Reasons why every B2B company should use LinkedIn marketing

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As the largest international social media platform for businesses, LinkedIn offers Numerous opportunities in B2B content marketing. With many tools, LinkedIn has suitable solutions for every size of company that can be used to optimize B2B marketing. This article presents various strategies for successful B2B LinkedIn marketingfor more reach, traffic and better targeting.


Use LinkedIn actively

It sounds banal, but it's the first step to success: Many entrepreneurs and their employees have a LinkedIn account, but don't use it. For them, LinkedIn is a passive digital business card, nothing more. Those who make clever use of their LinkedIn account by showing their Network expanded and regular shares current, exciting or helpful content gets the attention of its target audience.

Build strategic B2B LinkedIn marketing

With a strategic B2B LinkedIn marketing, a systematic approach can be established so that with the maximum benefit with the least possible effort is achieved. The opposite would be a haphazard approach on LinkedIn, where every now and then a post is shared or an ad is placed without following a consistent line.

Take a structured and goal-oriented approach to your LinkedIn marketing strategy.
Take a structured, goal-oriented approach to your LinkedIn marketing strategy. (Image:

A sustainable B2B LinkedIn marketing strategy operates on multiple levels to achieve a specific goal. In this case Content Marketing, branding, events, etc. harmoniously together.

B2B LinkedIn Marketing Goals Setting

First, decision-makers should be clear, What goals they want to achieve with B2B LinkedIn marketing. Once this is clarified, agreed upon and documented, it is easier to achieve these goals. These can relate to different areas, such as positioning, branding, marketing, employer branding, HR, leadership or sales. They can be formulated as follows:

  • More visibility through expert positioning
  • Building a B2B community
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Customer and employee acquisition through social selling.

Content mix for more efficient B2B LinkedIn marketing

Articles that are too text-heavy should be avoided, as users will otherwise only read them or click away immediately. Complex content in particular should be user-friendly can be designed. For this purpose, there are certain formatting tools on LinkedIn that can be used to adapt texts. Step-by-step instructions can be uploaded as PDFs, or the content can be enhanced with videos and images. These receive more attention than pure text postings.

With a content mix, you can engage the target audience in different ways.
With a content mix, you can engage your target audience in a variety of ways. (Image:

Videos can provide an industry assessment that invites discussion and sharing. With live content, B2B influencers successfully stand out from the crowd of blogposts.

Post regularly for sustainable B2B LinkedIn marketing

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. With time and experience, better and better results can be achieved. For example, marketers should pay attention to when their target audience is most active on LinkedIn. The best time period to achieve good performance for posts is usually from 10 am to 12 pm.

A posting plan facilitates a structured approach.

This can be created for a week, a month or even for a whole year in advance. It is easier that way, Share relevant content on a regular basis. The range and attention increase as a result. It is also not necessary to reinvent the wheel every day - every now and then, for example, old Contents recycled be

Using the algorithm for efficient B2B LinkedIn marketing

The LinkedIn algorithm works similarly to the Google algorithm. Here, too, the quality and authenticity of the shared content are evaluated. For this purpose, there are strict spam filters that classify the content into "spam", "low quality" and "shared". If a post is shared, the interaction values are determined in order to analyze relevance and added value for the user. Successful content from the competition provides a good orientation, from which one can draw inspiration for one's own content.

Go for authentic and quality posts in your LinkedIn marketing.
Go for authentic and quality posts in your LinkedIn marketing. (Image:

If a post receives little attention and interaction, it is either invisible or marked as spam. If, on the other hand, it achieves good interaction, LinkedIn checks it for virality, checking the authenticity and relevance of the post. Content from spam networks is not promoted through viral visibility. Human editors also check content - and if they are convinced of its added value, they even redistribute it themselves. As a result, they can still appear in the timeline even after several weeks.

Use LinkedIn groups

In LinkedIn groups, users have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts from their industry and share experiences with each other. Here they can ask for advice or simply network with interesting contacts. The groups can be discovered via the search function. If there is not yet a relevant group, users have the option of creating their own. As a new member, you should become active here and participate in conversations and discussions. It is important here, Share helpful and relevant content, but under no circumstances should this area be used for advertising. It is worth starting your own group, as it has a lot of potential. However, it requires some time and patience.

Performance analysis with LinkedIn Analytics

A valuable tool are the LinkedIn AnalyticsThese can be used to track the performance of the company's website. Here you can see if the marketing strategy is going in the right direction or if adjustments need to be made at certain points. The tool can be used by all site administrators and helps to analyze traffic and reach of the content.

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Once the goals for B2B LinkedIn marketing have been set, LinkedIn Analytics can be used to measure their achievement. In addition, the Keeping an eye on engagement values become so that React promptly to trends lets. Here you can see which formats perform best and can tailor your own upload strategy to the interests of the community.


LinkedIn offers excellent opportunities in B2B marketing, as users, experts or decision-makers from one's own industry and from the target group can be found here. However, it takes time and attention to build up a good profile and network. In order to achieve as much as possible, a strategic approach important. To do this, clear goals should first be set. Various tools facilitate the marketing work on LinkedIn. This absolutely includes a posting schedule that helps to regularly share content and stay on task. LinkedIn requires long-term and regular interactions for results to unfold in the desired way.

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