media, email, and phone contact options? That may be true, but the question remains whether these types of contact also comply with the principles of the Inbound Marketing correspond. Because in the end, it should be the customer's decision when and through which medium he contacts the company.

Here comes the Live chat because it enables contact from exactly the place where the user is currently located: the company's own website. This means that visitors do not have to switch between different applications or log into a specific network, but can ask their questions "on the spot" and receive the answers they need without any time delay.

Through HubSpot's live chat tool, they are directly connected to a representative who speaks via chat and takes care of the concerns of the site visitor in real time. With this, he basically has a completely normal conversation. Via e-mail, this would only be possible with a time delay. Visitors also don't have to search for the right number first, pick up the phone, and then get stuck in a waiting loop for minutes.

HubSpot gives your customers easy and very straightforward access to your business.

The professional way for a positive customer experience

Much more important than the mere possibility of contact is the creation of a consistently positive customer experience . It is not uncommon for visitors or customers to be forwarded from one employee to another or to be contacted again at a later time.

It only comes in handy that the entire Chat history stored in the HubSpot CRM system and is therefore available to other employees on Available on demand stands. This avoids the embarrassing situation in which a colleague does not know what the customer wants from him or that you yourself have forgotten on a stressful day what the conversation was actually about.

Conversations are stored with the live chat tool in HubSpot and can be accessed by authorized parties.
Conversations are stored with the live chat tool and can be accessed by authorized parties. (Image:

Live chat, chatbot and CRM system in one package

The live chat tool is integral part of HubSpot and is available in the Marketing, Sales and Service Hub. The corresponding widget only needs to be added to the website and, if necessary, configured beforehand to meet individual requirements. Also included is the chatbot designer, with which you can create your own chatbot without much programming effort, with the help of which, for example, the contact data of customers can be queried.

Whether in the office, home office, or on the road, HubSpot's live chat can be use from any place. All chat conversations are stored centrally in CRM and can be accessed from anywhere. So no matter where your employees are, they are always able to provide accurate and context-supported answers. These can be issued directly from the global inbox.

HubSpot also has a free Slack integration, which allows you to reply to incoming messages directly from there. With the help of the Mobile app you can also hold conversations conveniently from mobile devices.

Mobile, live and flexible response - possible with the HubSpot Mobile App.
Mobile, live and flexible response - possible with the mobile app. (Image:

Getting started: How to set up live chat

Connecting your customers with your employees is just a few clicks away thanks to HubSpot. The first step is to link a chat channel to a conversation inbox. You can adjust the chat channel to the availability of your employees and also completely to your needs in terms of appearance. In addition, of course, you still need to add the live chat to a web page by using the Add tracking code. This code is necessary for the live chat to be displayed at all. The first steps to set up your live chat tool will then look like this:

  1. To do this, first go into their HubSpot account and click on "Chatflows" under "Conservations".
  2. Click on "Create Chatflow".
  3. Next, select a live chat option. Here you have the choice between Live Chat and Service Hub, the latter being reserved for customers with a Professional or Enterprise account.
  4. Then click on "Next".
  5. Optionally, you can select a mailbox in the next step if you have more than one set up in your account.
  6. Now you can change the language of the chatflow if necessary. To do this, simply click on the drop-down menu and then on "Select language".
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The next steps are to create a welcome message and to decide where the chat window should be displayed on your website. Finally, you can adapt the appearance of the window to your website and make settings in the options, for example, regarding the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). Then nothing stands in the way of a direct exchange with your customers.



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