Best practices for lead nurturing with marketing automation

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The own Leads to woo them in a targeted manner and Lead step by step to sales maturity is an important point for customer acquisition. However, lead nurturing is still carried out manually in many companies. Especially due to the Marketing Automation many effects can be clearly target bring about. It is important that you, as an entrepreneur, consider various focal points in this process in any case.

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Targeted lead nurturing through broadly based data sets

The most important foundation for effective use of marketing automation to nurture leads is the company's existing data about customers and customer contacts. Thanks to advancing digitization, the share of this information has grown enormously in recent years.

Lead Nurturing status in the company
Assessment of the status of lead nurturing in companies (Image:

Even in companies that do not specifically collect this data, you can find huge amounts of datawhich can no longer be effectively managed by humans at all. This is where marketing automation can be enormously helpful, as it is able to work with the Dealing with Big Data sensibly and meaningfully. However, certain conditions must be created for this.

Databases and Provide information - sharpen marketing automation

Many companies are still dominated by so-called Data silos before. Each department and division of the company uses its own data and does not effectively network it with the rest of the company. Be it due to missing structures, due to a type of Knowledge Monopoly or also due to lack of technical possibilities.

This not only inhibits active developments in the company and its economic success, but also makes the use of modern technology for lead nurturing very difficult.

It is important that a wide database is not only present, but also Without barriers can be used by the marketing automation software. Finally, lead nurturing means that the lead is accompanied during the customer journey and is Optimally addressed at every point of contact can be made. Broad-based data are essential for this.

Personal approach - the the first step to effective leadnurturing

Probably the most basic form of marketing automation is the Personal approach to the lead in all contacting activities. This sounds simple at first, but it is hardly conceivable for purely human interaction. This is because a chain letter would have to be personalized by hand. Marketing automation Uses the existing datato optimally personalize newsletters or other written materials, for example.



This, of course, includes not only the written Salutation, but also the Contents and the Design. Matching the known preferences of a customer, the content of newsletters and similar mailings can be tailored exactly to this and adapted to its preferences be

This not only increases customer acceptance, but also ensures that the content is actively read and thus noticed.

This offers with each contact the possibility the customer according to its Position in the Customer Journey with the appropriate content. Fresh leads first receive generalized information, while in the process of lead nurturing, marketing automation provides more familiar and older Leads increasingly ready for sale leads.

Action and reaction in Keep harmony

Many companies see marketing automation only as a One-way street in the communication with potential customers or leads. But that is not the purpose of successful marketing automation for lead nurturing. Because the term lead nurturing also includes the Capturing customer reactions and responding to them by the company.

Lead nurturing through marketing automation
Leadnurturing in the marketing automation process (Image:

Through modern Tracking is an excellent way to track which content of an email has been read, which links and images have been clicked on, and which areas have been ignored. These are all active shipments of the customer to the company. Nevertheless, it is difficult to react to this because of the large amount of information involved.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, is easily able to do this. Not only absorb informationbut also to link them with the data of the customer and suitable to react. This means that further contact with the customer can be adapted precisely to their reactions.

Targeted customer approach across all channels

Marketing automation should be the Basis in lead nurturing when it comes to nurturing a lead and bringing it to sales maturity. At the same time, you should make sure that you use this basis to Communicate specifically with the customer on all channels.

So, for example, if customers contact the company via non-digital means and are clearly identifiable, for example by a customer number or the e-mail address, the key marketing automation data is also available to employees and used.

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Only in this way does a harmonious and self-contained image, which gives the customer Trust and which is so important for lead nurturing. Marketing automation thus forms the efficient basis for further lead nurturing on all other channels.

Follow up and retarget: Customer care after after the sale

In addition, many companies make a glaring errorwhich can be avoided very easily thanks to marketing automation. If the lead nurturing has led to success and a customer has a Purchase made, many companies will initially use this no longer observedbecause it has fulfilled its inherent purpose. But the follow-up after a purchase, the possible upselling and also the further Customer care should not be disregarded.

Marketing automation can be used effectively to nurture customers and to Retention of existing customers be used. especially since now even more data about customers, including their purchasing behavior.

This enables the company to win the customers as regular customers and thus to increase its own sales success.



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