How the new Google Ads lead forms work

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Lead forms in Google Ads enable advertisers to add a new dimension to classic search ads. Data collection form to extend. You can edit and set up the lead form extension according to certain criteria. Via a Call-to-action potential customers can be prompted to enter certain information in a form. The information still in the Beta phase available lead form extensions thus extend your ads in search engine advertising (SEA).

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

Lead forms and Extensions at a glance

The lead extension tracks the target, Customer data directly via the form linked to your search ad. This direct form of lead generation differs from previous extensions for search ads, such as the snippet extension or the extension with additional information.

Through these well-known extensions, it is possible to obtain customer data and information about, for example, a company phone service offered or a landing page. However, these extensions are not Primarily designed for lead generation. In this objective, the lead forms represent an innovation in the offer of Google Ads dar.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 at 16.15.05
Lead form complements the Google Ads search ad

The lead extension form is used as Addition of classic want ads. Customers fill out the form and thus provide data. As an advertiser, you can ask customers to do certain Incentives offer. This includes offering free downloads in exchange for filling out a form.

Opportunities and advantages of the Lead form

By integrating the lead form directly into Google Search, the Gain leads increase. Because the user does not have to click through to your site and find a suitable form there. This also promises a increasing turnover for the products or services you offer.

With thoughtful use of the form extension, you will reach potential customers who will show a great interest in your offer.

On this basis, you get to the leads that you can work through further marketing and sales actions.

Functionality and Use of the lead forms

Lead forms attach directly to your various ads. Visitors interested in your offer will contact you via the form. If it is Search campaigns, you can create lead forms in the form of a Extension into the campaigns. If it is a matter of Video campaignslead forms can be created as early as during the Establishment of the campaign. Likewise, lead forms can also be created later or subsequently in the settings.

With the help of lead forms, you can get valuable information about your users and contact them directly.

The leads you collect in this way can be used in the form of a CSV file from Google Ads download and then manage them. Here it is important to download the collected information at regular intervals. Only the leads from the past 30 days are available for download.

Likewise, it is possible, Get leads in real time. For this purpose, it is necessary that you have your lead form with your CRM system via a Webhook link.

Custom Lead forms: Possibilities and design

It is possible to change the lead form in Google Ads completely according to your individual ideas and wishes. For example, by editing a lead form, you can specify, what information must be provided. The possible information includes for example Name or Phone number. To revise, remove the existing lead form and create a new one.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 at 16.24.43
Creation of the lead form in Google Ads with specification of the information

When creating campaigns, it is possible to specify what types of information and leads you want to collect. You can set the lead form to different User types for example, to those that are subject to high probability of interest in your product ("great intention") show. Likewise, you can set the extension to a as large a number of users as possible ("high volume"). In this way, the lead form extension enables both precise targeting and a certain amount of experimental leeway.

The creation of the Lead form in Google Ads

You can link a new campaign directly to a lead form as well as add a lead form to an existing campaign afterwards. To create a lead form, you first enter the Name of your company in. Afterwards you select a suitable Title for the display. The following is a short thoughtful Description. This description is of great importance, because in it you provide users and potential customers with the essential information about the goods or services you offer.

Lead form example
Example of a lead form in Google Ads

About the Call-to-action you can prompt the user to take an action. As soon as the user clicks on it, the lead form opens at the bottom of the Google Ads ad.

When creating the CTA, you as an advertiser can choose from different Calls to action that are of interest to potential customers. For example, the choices are "More information" and "Request a quote". Likewise, as a call-to-action, you can select that users "Apply Now" or "register" can. Also options for Download or book an offer are available here.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

The Call-to-action is accompanied by a Extension text. This comprises up to 30 characters and is played out below the call-to-action with the ad. Before submitting the form, place the notes on the Privacy. These can be inserted via a link in Google Ads. The new lead form extension is rounded off by the definition of a Wallpaper. Here you can upload and insert, for example, a company logo or other image suitable for the company or offer.

After the form has been filled out by the user, he/she will still receive a confirmation.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 at 16.34.17
Confirmation of the lead form


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