Effective lead generation - alignment along the customer journey

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The Generation of qualified leads plays an important role for every company. Accordingly, you should align your company's marketing accordingly. The customer journey can provide enormous support for all lead generation marketing measures. By cleverly using all touchpoints, you can have a lasting impact not only on the number of leads, but also on their quality.

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The Customer Journey - A definition

The concept of Customer Journey is especially widespread in online marketing. The bottom line is that it describes the entire path of a customer from initial interest to the purchase of a product and even beyond.

Customer journey with touchpoints
Example: Touchpoints along the customer journey (Image: contentmarketinginstitute.com)

In the process, the customer's journey is described on the basis of various Touchpoints, i.e. on the basis of Contact points described. Each point of contact offers the company the opportunity to convince the customer of itself, of its own offers or of certain products.

You must always adapt the measures to the customer and his position on the journey.

Why lead generation along the customer journey makes sense

You have to convince customers of a product, a company and also a service.

The Customer Journey offers itself as an image perfect for lead generation, as these are the Interests and the condition of the Putting customers at the center. When a customer has contact with a company or a product for the first time, they should be addressed differently than if they are an existing customer or the customer already has a lot of information.

Areas of interest along the customer journey
Overview of the interest phases along the customer journey

The better a company can guide its potential customers along this journey and the more positively it reinforces them, the greater the effect can be on the customer and the higher the probability of a purchase increases or a degree.

For example, customers are particularly likely to flag advertising as inappropriate or undesirable if the type of advertising does not match the customer's current need. Therefore, an effective Lead generation along the customer journey to ensure that customers are always addressed appropriately for the respective situation.

Define the Desired leads already in advance

Leads you must already clearly defined in advance. Depending on the type of leads, lead generation can vary.

In any case, the marketing must be adapted to the form of the leads, optimized and tested. Therefore, it is particularly helpful if you clearly define, even before planning the first campaigns, how the Company goals look and what goals you would like to achieve.

This is the only way to make the journey along the customer journey for the company profitable and purposeful design. This is because potential customers need to be addressed and interested differently than potential business partners, for example.

All customer contact points acover

If you want to move along the customer journey, you should make sure that you have Cover all customer contact points equally. This is difficult for many companies when there is no single concept exists. This is because customers not only contact a company via its websites or write by e-mail, but can also visit many companies in person or make inquiries by telephone.

It is utopian to expect that the customer will be addressed in the same way across all channels and provided with the best possible service. But as a company, they should at least actively seek close enough to the optimum. Because only through a appropriate address at the respective contact points can be a potential customer convinced and Converted into a qualified lead be

Concept for lead generation along the customer journey
Concept for lead generation along a B2B customer journey (Image: Highspot.com)

In addition, customers in the various contact points have different interests. People who make contact for the first time and want to find out about a company or a product are primarily looking for valid and well-prepared information. Active advertising is often perceived as annoying at this point.

The customer must therefore be guided step by step to sales maturity.

Pay attention to the Individual interests at each touchpoint

However, this also means that you have to Touchpoints not only investigate, but also appropriately stockeden and Build have to. This is definitely a challenge for companies, but this diversification pays off significantly in the long run, as many fewer customers are put off at the first contact, and convinced already interested customers much easier and more effectively can be.

In addition it increases the customer's trust in the companyif the desired information and assistance are offered to him in a readily accessible manner. And a Trust bonus can often determine whether the customer accepts an offer or prefers the competition.

Benefit from clearly defined customer personas

It goes without saying that for companies not possible to respond specifically to each individual customer. So here play the Customer Personas an important role, according to which you can define the target groups. The better you build these personas and the more finely you define the target group, the better and more effectively customers can be addressed.

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Through systems for Marketing Automation can also many data for example, can be recorded via tracking and integrated into the process. In this way, for example, a personal address and a targeted e-mail marketing campaign, which can again significantly improve and reinforce the sales success.

There are many opportunities for lead generation along the customer journey. Companies just need to learn how to use them.


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