7 ways to generate leads with pop-ups

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Pop-ups can be used in stores and blogs, corporate websites and info pages in a variety of ways. Especially with the Lead generation they do a good job. As with many tools, it is important to develop a certain sense of proportion for where pop-ups are annoying and when they are perceived as helpful and positive. These 7 tips will help you generate more leads and sales.

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1. recommend newsletters and mailing lists

Operate own Newsletter or want to lead your customers into an info-funnel, why not use pop-ups for the Lead generation! Customers who are already lingering on your content, reading blog posts or learning about product news, are often interested in more content of the same type. Create Incentives for depositing the mail address, for example, a voucher after completed registration.

Attention: Opting in via the pop-ups is not sufficient to conclude a subscription in compliance with data protection requirements. The user must confirm the entry in the list via a follow-up e-mail.

2. attractive pop-ups with surprise effect

Pop-ups always work well when they are little text and a serious layout contain. A plain text message is often pushed away, too lurid pop-ups can even lead to leaving the website. Attractive product photos, hero shots and some few words with benefits at first glance, on the other hand, also convince critical prospective customers. How about, for example, a reference to a brand-new product that announces itself via a detailed product photo in the pop-up?

 Keep pop-ups short and crisp
Less is more. Keep pop-ups short and crisp. (Image: empist.com)

3. lead generation through pop-ups during inactivity

A great way to use pop-ups is to display a specific message when there is inactivity. But beware, if you have good Content on your specialist topic, your customers also want to be able to view it, read it, or even take notes. So, for example, a pop-up can appear when the user has not scrolled or clicked for several minutes, but lingers on your page.

Clarity is everything here

Little text, much statementfor example, a special offer that the user can now take advantage of by following the pop-up. This is also an invitation to download free content related to what the user has just read. The user receives the e-book, whitepaper, video or info package as soon as he leaves his contact details.

4. sale, sale, sale - but please serious

If you want to boost your sales, pop-ups are a good tool to pick up customers anywhere on the website and direct them to the sale category. "Up to 70% off"? Who could say no to that. In lead generation pop-ups between category pages, you should never ante up individual products, but instead advertise a big discount and a particularly popular product in a large format. The more serious the pop-up looks, the better. Flashy colors may attract attention, but a modern, clear design says that this is not about inferior bargains, but rather Quality goes for a small price.

5. countdown to events and actions

Your customers are especially happy to provide contact details when they are promised an exclusive experience and this promise is then kept. To Lead generation pop-ups can therefore entice users with deals, promotions, and event invitations. For example, how about giving a specific customer group, which may include this user, access to bargains sooner? For example, if the fall sale starts on October 15, the customer added to the mailing list can store for selected deals as early as October 10. Many customers like to take advantage of this exclusivity. When the promotion ends, you can then invite the customer to subscribe to the newsletter via funnel.

Design their pop-ups so that it can be used as a lead boost.
Design their pop-ups so that it can be used as a lead boost. (Image: blog.ec4u.com)

6. generate ratings via pop-ups

We are happy to recommend that our customers also take advantage of this opportunity as part of an advertising campaign, more feedback and reviews for their own company. Among other things, this can be achieved by Pop-ups directly after a purchase in which the customer can Customer Journey and Satisfaction rated with the store up to this point. The pop-up can advertise incentives on the one hand when internal feedback is left. But not every lead needs to be rewarded. Often, the prospect of being able to leave an honest opinion is already enough.

Also popular: Offer the user the option to give a thumbs up or thumbs down already in the pop-up. Each click then leads him to the detailed rating option.

7. use animated pop-ups in marketing

Through Videos and short clips can hold a visitor's attention for several seconds. The more exciting, funny or unexpected the insertion, the more likely the user is to watch the animation to the end. Pop-ups should actually be limited to a few seconds and, if possible, be standardized and playable without sound. The animated pop-up is then suitable for lead generation if it is Promotes a content so excitingthat the prospect is eager to learn more. In this way, for example, you introduce new products, about the launch of which the user can get more information.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Conclusion: Balance and Consent in a Wide Range of Applications

Pop-ups are a perfect way to draw attention to promotions, products and mailings. However, the principle is "Attraction, not distraction" - Attention, not distraction. You want to keep your customers on the page and give them the opportunity to finish reading blog posts, finish shopping or explore the site on their own. The pop-up is always just an offer and this offer must be able to be hidden.

Learn more about the use of pop-ups for lead generation in our white paper. Use pop-ups in your stores, on service portals and company websites intelligently and with a sense of proportion. Our Thorit experts will be happy to advise you on advertising pop-ups, leads and the creation of effective funnels that attract and retain customers and encourage referrals.


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