Lead Generation through LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms [Guide].

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Advertising on platforms like LinkedIn may not be important for your company in every phase. But it can be a powerful tool, especially for lead generation. You should be all the more focused on ensuring that your Targeting and your Lead generation work on the professional job network and thus connect you to the desired leads come.

To make sure that this runs seamlessly and professionally, there is a LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms a way for you to tell your leads as simple as possible to make. At the same time, you get all the data you want without the LinkedIn member having to fill it out separately. The platform takes care of that directly from their profile.

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How you can help with Social Media Marketing should handle the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, what place they have, how they work and which Added value You will receive, you will learn here.

Higher conversion rates, Lower cost per lead

Are you already active on LinkedIn with your social media advertising, or do you plan to be in the future as to advertise on the professional platformthen the possibilities of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are definitely interesting for you.

Statistics: Selected countries by number of registered LinkedIn members in 2019 (in millions) | Statista
You can find more statistics at Statista

With 500 million members worldwide (including 14 million in the DACH region), the platform is not only popular with employees in reorientation, job seekers and employers on Headhunt, but has long since become a platform for professional exchange. This also means that the importance of relevant advertising such as further training or B2B services - has increased in recent years.

So if your business fits into this space, LinkedIn may be a much better platform for your social media marketing than Facebook or Twitter.

What LinkedIn Lead offers Gen Forms

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are also a tool that allows you to qualified leads very easily. If a click on Sponsored Content initially appears a Contact formThis is above all an invitation to an increasing drop-off rate. After all, on the user side it requires a little each time Effort, having to enter the contact details. Also the bounce rate due to longer Loading times when redirecting to external pages can be a deterrent.

This is history with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. The biggest advantage for you: The User data of LinkedIn are (in the vast majority of cases) generated by the users of the platform. current held and are available as serious to evaluate, so they get real data and very quality leads. For users, convenience is the top priority. If they want to take advantage of an offer, they can click through with just a few entries. This also works perfectly from a mobile device.

However, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are not entirely free of drawbacks. Without the redirect to your page, you'll have to rely on a small amount of Waive web traffic. However, that should be manageable, because according to LinkedIn the Cost per lead already below the costs of normal sponsored content ads for 90 percent of the companies during the beta phase.

By the way, the Lead Gen Forms are also available at Message Ad Campaigns available.

How do the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work in practice?

Lead Gen Forms also meet your needs on the technical side. Because the Creation of your social media campaign continues to work as usual. So first create your ad and choose text and media. Once the ad is created, confirm the capture of leads with LinkedIn forms.

Screenshot 2020 02 06 at 09.44.45 1024x635 1
Creation of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

This function is also available for old and existing content. So you have to not necessarily new content Create to use the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Then create the Call to Actionthat matches your ad. LinkedIn currently offers you seven different options such as "Download" or "Register". So you can find the form of lead generation that suits you best.

For users, it is actually just one click, after which all the data is taken from their own profile. This way you get up-to-date and accurate data.

With a personalized thank you page you can then express your gratitude to your qualified leads. From there you can redirect to your site or another platform. This critical point of the redirect for the bounce rate comes after you have already generated the lead and is therefore only an optional bonus for the user.

Screenshot 2020 02 06 at 09.48.04 2
Redirect to landing page

And because LinkedIn, like other social media platforms, also has deep analytics tools, you can make your campaigns Evaluate quickly, efficiently and easily.

After lead generation, of course, your leads don't stay on LinkedIn. You can keep them conveniently download from the campaign manager and so to your Marketing Automation or send to sales staff.

Screenshot 2020 02 06 at 09.51.06 1024x192 1
Leads download

Take advantage of the Technical possibilities that LinkedIn offers you

The Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn are primarily a convenient way to establish contact with leads. They can be easily integrated into sponsored content or message ads. About their Flexibility and the lower bounce rate you create a very simple, immediate and direct form of contact. So if your social media marketing is made for LinkedIn, then you should definitely use the Lead Gen Forms.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


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