How to automate the lead funnel for successful customer acquisition

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Companies that use the lead funnel as a marketing tool maintain an overview of their customers' customer journeys. Automated processes reduce complexity and ensure that leads are processed according to their individual interests and purchase intentions. Focusing existing resources on high-value leads contributes to the long-term success of the company. Increase conversions at.

In the following we will show you how Marketing Automation works to maximize the benefits of the lead funnel for successful customer acquisition.

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What is a lead funnel?

A lead funnel, when used correctly, is an effective marketing tool and is used to filter out leads that lead to conversions. In the funnel form, you can see a visualization of the individual stages of the sales process. You can precisely understand which stages a lead is in.

From a Unqualified Leadwho has only revealed some contact details and a few of his interests to your company, the contact develops via a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), to a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL), then to the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and at the end to the buyer. At this stage, the qualification of the lead is complete. In practice, the lead funnel is not always completed in this ideal sequence. A major advantage of the funnel visualization is a clear assignment of responsibilities.

The funnel visualization is a clear assignment of responsibilities in the lead funnel.
The funnel visualization is a clear assignment of responsibilities in the lead funnel. (Image:

Advantages through lead funnel automation

Automating the lead funnel brings your company a variety of benefits. One of the biggest pluses is the Reduction of complexityassociated with the multitude of steps in a sales complex. The definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) gives you the possibility, based on measurable key figures, to measure the retrieve current status quo as well as to have forecasts made.

Of great interest to those responsible for marketing and sales is the bounce rate. The lead funnel gives you the opportunity to identify opportunities and risks early on and to Act activelyto maximize the economic success for your company. Automated monitoring helps you detect even small percentage shifts and anticipate trends early on.

Notice: It is important to understand that the lead funnel is not a rigidly defined entity. A lead funnel offers possibilities for adaptation to the individual requirements of your company. Continuous improvements help you to sustainably increase the conversion rate and to use your staff and budget optimally.

Coordination of touchpoints and lead funnel

In times of digitalization, the Internet is the main source for acquiring new customers. Defining the lead funnel precisely supports you in giving your leads high-quality content and to present your products and services in a way that is appropriate for your target group. Automated Lead Nurturing-Campaigns deliver new individualized content to your contacts at the times when the content is most useful to you.

Appealing and appropriate content is significant in the leads funnel.
Appealing and appropriate content is significant in the leads funnel. (Image:

Every interaction that potential customers have with your company must add value to your leads and encourage them to take the next step in the lead funnel. Lead scoring-systems ensure that you can evaluate each lead according to objective criteria.

If the probability is high that a lead will lead to a successful conversion, it is worth investing a higher marketing effort.

Effective landing pages as a lead magnet

The entry into a Customer Journey can be done by calling your company website directly, using organic search via major search engines. There are also other options, such as:

  • via paid online marketing campaigns
  • via social media platforms
  • via e-mail marketing - e.g. in the form of newsletters

Based on individual touchpoints and automated tracking functions, it is possible, valuable insights about the visitors and select the appropriate next steps in the lead funnel. For campaigns in the sales funnel to work, the email address is one of the most important contact points for further communication - e.g. in the form of automated email campaigns.

Actively manage sales processes until they are ready for closing

A great advantage of the Marketing Automation in the lead funnel is the time component. Each customer receives a sufficient amount of time and support - for example, free expertise in the form of webinars and whitepapers, etc. - to be guided to closing maturity. In order for the conversion to work smoothly, the knowledge gained about new customers from the lead funnel enables the sale of your products and services active design. These include:

  • Automated adaptation of sales pages and order forms to the interests of Sales Qualified Leads
  • Optimally timed follow-up e-mails for cancelled order processes
  • Recommendation of new or complementary products and services on the basis of purchases made and sales concluded
  • Offering time-limited promo offers immediately after the conversion as well as in the context of later campaigns
Free guide: 5 steps for a successful ABM campaign - download

Conclusion - towards better closing maturity through automation in the sales funnel

Automating the sales funnel with the help of marketing automation software allows you to save time and money. But not only that, it also allows you to target your strengths in the sales process and improve your weaknesses - for example, in closing power.

A lead funnel helps to combine online and offline measures in such a way that the probability of closing a deal increases. Extremely short response times and the playout of individualized content ensure that high satisfaction on the part of the leads. The effective preparation of deals through the automation of the sales funnel is the basis for an increased conversation rate customers and profitable inbound marketing.


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