Using customer data effectively for greater business success with SALESmanago

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SALESmanago is a marketing automation platform that can be operated entirely without programming knowledge. How companies Use customer data effectively with marketing automation software and advance their business goals in the process, this article shows.

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Where does SALESmanago store customer data?

In order for customer data to be stored, each and every customer must provide his or her exact consent hand in. But also about the current Privacy policy In addition, the handling of customer data is an absolutely "hot potato" for every company. After all, the information about the customer is precisely the basis upon which Marketing measures tailored to your needs can be.

Keeping data up-to-date and ready for use at all times is therefore one of the most important tasks.

SALESmanago stores all customer information on a customer card assigned to each individual person. This is also called a contact card and is nothing less than the heart of the CRM module that built into this marketing automation software was. This customer card not only stores demographic data, but also comprises a complex profile that includes behavioral data and all transaction data. This makes it the Starting point for all advertising activitiesbecause the data on the customer card immediately shows whether a customer might be interested in a particular product or service.

Marketing automation with built-in CRM

Without up-to-date customer data, automated campaigns cannot be meaningfully implemented. SALESmanago knows the importance of up-to-date data for efficient automations and therefore immediately delivers a CRM for automation to this. With a CRM This is "Customer Relationship Management", a module in which all the User data stored centrally be

Customer data is displayed clearly and advantageously in SALESmanago.
Customer data is displayed clearly and advantageously in SALESmanago. (Image:

For this marketing automation software, however, there is still a small special feature. It sees itself as a complete One Customer Data Platform & Customer Experience Platform. The integrated marketing with built-in CRM Shortens response times and Improves internal workflows in marketingbecause the customer data is immediately stored in the appropriate place. In this way, no data silos are created.

CRM module in line with marketing automation

User data is the fuel for automated advertising campaigns. However, for campaigns to succeed, the data must be absolutely up-to-date. The SALESmanago CRM module accomplishes this with ease and enriches the customer contact card with numerous additional information. This includes, for example, the clear display of all tags that have already been assigned to the individual customer.

Each contact can also be enriched with customizable details, which supports clean segmentation.

The customer contact card also keeps the sales funnel of the individual customers in view at all times. Especially in direct support, this can be crucial information that conveys competence and convinces the customer of the company.

The customer contact card provides a lot of information about the buying behavior of the clientele.
The customer contact card provides a wealth of information about the buying behavior of the clientele. (Image:

For some time now, the new technical possibilities have ensured that Customer data updated and stored in real time can be made. This is exactly what the CRM module of this marketing automation software does. Thus, a complete and transparent picture of the customer and his actions is possible at any time.

Optimal use of customer data with SALESmanago

Once customer data is stored on the customer contact card in this marketing automation solution, its use actually starts immediately. Via the CRM module, contacts can be automatically tracked along the Sales Funnels forwarded. Segmentations based on behavioral and/or transactional data are also possible with this marketing automation platform.

Collecting customer data makes segmentation more efficient and easier.
Collecting customer data makes segmentation more efficient and easier. (Image:

Contacts can also be grouped, tagged and linked in a variety of ways. For example, if you have several contacts in a single company for B2B operations, you can group them in SALESmanago CRM and thus ensure clarity. This also makes ABM campaigns very easy to implement. Companies that switch to the marketing automation software and already maintain their own CRM can use the built-in API to integrate their Synchronize data easily and without much loss of time continue to work.

Other advantages of SALESmanago

Especially for smaller companies it is of great advantage that for the use of this marketing automation software no programming knowledge necessary are. Not every small or medium-sized company has such know-how in-house and would otherwise have to buy it in via external specialists. This software solution eliminates this cost point, as the familiarization and further campaign design is easy to handle for beginners due to the no-code interface.

SALESmanago is easy to use - even with little programming knowledge.
SALESmanago is easy to use - even with little programming knowledge. (Image:

Very interesting is also the function of the customer contact card, which allows the staff to manually create notes for each customer themselves. This helps with the kompetent customer service and always keeps the workforce up to date. The clarity is also helped by the function that allows viewing all messages that have already been sent to the contact.

Use customer data with SALESmanago for automated campaigns

A marketing automation platform, such as SALESmanago offers, can react to the latest developments by means of efficient campaigns. The condition here is that customer data is updated in real time, if possible. With this marketing automation solution and its built-in CRM module, you'll make managing customer contacts more convenient.

Free guide: 5 steps for a successful ABM campaign - download

Stored in a central location and updated in real time, companies receive everything they need for complete support of the respective individual Customer Journey is necessary. Discover SALESmanago now and use customer data even more efficiently!



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